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  The nice thing about Windows is - It does not just crash, it displays a dialog box and lets you press 'OK' first.  

8:57 < myb4d> _vertex_: i wanted to compare performance, I'm running debian and want to switch
18:58 < myb4d> CVirus: just dd the thing to your harddisk ;)
19:00 < myb4d> which X is fedora running?
19:00 < Southern_Gentlem> which version
19:00 < Southern_Gentlem> fc1 xfree
19:00 < Southern_Gentlem> fc2 xorg
19:01 < myb4d> i havent used xorg, what R the major diffs?
19:01 < corny> myb4d: none ;)
19:01 < RiotGeek> myb4d, License stuff.
19:02 * DoppelGanger wonders why someone would switch from debian to fedora
19:02 -!- Foolish [~foolish@dsl222-219.adsl.no] has joined #fedora
19:02 < DoppelGanger> best name ever
19:02 < myb4d> the confs are the same too?
19:03 * DoppelGanger wonders what type of debian user myb4d is
19:03 * DoppelGanger says to himself not a very smart one must be some flamer knoppix user
19:03 < corny> myb4d the confs are linked. I edited also the /etc/X11/XFree86, also it is Xorg.
19:04 < Anvil> there is no etc/X11/XFree86
19:05 < myb4d> is xorg the succesor of xfree?
19:11 < myb4d> thx, I'll get ready to switch now...
19:11 < DoppelGanger> flamer
NB:translation: Sorry debs your better off without him

19:09 < tikki> I found a guide that shows how to dual boot fc1 and fc2 nicely
19:10 < DoppelGanger> tikki: your an idiot did you know that
19:15 < tikki> Out of curiosity, does yum do anything that up2date can't?
19:16 < Southern_Gentlem> tiki yes it can do lots more read man yum
19:16 < DoppelGanger> tikki: it crash more also
NB:translation: My excellent tech support skills

9:26 < tikki> Radar05: the linux version of fdisk is more powerful because it can recognize and see more types of filesystems
19:27 < |Jef|> Radar05: locate fdisk
19:27 < |Jef|> Radar05: it helps to login as root with 'su -' to get the sbin directories in your path
19:27 < Radar05> Ta
19:27 < tikki> Radar05: there is also another one like fdisk but it can resize your partitions non-destructively called parted
19:27 < |Jef|> Radar05: there is also parted and sfdisk
19:27 < Radar05> sfdisk?
19:28 < |Jef|> Radar05: i suggest you read the manpags for these tools man fdisk man parted man sfdisk
19:28 < DoppelGanger> tikki: thats qtparted
19:28 < tikki> Yeah you don't want to make a mistake with those programs
19:31 < tikki> Radar05: parted has a graphical frontend called qtparted
NB:translation: Someone tell her the difference between parted and qtparted please

19:16 < Toast> to update the kernel, I just need to type in urpmi kernel right?
19:16 < briareus> no
19:16 < moonie> you must include the version
19:16< briareus> you want to know the name of the kernel you want
19:17 < Gumby> urpmi kernel-(kernel_version)
19:17 < briareus> urpmq -y kernel <-will show available kernels
19:17 < briareus> then use the name of that one
19:17 < Toast> Gumby: I just hope I dont have to keep rebooting onece a month like with windows... my 9.0 mdk install ran for 514 days before I decided to update the kernel and thats how I like it.
19:17 < Toast> thanks guys
19:17 < briareus> but, you also want to make sure your list is up to date: urpmi.update -a
19:17 < Gumby> Toast: and it was probably full of security holes
19:18 < Toast> briareus: the one I need is in the list
19:18 < Gumby> Toast: then install it :)
19:18 < ilDominante> in ordere to periodically update the urpmi database (plf, contrib and updates) do you just re-run the setup from easyurpmi or is there a quicker method?
19:18 < briareus> then urpmi nameofoneyouneed
19:18 < Toast> gumby: yes, but at the time, I didn't know that mandrake update didnt cover kernels
19:19 < Gumby> Toast: for a new kernel to be active you have to reboot
19:19 * Gumby decides to go have a little nap
19:20 < Toast> gumby: I had assumed it would install it and tell me to reboot like widows does. it was my mistake, but it could have been more user friendly
19:20 < Toast> night gumby
NB:translation: How to pretend like you can use linux Step 1

9:37 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, ???
19:37 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, I use both, your mistaken
19:37 < MusicDevGuy> more tools, easier to configure
19:37 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, now thats funny
19:38 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, rh 9 is eol (end of life) according to redhat
19:38 -!- loft306|din [~taz@] has joined #mandrake
19:38 < MusicDevGuy> i cant get my dev enviorment working right.. maybe cuz its the comm. edition and not the paid for one
19:38 * DoppelGanger declares MusicDevGuy stupid and says go get redhat desktop then aka redhat 9
19:38 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, so upgrade, its easy, just add OE sources and do urpmi --auto-select --auto
19:39 < loft306|din> sooooooooo.....debian is better than mandrake....not to mention ..the ultimate linux.."gentoo"
19:39 < moonie> MusicDevGuy, try over in #fedora
19:39 < moonie> !q loft306|din
19:39 -!- mode/#mandrake [+q loft306|din!*@*] by CookieII
19:39 < MusicDevGuy> ok so then tell me how to do urmpi
NB:translation: Mdk and redhat users boy they do hate friendly advice he eh

22:32 < stormrider> Has anyone every tried slackware? I just quit using mandrake, and now am running slackware 9.1, and it is so great, I don't know how I could have ever used mandrake.
22:34 < paraclito> since a distro is just a selection of software that run on linux kernel... how different could be slackware?
22:41 < paraclito> once I have both KDE and Gnome installed. How can I do to start one or the other? startx will allways launch KDE... ??
22:41 < amathis> and it gave strange symbols in part of the code
22:41 < amathis> something is fugged up with vim
22:41 < garrick> paraclito: 'urpmi Xtart' and use Xtart instead of startx
22:42 * DoppelGanger wonders why paraclito thinks he can run mandrake when he can't even startx
22:42 < paraclito> great...
22:43 < garrick> DoppelGanger: um, was that humor?
22:43 < DoppelGanger> yes doh
22:43 < garrick> DoppelGanger: at least to me, that came across as highly offensive
22:44 * paraclito thinks he will be able to startx someday...
22:44 < amathis> DoppelGanger, have you written an OS before
22:44 * DoppelGanger says if i was being offensive he would be cursing that was just a simple observation
22:44 < paraclito> by the way Xtart doesnt exist... its a default mandrake 10 installation
22:44 < amathis> DoppelGanger, have you written an OS before?
22:44 < garrick> paraclito: 'urpmi Xtart' will install it
22:45 < paraclito> k
22:45 < amathis> DoppelGanger, I am guessing no, so lets mnot be rude, If you would like to right an OS, you can make your _ow_ channel and make fun of ppl ther ok?
22:45 < amathis> *own
22:46 < DoppelGanger> amathis: wasn't make fun was stating a fact calm down cowboy
NB:translation: I can feel the love and stupidity of mdk users and the hostility no wonder I have been banned 10 times:-) My thanks to stormrider for purposely baiting the idiots.

02:24 < guestish> -h is halt, -r is reboot
02:24 < ShaT_> will that turn it off itself?
02:24 < guestish> depends if you have ACPI|APM or not
02:25 < McCheese> Is it wrong to just type "halt" at the console and let the computer shut down?
02:25 < guestish> nope, halt calls the shutdown command when used in that way
02:25 < McCheese> Oh, alright.
02:25 < ShaT_> i typed shutdown -h now and it just broadcasted a message, but hasnt shutdon..
02:26 < ShaT_> shutdown*
02:26 < ShaT_> how long?
02:26 < guestish> are you on that computer right now?
02:26 < ShaT_> ssh
02:26 < guestish> try typing something in
02:26 < ShaT_> its in the other room
02:26 < ShaT_> but
02:26 < ShaT_> im playing
02:26 < ShaT_> :)
02:26 < guestish> ssh...your connection will time out...
02:26 < ShaT_> yes
02:26 < ShaT_> it did
02:27 < ShaT_> halt is the same as shutdown -h now?
02:28 < ShaT_> Okay I have learned enough for today
02:28 < guestish> halt -f actually calls halt (it shuts down the computer uncleanly)
02:28 < ShaT_> Thanks
02:28 < ShaT_> See everyone tomarrow
NB:translation: How to Identify a stupid User Step 1

09:55 < thekiadriver> This nickname is owned by someone else
09:56 < thekiadriver> I get this every time I run xchat
09:56 < thekiadriver> any ideas?
09:57 < microft> get xchat to auto id your nick?
09:57 < mesut> connect command -> /ns identify pass
09:57 < thekiadriver> any idea how? xchat/irc noob
09:58 < mesut> xchatmenu -> server list -> edit mode -> freenode -> connect command -> /ns identify pass
NB:translation: See what happens when you don't read or take advice this would be the 1000th time he has asked that question

< TheDarkCoder> I dont like KDE, its a little too lightweight for me, i use Fluxbox, i know it VERY resoure cintensive bvut i like the eye can
NB:translation: UM Wha?