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  I've been a loyal Windows man since the first version, which required you to write on the screen with crayons...  


wibo: GRR HELP! any1 can help em?
NB:translation: help me pls eventhough I never did state my problem

<19:04 < XycO> I like college but its too slow for me
NB:tranlsation: I am truly stupid (in reference to college linux 2.5)

< XycO> fedora is freaking to cool to let die
19:09 < XycO> and my name says ti all
NB:translation: I am seriously on some good crack

20:04 < irbdavid> i had problems with mplayer, and for that matter xine and caffiene in 9.2
20:04 < irbdavid> was kinda hoping they'd get fixed in 10
NB:translation: I am too stupid to see that i fucked something up and am using a shitty ass distro

23:14 < RancidLM> some one really help me :( i ran rm * -rf in the WRONG dir is thier any possible way to find out whats been deleted and is thier a way to get it back
NB:translation: Ahh n00bs man they sure know how to fuck shit up :-)

14:49 < bascule> gentoo is easy anyway, mount a partition, format it unzip a tarball,copy a file, chroot 2 commands emerge
NB:translation: ah mandrake users and how they like to bullshit

12:08 < LuNaTiC187> whats debain?
12:08 < Roobarb-Work> bleh, #debian
12:08 < LuNaTiC187> isn't that a distro?
NB:translation: no its an apple

poimen> I was a MAndrake user back in 7.2 relese
15:16 < poimen> I was amndrake user from 7.2- 8.1
15:16 < greatscot> are you using Mandrake again now
15:16 < Ath|_0N> poimen, you totally outdated
15:17 < Ath|_0N> no offense :)
15:17 < poimen> then I moved from Red Hat then Slack then Gentoo and now I will install Mandrake 10.0 to my new laptop
15:17 < greatscot> poimen: you're smart ;)
115:17 < poimen> :)
15:18 < poimen> I inytalled mandrake 10 on a 450 whit 96 of ram lol
15:18 < poimen> just too see how it looks before installing it into my laptop and it looks very nice I think the coooler outof the box distro
NB:translation: the perfect asshole

ame> anyone here knows c++
roe> /j #c++
ame> you stupid i said c++ not c#
NB:translation: dumb as dogshit

17:55 < halibut> how do I check the amount of diskspace left on my mandrake partition?
17:56 < medicine_man> df -h
17:57 < halibut> how do I check the amount of diskspace left on my mandrake partition? Can I see a nice piechart? -_-
17:58 < jnork> df
17:58 < medicine_man> df -h or kdf
17:59 < halibut> didn't do anything? 0o
17:59 < halibut> in run?
17:59 < medicine_man> at prompt
17:59 < halibut> "terminal program"?
17:59 < halibut> ahh I have it
17:59 < jnork> Won't get a pie chart from df, I'm afraid you'll have to draw your own.
17:59 < halibut> sorry I am a newbie
17:59 < halibut> heh, ty ;)
18:00 * jnork offers halibut a crayon. :)
18:00 < halibut> ^^ ;p
18:01 < ilDominante> it'd be cool to have one though.. with all the fancy graphics that window$ has neither the software nor the creativity t handle
NB:translation: Stupid fuck

|o3|ShaT_> only readon I use KDE is cause I cant stand VI or nano
21:30 < |o3|ShaT_> reason*
NB:translation: what the fuck, flamer

|o3|ShaT_> How do you change the root password? passwd root?
|o3|ShaT_> now I just need to make sure it works from the outside
21:48 < |o3|ShaT_> brb
|o3|ShaT_> caust12: note to self, leave security settings alone in mandrake
NB:translation: Got Stupidity?

shat> Can you transfer files through ssh? Or do you have to use lynx?
thomash> shat: use sftp
21:56 < moonie> shat, scp
shat> how do you use sftp?
21:57 < shat> Is it an ftp client?
shat> moonie: is sftp a ftp client?
21:59 <@moonie> shat, yes, command line
21:59 < shat> So that would mean I would have to set up an ftp server :|
NB:translation: This one speaks for itself

ThatFunkyMunki> has anyone had any good experiences with xfree86 4.4?
22:54 < mesut[away]> i tried 4.3.99 once.
22:54 < ThatFunkyMunki> any good?
22:54 < mesut[away]> i didnt feel any difference.
22:54 < ThatFunkyMunki> 4.4 has 3d windows
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> so that you can like move them around
22:55 < mesut[away]> and once 4.3.16 on my lappie.
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> and they'll be like
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> whoosh
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> and you can make them all wavy
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> and it's sooo cool
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> but i'm to lazy to emerge it
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> soo...
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> lol
22:55 < ThatFunkyMunki> anyone up for it?
22:56 < DoppelGanger> translation: i am bsing through my arse
22:56 < DoppelGanger> ignore me
NB:translation: Yes the art of constant bullshit ladies and gentlemen

13:24 < Woody> MacDan: there is a guide inh the Mysql docs online for how to defeat the root password
13:24 < MacDan> *never use mysql*
13:24 < crash3m> postgresql ;)
13:25 < Woody> postgresql is more robust but a bigger pain in t\he ass
13:25 < MacDan> oh no
13:25 < MacDan> please don't tell me to go to damn documentation
13:25 < MacDan> i can't make heads or tails of it
13:25 < MacDan> and EVERYONE is telling me to do that
13:25 < Woody> MacDan: I can't remember all of the steps
13:26 < MacDan> i just want help from someone who has done it
13:26 < Woody> and the docs tell you exsactly how to do it step for step
13:26 < MacDan> ok...
13:26 < MacDan> which ones?
MacDan> MySQL said:
14:00 < MacDan> Cannot connect: invalid settings.
14:00 < shat> MacDan: 'service mysql status'
14:00 < MacDan> it says its all running
14:01 < Roobarb> it may be configured to use a unix socket instead of a tcp one
14:01 < MacDan> it is
14:01 < MacDan> because when i type 'mysql'
14:01 < Roobarb> well phpMyAdmin a) needs configuring to use the correct server and b) is designed to use tcp sockets
14:02 < MacDan> i get "ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 'var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)"
14:02 < shat> Yes, and phpMyAdmin is simple enough to configure, as long as you have MySWL configured properly
14:02 < MacDan> how do i change it to TCP Sockets then?
114:03 < shat> MacDan: good question :)
14:03 < Roobarb> MacDan: in the mysql config file
14:03 < MacDan> roobarb: wheres that?
NB:translation: Um I think its a file somewhere

13:38 -!- Stefan [~S@D5E0846D.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #mandrake
13:39 < Stefan> question, why I can't urpmi to kernel 2.6.5 or higher?
13:39 < HauntedUnix> Stefan: I believe the newest MDK kernel is 2.6.3-11? I'm not sure, mind
13:40 < Stefan> yes that's the one I have
13:40 < HauntedUnix> Stefan: that's the newst you can get via urpmi
13:40 < Stefan> but for my xawtv I need to use a patch
13:40 < HauntedUnix> if you just need to patch your kernel - you can recompile/
13:40 < Stefan> and that I can't have one with 2.6.3 ...
13:40 < Stefan> there are only patches from 2.4 or 2.6.5
13:41 < Stefan> or higher
13:41 < HauntedUnix> Stefan: then you can either use a 2.4 kernel, or you can upgrade manually to 2.6.5?
13:41 < Stefan> manually, yeah sure
13:41 < Stefan> I will use a 2.4
Stefan> patch
13:41 < Stefan> ah, kernel
13:41 < Stefan> no
13:42 < Stefan> I must upgrade my kernel to 2.6.3 so I can use gpl
13:42 < Stefan> from my nvidia graphic card
13:43 < Stefan> so I don't wanna go back
13:43 < Stefan> thx for the answer, I will wait until urpmi kernel 2.6.5 works
NB:translation: A typical mandrake user

nsn> hi, what anti virus should I get for my mandrake 10 installation?
14:55 < Roobarb> nsn: you dont need any
14:55 < nsn> Roobarb why not?
14:55 < Roobarb> there arent any linux viruses
14:56 < nsn> I just want something thats always running in the background are there AVs like that for linux?
14:56 < bimald> will u be using ur mandrake server as email server
14:56 < nsn> I dont know, I dont think so
14:56 < bimald> i think clamAv has it..
14:57 < Roobarb> nsn: as I said, linux has no viruses
14:57 < bimald> i dont think u need antivirus then,.. a good firewall will be ok
14:57 < nsn> ok, any firewall I should get?
NB:translation You Buy it you fucking idiot :-P

15:29 < dylan> how can I create a user that is exactly like this account
15:29 < dylan> only a different .asoundrc file?
15:30 < dylan> because my .asoundrc doesn't seem to be compatible with games
dylan> anyone know how to make an account with the same /home/ folder, minus one file?
15:35 < dylan> anyone know how to make an account with the same /home/ folder, minus one file?
15:43 < dylan> How can I write a script that will rename a file and then kill an application?
15:43 < chevdor> dylan: rename => mv kill => kill !!!
15:44 < dylan> chevdor: but how do I make a SCRIPT?
15:44 < chevdor> dylan: do you have a linux distrib ?
15:44 < dylan> chevdor: Mandrake...
15:46 < dylan> chevdor: what about making a toggle?
15:46 < dylan> so it runs one way the first time, one way the second
15:46 < dylan> then the first way again
15:46 < chevdor> dylan: whats the goal ?
15:46 < dylan> chevdor: my .asoundrc is incompatible with some games
15:47 < dylan> so I need to rename it, and kill the sound server
15:47 < vern> dylan: if you are trying to make a script then #bash may be of help too
15:47 < dylan> then game audio works
15:47 < dylan> but I want to go back when I'm done
15:47 < dylan> OK
15:47 < chevdor> dylan: why do you need to rename the file ? just stop the sound, start your game and start it afterwards
15:47 < dylan> chevdor: the .asoundrc needs to be renamed
15:48 -!- dylan [~dylan@c66-235-41-64.sea2.cablespeed.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:48 < chevdor> dylan: ok...
NB:translation: And the idiot of the hour prize goes to, YOU!

14:57 < wotten> could someone help me uninstall netscape browser...it wasn't installed with urpmi?
15:10 < wotten> question....is there software that i can remotely control/update another mandrake computer?
15:31 < wotten> could i get someone to help...uninstall netscape...it didn't use urpmi?
vern> wotten: what was it?
15:35 < wotten> vern....i will post instructions...
15:37 < wotten> vern...4. Run the Netscape Installer with the run
15:37 < wotten> script:
15:37 < wotten> ./netscape-installer
15:39 < vern> wotten: oh, an installer script. might check netscape site for uninstall Info
16:28 < wotten> where is the manual for symlink?
16:28 < crash3m> wotten: man ln
16:28 < crash3m> wotten: apropos symlink
NB:translation: RTFM you fucking fool

In Memoria to All Those Who Wonder Why I Snap at n00bs Asking Me The Same Questions All Day