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  n00ber Scouper, It's Noobalicious...  

01:56 < hexagonsun> RPM sucks
01:56 < egibbs> the knoppix cheat code is knoppix 2 --for textmode only
01:56 < hexagonsun> ah!
01:57 < hexagonsun> ...I'm going to reboot in single user mode...
01:57 < Alakazam> linux isnt a novelty, its an OS
01:58 < Alakazam> use it like one
01:58 < Alakazam> :)
01:58 < hexagonsun> for the non-1337, it's quite a novelty
01:58 < egibbs> except gentoo its a hobby
01:58 < crash3m> an all-consuming hobby
01:58 < hexagonsun> I was very proud when I got my gentoo livecd to boot on a mac
01:59 < YankDownUnder> crash3m: ALL consuming - HOW true...how true...sad but true
01:59 < Alakazam> gentoo is easy
01:59 < Alakazam> :)
01:59 < egibbs> he said a bad word
01:59 < YankDownUnder> Alakazam: anything is easy ONCE you know what you're doing...
01:59 < Alakazam> true
02:00 < egibbs> my second landing was much easier than the first
02:00 * KoshNaranek spider senses tell him there is bs about
NB: translation: I didn't know getting a knoppix live cd to run was so fucking hard, you lying cocksuckers expect me to believe that you can install a gentoo system when you can't even get knoppix to run

02:14 * KoshNaranek wonders if all mdk usres do is bash other distros because of their own failings
02:15 < YankDownUnder> KoshNaranek: Sometimes...but the same applies to other distros - just get on the RH list or channel - you'll see - or delve into the #debian channel....
02:16 < egibbs> #debian --there be dragone there
02:17 * KoshNaranek is in all those channels often rarely sees such things
02:17 < DragonSpirit> KoshNaranek, nice troll.
02:17 * DragonSpirit pets the troll.
02:18 < KoshNaranek> not trolling, data monitoring for database
02:19 < DragonSpirit> Well in such a case KoshNaranek keep such comments to yourself, or risk tainting your data with comments influenced by you.
02:19 < egibbs> hexagonsun: I got a bridge for sale
02:20 < foo> DragonSpirit: Is KoshNaranek throwing in irrelevant remarks?
02:20 * KoshNaranek just wondering why rpm users are so bitter foo
02:21 < DragonSpirit> KoshNaranek, I'm not bitter now, you have amused me, I am happy now.
02:22 < YankDownUnder> DragonSpirit: Easily amused?
02:22 < KoshNaranek> DragonSpirit: i am sure you are
02:22 < DragonSpirit> Na, I find irrational and illogical behavior amusing.
02:22 < egibbs> KoshNaranek: be respectfull you are on #mandrake --the elete
NB: translation: Elete huh yeah right, so Which one was being irrational & irrelevant since my comment was in response to their own bias he he. Suckers

09:00 < cerebrum> how do i load the module for udf filesystem support?
09:00 < cerebrum> what is the name of the module?
09:05 < cerebrum> ah. found the module..
09:09 < cerebrum> my dvd-rom drive isn't mountable. have anyone an idea which module i should load? udf doesn't work..
NB: translation: Damn those "elete" mandrake users they sure know how to get a dvd drive to work. I am humbled in their presence

01:37 < brandonw1985> ok... its me again and well as i said im new to the whole linux thing....
01:37 < brandonw1985> i downloaded Amsn and i plan on installing it... except, well, to sound like a complete dumbass, i have no idea how to install it
01:38 < brandonw1985> aMSN whatever
01:40 < brandonw1985> i keep getting permission denied

01:05 < vern> rubix: why not cd1 rescue?
01:05 < egibbs> rubix I use knoppix to copy data from un-bootable drives --it works very well
01:08 < rubix> vern: the rescue won't work, when i try it says "failed to boot"
01:08 < rubix> i think my disk is corrupted
01:08 < Shortee> did you check the md5?
01:08 < egibbs> a key cheat code for knoppix is: knoppix testcd --it checks data and md5sums of CD
01:08 < vern> scratched probably. i assume you used it to install, rubix
01:09 < rubix> yea
01:09 < rubix> does knoppix have a gui?
01:09 < vern> yes
01:09 < egibbs> rubix KDE
01:09 < rubix> good i'll need it lol
NB: translation: Yeah damn right you will need it you idiot, everyone using linux to be elite have a good look you flamers

20:05 -!- moshe [~moshe@ool-18bb2520.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #mandrake
20:05 < moshe> ok
20:05 < moshe> I installed httpd
20:05 < moshe> I opened up my firewall in mcc for dns and web server connections
20:05 < moshe> and I gave my ip address to someone, and they can't log in via a web browser.
20:05 < moshe> what did I do wrong?
20:06 < briareus> did you make them a user account and password?
20:06 < briareus> oh nevermind
20:06 * briareus shuts up
20:06 < DoppelGanger> wise choice
20:06 < moshe> anyone?
20:06 < briareus> nice tude
NB: translation: This would be funny if it didn't happen all the time because they just scream worthless q/a at ppl in #mandrake

13:13 < WNight> stew_b: So what do I do if I want the new release which isn't available through urpmi? When I tried to install via tarball it still wanted all (well, most) of my system components to be updated.
13:13 < stew_b> WNight: and looking at the updates, I see no gqview at all
13:14 < WNight> My gentoo friends are mocking me. It's really quite embarassing. :)
13:14 < stew_b> lol, you should choose better friends :)
13:15 < stew_b> WNight: basically build source or source rpm on your system, but it still may need newer devel libs than your system has
13:16 < cannonball> WNight: We use gentoo here as well. It all depends how familiar you are with package management.
13:17 < cannonball> WNight: you can do nearly everything in Mdk that you can do in gentoo. As a bonus, Mdk sets up most of your config files for you, whereas Gentoo requires you to do a fair amount of configuration after the package installation.
13:18 < DoppelGanger> um but isn't configuring stuff yourself the best option
13:19 < WNight> stew_b: That's what I ran into - when I tried to install the tarball it required a bunch of new gnome stuff as well and I'm not sure how to get them to coexist with the existing stuff. I don't use gnome's WM so I don't want to update everything...
13:22 < stew_b> WNight: personally, I'd consider updating your system, 9.1 is dropping out of support in Sep
NB: translation: I like his friends already :-)

07:53 -!- Mindware [Mindware@adsl-30-49-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma] has joined #mandrake
07:54 < Mindware> hello
07:54 < Mindware> i have an adsl speedtouch alcatel 330
07:55 < Mindware> which i want to configure for the internet in order to surf the internet
07:55 < HauntedUnix> Okay.
07:55 < Mindware> i have a mandrake 10 distro
07:55 < HauntedUnix> What's the problem? :)
07:56 < Mindware> i want to configure it for the internet
07:56 < HauntedUnix> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/history/182836
07:56 < HauntedUnix> Try reading some of that
07:56 < Mindware> ok thhanks
07:57 < HauntedUnix> second to last post on page 1 seems helpful
07:57 < Mindware> ok
07:57 < Mindware> thanks
08:41 -!- Mindware [Mindware@adsl-30-49-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma] has quit [Quit:
NB: translation: Someone get me a translator to translate this please.

04:01 < Digitalones> Hello all could use some help with ver 10 official install -- nvidia fx 5600 problems - keeps crashing on configure
04:07 < Digitalones> for those in the linux know - the next time you get frustrated by people saying linux sucks and it's not ready for prime time, and you're tempted to tell them there's plenty of support out there for configuration - remember your unwillingness to do so now - Then shut the *ell up!
04:07 -!- Digitalones [~Digitalon@ip68-0-53-30.no.no.cox.net] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.64e [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040707]"]
NB: translation: So when are you gonna use linux all I see is mandrake oh yeah, read the fucking manual and do it yourself you retard.

07:52 < traveller> anyone has any luck doing copy past cut in xterm in fluxbox?
11:07 < orogor> i do run genoo right now , it would require a reboot for me to be on mandrake
11:07 < orogor> just fetching infos from there
11:08 < orogor> traveller, nope , X does this
11:08 < orogor> X draw stuff and handle input devices
11:08 < orogor> window manager display windows :)
NB: translation: Traitor or Liar, yep LIAR

19:53 < Gumby> I tried suse for a bit. didnt like it at all
19:54 < something__> Suse is slow
19:54 < something__> lol
19:54 < Gumby> everything seems counter intuitive
19:54 < TazDevil> Yes it is slow other than that i liked it
19:54 < Gumby> hee, mdk is fairly slow as well (compared to other distros)
19:55 < moonie> Gumby, actually mdk is zippy unless you install tons of unneeded services
19:55 < Gumby> moonie: compared to debian mine isnt so "zippy" and I dont have many services running at all
19:56 < DoppelGanger> zippy huh new word
19:56 < Gumby> dont get me wrong..hehe. I love mdk, its a great distro
19:56 < moonie> Gumby, mdk is as debian for me, but I have been configuring Linux machines for over 7 years
19:57 < moonie> er fast as debian
NB: translation: er no its not, pos is what it is, and wtf is zippy, I can't find it in the dictionary

11:52 < starman> hi mandrake users....question I have: does the official pack for nvidia driver install most recent one and can it latre be reinvoked to stay up2date when nvidia releases yet new ones ?
11:52 < Roobarb-AMD64> starman: just download the nvdia driver direct from nvidia and use that
11:53 * DoppelGanger wonders if no one reads the nvidia drivers readme
11:55 < zabu> anyone knows how to creaTE iso out of bin/cue
11:55 < starman> Roobarb-AMD64, so I take that to mean that the new driver releases must be dealt with manually
11:55 < Roobarb-AMD64> starman: well the nvidia driver has its own installer so I wouldn't say its 100% manual
11:56 < zabu> you just get the driver from nvidia website and it is very well explained how to install it; it does all for you
11:57 < starman> Roobarb-AMD64, correct..I find it a slight pain to have to leave X but hey what can ya do! .what I dont understand is why linux always gets stuck with the painful installs LOL
11:57 < Roobarb-AMD64> painful?
11:57 < starman> Roobarb-AMD64, one would think by-now such installs would be a thing to read about in history books
11:57 < DoppelGanger> starman: read the nvidia readme
11:57 < moonie> starman, have you done a windows install recently?
11:57 < starman> DoppelGanger, Ive done the installs tons of times..thats not the point
11:58 < starman> moonie, yes
11:58 * Redgore_ resists bursting into song
11:58 < starman> moonie, windows installs are utterly childs proof
11:58 < Roobarb-AMD64> starman: I dont see how stopping X, installing the driver and restarting X is a problem ?
11:58 < moonie> starman, um, no they aren't
11:58 < DoppelGanger> ha ha /me wonders if someone installs drivers many times they didn't notice its autoupdate feature in the readmen
11:58 < DoppelGanger> readme
11:58 < rhsanborn> starman, I beg to differ, I've seen plenty of them horribly screwed up
11:59 < Roobarb-AMD64> <-- gone home
11:59 < rhsanborn> moonie, the problem i
11:59 * Redgore_ reads DoppelGanger :P
11:59 < starman> Roobarb-AMD64, well..Iguesss that depends on ones POV ;-)..mine is that its something that 'noob's OR 'suzie homemaker' would't likely be able to do or 'want' to do..and we do NEED those users too if we are ever to make 'inroads' into M$'s darn marketshare
12:00 < moonie> starman, funny, I have heard that argument for 8 years, personally I couldn't give a rats behind about making inroads into m$'s anything
12:00 * DoppelGanger dies laughing
12:00 < rhsanborn> I'll agree with that though. MS does tend to be more idiot friendly, at the expense of security and performance and everything else
12:00 < starman> moonie, then we're doomed to be stuck with lesser quality support on many fronts
12:00 < moonie> starman, in your opinion
12:00 < starman> exactly..;-)
12:00 < Redgore_> DoppelGanger: my joke wasnt that funny
12:00 < moonie> starman, mine differs
12:01 < starman> ;-)
12:01 < rhsanborn> starman, I don't need support, I have moonie and Roobarb, and Grangin, and etc :P
12:01 < DoppelGanger> laughing at something else Redgore_
12:01 < starman> rhsanborn, correct
12:01 < moonie> rhsanborn, :)
12:01 < starman> rhsanborn, but thats not quite what I mean..I mean support as in 'vendor support' in the form of drivers for hardware that ..for many right now linux does not have
12:01 < starman> rhsanborn, hardware/software you name it
12:01 * DoppelGanger has teh ability to read for support
12:02 < rhsanborn> I personally prefer to have linux more secure and faster, I can make linux look nice so my users can use it, and quite frankly, I don't want them to have to do installs, they break stuff that way
12:02 < starman> rhsanborn, great inroads 'have' been made but we have a great long road ahead of us..and it would be easier it installations on some things were alot easier/less hastle
12:02 * DoppelGanger laughs at the "we" part
12:02 < rhsanborn> starman, I work in an office enviornment, I don't care if my grandma can't update her drivers, and I don't want my users touching theirs, so its not a problem for me :P
12:03 < rhsanborn> lol
12:03 < starman> rhsanborn, exactly
12:03 < starman> rhsanborn, same thing can be said on windows front but bill understands his other userbase extremely well ;-)
12:04 < rhsanborn> Thats why his product is a wide open hole waiting for something to be shoved in
12:04 < DoppelGanger> but not without a trojan he he
12:04 < rhsanborn> I am always amazed at some of the stupid things MS does with its software
12:04 < Raumkraut> Windows is where it is simply because of it's business strategies.
12:05 < rhsanborn> Feed it lfinstone vitamins
12:05 < Raumkraut> It's only intuitive because everyone uses it
12:05 < starman> Raumkraut, and round it goes ;-)
12:05 < Raumkraut> starman, exactly :/
12:05 < rhsanborn> Raumkraut, I disagree, Linux is still more "difficult" to use, even if you are familiar with it
12:05 < Redgore_> windows would be nowhere without mac
12:05 < Redgore_> and linux nowhere without minix
12:06 < Raumkraut> rhsanborn, depends what you want to do with it!
NB: translation: RETARD

20:51 < FBS> I use gentoo on my server.
20:51 <@moonie> I use IceWM on SERIOUS hardware
20:52 <@moonie> FBS, I would NEVER use gentoo on a server, I have used it, but for a server?
20:52 < NeoSadist> to each {WM} his own
20:52 < FBS> On a 233mhz PI you would
20:52 < FBS> Pentium One
20:52 <@moonie> good point, but I prefer sourcemage to gentoo
20:52 < FBS> And since I'm a sadist, I did stage 1
20:52 <@moonie> or lfs on hardware like that
20:52 < tearinox> why is gentoo a bad idea for a server?
20:53 < NeoSadist> this is #mandrake, not #gentoo
20:53 < tearinox> its totally customizable
20:53 < tearinox> (like any distro) but gentoo makes it easier
20:53 <@moonie> tearinox, as is any distro
20:53 <@moonie> tearinox, easier then what?
20:53 < Alakazam> mandrake
20:53 < Alakazam> :)
20:53 < FBS> Well, KDE 3.2 flew on the PII 333Mhz...
20:53 <@moonie> Alakazam, I would disagree with that
20:53 < tearinox> heh, yea.. thats what i was going to say
20:54 < NeoSadist> you can customize WM's to make them more "light" you know ...
20:54 < FBS> Good point
20:54 < FBS> KDE I shall go
20:54 <@moonie> lots of things can be done so mandrake isn't so slow (like not loading services you don't need, which is basically what gentoo does)
20:55 < McCheese> moonie: Are there any common services you would be able to mention that desktop users don't need which are enabled by default on MDK 10?
0:56 <@moonie> McCheese, depends on what you installed
NB: translation: You know I would never point out when an op is BULLSHITTING BUT REALLY, Thts a LOAD OF SHIT. Ehem let me introduce you to DEPENDENCY HELL. OH yeah that services off line is the same one used by microsoft to say why their product can run faster amazing even after disabling services mdk still fucking crawls gee I wonder why.