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  Warning n00b detected on premises  

18:23 < DamianT> is there a way to keep linux from crapping out when I remove a hard drive? As is I have to edit the fstab....
NB: Well kinda hard to boot an OS without a drive especially when you have it listed to automount, IDIOT

11:20 < HauntedUnix> Pen-n-Paper: ps afcx
11:20 < Roobarb-Work> Pen-n-Paper: ps ax
11:21 < Pen-n-Paper> thanx
11:21 < egibbs> Pen-n-Paper: from KDE Ctrl, Esc
11:21 < Pen-n-Paper> ah. better. thanx egibbs
11:22 < HauntedUnix> People use kde? :P
11:22 < DoppelGanger> shakes head
11:23 < Pen-n-Paper> well.... a gui helps...
11:24 < egibbs> some people aint cli junkies and appreciate advanced features of KDE (fuzzy time and amor)
11:24 < DoppelGanger> embrassed
11:24 < DoppelGanger> embarassed
11:25 < HauntedUnix> There are GUIs other than kde y'know..
11:25 < Pen-n-Paper> this came with the distro...
11:25 < DoppelGanger> he he
11:26 < HauntedUnix> Pen-n-Paper: That depends on your install method and the packages you chose ;)
11:26 < Pen-n-Paper> well it was either this or gnome... i used gnome first but the first person i talked to after i started said kde was better...
11:27 * DoppelGanger hides
1:32 < Pen-n-Paper> dammit! forgot the 3 steps to install tarballs.... something, make, makeinstall?
11:33 < Pen-n-Paper> oh! nvm
11:33 < Pen-n-Paper> theres an installer
11:33 < egibbs> tarballs ---too sticky , package manager rocks
11:35 < egibbs> Pen-n-Paper: yes in Mandrake control center
NB: translation: Welcome to Windows oops I meant Mandrake.

07:52 < kojack27_FL> k3b is telling me it cant find a suitable writer-is this a mount issue?
08:00 < RogueDopple> kojack27_FL: thts a retard issue caused by wrong location
NB: translation: Dependency on GUI can be a bitch huh ha ha

09:01 < datarecal> ok now i dont know what to do lol what else can linux do
09:01 < HauntedUnix> datarecal: anything windows can and more?
09:02 < datarecal> the only thing i dont like about linux is that it cant run dreamweaver
09:02 < evarlast> dreamweaver is lame.
09:02 < evarlast> learn HTML
09:02 < HauntedUnix> datarecal: it can.
09:02 < HauntedUnix> I have proof
09:02 < evarlast> don't say wine.
09:02 < HauntedUnix> http://www.linuxkungfu.org/images/shots/?image=18
09:03 < datarecal> did you get it to run through wine ?
09:03 < HauntedUnix> That's not my screenshot ;)
09:04 < datarecal> ohhh so how do i get it to run then LOL
09:04 < az[a]zel> quanta plus? Bluefish? vim? mozilla composer?
09:04 < az[a]zel> I have nfi what dreamweaver does, so ..
09:05 < datarecal> :) its like mozilla composer im guessingg
09:06 < datarecal> ok i just installed wine using urpmi now where would it be in my start menu
09:07 < evarlast> datarecal: that is not funny.
09:07 < HauntedUnix> datarecal: under emualtors
09:08 < datarecal> lol, is there a gui for wine or is it just command line
09:08 < evarlast> START MENU??? WTF are you running IceWM? even that is an "IceWM Menu"!
09:08 < datarecal> lol what do you call it in linux the star menu cause thats what it has on it
09:09 < evarlast> if it is KDE, then it is KDE Menu - if it is gnome - then gnome menu.
09:09 < evarlast> the star sounds like mandrake, so call it the mandrake menu.
09:09 < datarecal> ok
09:09 < datarecal> dooly noted
09:10 < datarecal> anyways back to my question where would wine be in the mandrake menu
09:10 < datarecal> or is it strictly command only
09:10 < RogueDopple> wow
09:10 < RogueDopple> retard gene looking like its not recessive
09:11 < nlite> just integrate it into konqueror so you can double click on a windows .exe
09:19 < datarecal> Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working directory /mnt/win_c/Program Files/Trillian; starting in windows directory. wine: cannot find 'trillian.exe' ?? why wont it run ?
09:19 < Ath|_0N> RogueDopple, up to it again?
09:19 < HauntedUnix> datarecal: try #winehq ;)
NB: translation: Read My Lips Go Back To WINDOWS

10:11 < datarecal> ok my mandrake menu just dissapeared ?
10:11 < datarecal> how do i get it back
10:11 * RogueDopple reawakens his lol
10:12 < RogueDopple> datarecal: ask it kindly to return
NB: translation: This bug has been in Mandrake since 7 thts 7 eventhough link is for 9.2, eh eh maybe they will fix it one day otherwise ask it kindly to stop of course first they have to actually make a worth distro.

21:36 < datarecal> Hello how do I go about installing my printer, I have the cd's that came with it but I belive its windows only, how do I install it on linux.
21:37 <@Hawkwind> datarecal: Try using printerdrake
21:41 < chaud> hey, whats the default mandrake screensaver name
21:42 * DoppelGanger is dying of laughter with these questions
21:42 < garrick> chaud: the name of the program or the name of the specific root hack?
21:42 < chaud> the name of it where I select the screensaver :-P
21:42 < chaud> Theres a nice list of annyoing ones
21:43 < uber`xxiiv> the default screensaver is Mandrake slideshow
21:43 < datarecal> I am using version 10.0
21:43 < chaud> how do I put it back on it
21:43 < DoppelGanger> flip the switch
21:44 < uber`xxiiv> chaud, configuration for KDE then look and feel
21:44 < egibbs> datarecal: does your printer connect with a usb cable? and is it connected.
21:44 < datarecal> Usb.
21:44 < chaud> its Gnome
21:44 <@Hawkwind> datarecal: Try using printerdrake as I suggested
21:44 < uber`xxiiv> no idea then
21:44 <@Hawkwind> chaud: Try using xscreensaver
21:45 < datarecal> Ok thanks Hawkwind
21:45 < chaud> yeah, but what one on the list :-P
21:45 < chaud> I want to use the default :-p
NB: translation: Never knew it took that long to realize the idiot wanted xscreensaver, wow printing can be difficult, not!, he he what a retard.

22:42 < scifi> uber`xxiiv: If you are still watching, thanks! The movie seems to be working now. It is amazing how much tweaking has to be done on a Linux system to get things to work. A lot more than I thought there would be. I'm so used to just installing a program on Windows and everything needed is loaded, no need to go read tons of docs to get something working. I guess Linux still has a long way to go in some areas.
22:44 < garrick> scifi: you just had to install the software, right?
22:45 < garrick> scifi: (assuming yes), which was all prepackaged and easily installable with urpmi, right?
22:46 < garrick> scifi: that software is all legally encumbered, mandrake can't distribute it... gives thanks to the RIAA and MPAA
NB: translation: This retard continued this conversation for at least 45 mins, god shoot me now

13:33 < ADminS> hello i installed apatchy but when i like to open the home page it opens the router configr page
13:33 * Ath|_0N cough
13:39 < garrick> ADminS: sounds like something you need to config on your router, something like forwarding port 80 to your machine
13:39 < ADminS> how i can do that this ma problem
13:40 < garrick> ADminS: if you are running your web browser on the same machine as apache, try browsing to http://localhost/
13:40 < garrick> ADminS: we have no idea how to configure your router, that is outside the scope of #mandrake
13:40 < ADminS> it opens google serch a bout localhost
13:41 < garrick> did you start the httpd daemon after installing it?
13:41 < ADminS> yes
13:42 < _darren> did u set the document root correctly?
13:42 < Ath|_0N> ADminS, guess you have to read up on some basic networking before touching apache. no offense
13:43 < garrick> the default document root will work fine
13:43 < ADminS> ok
13:44 < ADminS> i was useing apa when i was have modem
13:44 < ADminS> dialup
13:46 -!- ADminS [~ADminS@] has quit ["Leaving"
NB: translation: Common sense seems to be out of the scope of #mandrake, It's like watching paint dry only a lot more painful

17:49 < Thirsteh> bleh
17:49 < Thirsteh> fluxbox doesnt maximize windows right
17:49 < Thirsteh> systray icons dont wrork
17:49 < Thirsteh> work
17:49 * DoppelGanger laughs uncontrollably
17:50 < garrick> fluxbox has a systray?
17:50 < Thirsteh> its the lower right corner
17:50 < Thirsteh> theres no bar or anything
17:50 < Thirsteh> but the xchat plugin I have sits there
17:51 < Thirsteh> i dislike fluxbox1
17:51 < Thirsteh> now on to try xfce one more time
17:51 * DoppelGanger dies laughing
NB: translation: How a Mandrake user solves problems, proof That the typical mdk user has no common sense

23:40 < fragspaz> how do i chmod
23:41 < KoshNaranek> ah ha
23:41 < KoshNaranek> guess
23:41 < foo> KoshNaranek: chmod 711 file
23:42 < foo> KoshNaranek: Your really not helping the situation with fragspaz, nor are you providing support, please mind your own business.
NB: translation: I feel so loved. Fucking Idiots

23:47 < neo202> how do i mount a modem plz help
23:48 * KoshNaranek wonders how one mounts a mode
23:48 < neo202> i need help mounting my modem will someone help please
23:49 <@Hawkwind> KoshNaranek: If you are going to do nothing but say sarcastic/smartelic remarks and not help users here then please refrain from saying anything at all
23:50 < vern> neo202: you don't mount a modem. you load the proper module(s)
NB: translation: Can't we all Just Get along, you fucking douchebags

00:06 < NeverKnowingFear> i would like to add my own little advice. i am installing CL right now and the partition program was horrible. what i did was get mandrake's live cd, used their partition software (very user-friendly) to make the stuff before the instal
NB: translation: People can never accept their own inability to do anything right sheesh