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  Windows, it's not pretty, it's not ugly, but it's pretty ugly.  

02:07 < johan> im thinking of switching
02:07 < johan> maybe debian or gentoo they seem to be liked
02:08 < [AtomAnt]> I just installed Mandrake a couple hours ago.
02:08 < [AtomAnt]> so far, I love it.
02:08 < egibbs> I hear that gento isnt a OS its a hobby
02:08 < johan> right
02:08 < johan> i heard gentoo is very fast
02:08 < johan> exept that you need to compile stuff
02:09 < egibbs> best thing about mandrake are the utilities to do things for you
02:09 < johan> i like the apt-get thingy of debian and gentoo
02:10 < egibbs> IMHO the mandrake package manager is just as good
02:10 < johan> i guess so
02:10 < johan> can you automatically update the source
02:11 < johan> i mean the ftp http you update from
NB:translation: Um gentoo has apt, news to me, Damn right its a hobby so is learning.

13:27 < LuNaTiC187> can i use urpmi to search rpms from the servers?
13:28 < HauntedUnix> LuNaTiC187: urpmq queries rpms on the mirrors
13:29 < LuNaTiC187> unait doesn't search
NB:translation: definately NOT a smart question, definately not a smart reaction, I wonder what a query and search have in common

13:39 < Zane> I downloaded Suse 9.1 Personal ISO and installed it and its pretty good and everything seems to be working well.. now how can I download rest of the non-commercial applications? I checked KDE and it has hundreds of them.. is there anyway to download all together, or should I download one by one
13:39 < Roobarb> Zane: this isn't #suse
13:39 < thoreauputic> Zane: err...wrong channel
]13:40 < DoppelGanger> eh eh
13:40 < Zane> oh sorry.. my mistake
NB:translation: The invasion of n00bs using suse 9 iso has begun, god I hate Novell, oh well still better than mdk :-p

14:33 < niklas> how do you copy a directory?14:36 < seussykell> 14:33 < OOk|kOO> niklas: graphical or text?
14:33 < niklas> commandline
14:33 < amathis> niklas, cp dir/ foo.
14:33 < OOk|kOO> i think you just do cp yes
14:33 < amathis> niklas, cp -R foo/ foo.
14:34 < niklas> amathis thanks
NB translation: gifted, what else coud he be

12:19 < SuseUX> Nermal: how do you rate Gentoo?
12:19 < carofe82> i alse have it
12:19 < carofe82> thanks
12:21 < ziro> SuseUX, someone here posted this link last night.. pretty damn funny..http://www.funroll-loops.org/
12:21 * ziro is emerging world right now.. just booted ltop and is a little out of date on the portage
12:22 < SuseUX> give me that link again without the ... before it
12:22 < ziro> http://www.funroll-loops.org/
12:22 < SuseUX> ;-)
12:23 < SuseUX> lol
12:24 < SuseUX> that bad hey!
12:24 < ziro> hahaha
12:24 < ziro> gentoo is great! I have it my lappy..
12:24 < ziro> used to have it on all my machines .. (minus work servers)
12:25 < SuseUX> I dont see how it can be that different anyway
12:25 < ziro> moved all to SuSE (since that is what my servers run) lappy will stay gentoo
12:26 < ziro> SuseUX, gentoo install sucks.. but once installed, it makes you a lazy ass..
12:26 < SuseUX> it's not rpm based, so you have to compile everything...
12:26 < ziro> yup
12:27 * DoppelGanger smells bullshit
12:27 < ziro> so.. hey.. I want to upgrade gaim.. ok.. emerge -u gaim.. oh wait.. there is a new gnome out as well.. so it compiles that.. 2 months later.. you have updated gaim
12:27 < SuseUX> thats all good and well, but if you want new kde or gnome, my god
12:28 < SuseUX> I find some rpms are unstable anyway
12:28 < ziro> since gaim uses gtk, when you install gaim, you typically install gnome-base as well
12:29 < ziro> but when the compiles are done.. it's pretty nice
12:29 < SuseUX> useally compile apps now
12:29 < SuseUX> ;_)
12:29 < SuseUX> ziro: I see
12:30 * ziro usually looks for SuseUX's rmp's that he's compiled.. :-)
12:30 * DoppelGanger nominates ziro bullshitter of the day a genkernel is not your friend nor is stage 3
12:30 < ziro> wb q
12:30 < qse> z!
12:30 * DoppelGanger says a real gentoo user would never go bragging thats more for n00bs
12:30 < Tobeman> hi everyone
12:31 < qse> yeah ziro you big n00b ;)
12:31 < ziro> qse, you caught me..
NB:translation: emerge -C asshole bullshitting, wonders why anyone would use suse for a server when debian, slackware, and gentoo work just fine

16:18 < omen> vern: that's odd, I just get a dialog box asking "Open with"
16:18 < vern> omen: less /var/log/messages
16:19 < vern> i'm not much for gui tools, sorry.
16:20 < omen> vern: pfft..I type that and my console just disapeers
16:20 < vern> omen: this a fresh install?
16:20 < omen> I cut my self and n00b just pours out...
16:20 < omen> ya
16:20 < _Rick_> how can i make my machine assign itself an IP on boot if DHCP alloaction files? im on MDK10 Official
16:21 < vern> omen: have you gotten updates yet?
16:21 < omen> yes a crap load
16:21 < omen> all of them
16:21 < omen> hah
16:21 < vern> ok
16:21 < omen> just to be safe
16:21 < omen> was like 160 mb
NB:translation: I thought he was using windows ooops I meant mandrake, ha big difference :-p

15:01 < MisterX> arrrg, wtf? why does it make my filenames lowercase!?
15:01 < MisterX> screw this, imma go copy it on my windows box
NB:translation: What a n00b sounds like

17:58 < sc0ut> if i got 64 bit version suse..
17:59 < sc0ut> can i change my kernel 2 something else? without loosing 64 bit?
NB:translation: Yeah thats a real stupid question

17:46 < linux> cannonball: should i buy mandrake 10.o because i have the official download version and it stinks
17:47 < linux> vern: mandrake 10,0
17:48 < vern> linux: works fine here
17:49 < linux> i cant install programs with tar.gz and if i get an rpm it will unisatll everything to install one thing
17:49 < vern> linux: what are you trying to install?
17:49 < mike1> can't install tar.gz?
17:49 < DoppelGanger> coughs lol
17:50 < linux> while from tar i am trying to install neverball and from rpm dvd player stuff
17:51 < vern> linux: use urpmi, and tar isn't compiling is probably due -devel packages you didn't install
17:51 < linux> vern: i have installed every package
17:52 < vern> linux: then what error you get compiling the tar
17:52 < linux> vern: hold on let me get it
NB:translation: STUPID #1

18:11 < afcpack> argh! RealPlayer has hijacked RPM extension
NB:translation: STUPID #2

18:29 < blue2thecore> can anyone please tell me the name of the terminal based irc client?
18:30 < RogueDopple> irssi
18:30 < RogueDopple> bitchx
18:30 < RogueDopple> google
18:30 < blue2thecore> thanks
18:30 < blue2thecore> i did but i mis spelled it
18:30 < RogueDopple> yeah sure
18:31 < Venson> google helps correct most spelling errors ;)
18:31 < blue2thecore> google this then
18:31 < blue2thecore> irsii
18:31 < runkilla> how come theres no files in my ftp
18:31 < runkilla> or folders
18:31 < dfn_doe> anyone wanna tell me what command it is that will give me a list of applications using a given device?
18:32 < RogueDopple> sorry i am neither stupid nor retarded and i know how to use google
18:32 < RogueDopple> sorry i am neither stupid nor retarded and i know how to use google
18:33 < blue2thecore> fuck this channel sucks...everytime i come here i get smart arse answers yet retards like runkilla get help...
18:33 < dfn_doe> hehe
18:33 < thingfish> ahh, poor baby
18:33 < dfn_doe> LOL
18:33 < RogueDopple> eh eh
18:33 < dfn_doe> that was great
18:33 * Venson shakes head....
18:33 < RogueDopple> my bad come back let me do it again
18:33 < RogueDopple> he he
18:33 < Venson> i bet he ran to mommy
18:34 < RogueDopple> i am betting he wet the bed also
18:34 < thingfish> yeah, he's grounded from chat
NB:translation: eh eh was it something I said :-p