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  Some windows were made to be broken...  

00:57 < swim> does gnome have supermount?
01:04 < swim> no package named supermount
01:04 < swim> supermount -i enable (no error) but then: service supermount start still says not found
NB: translation: Ah the magic of time lapse. WARNING: DUMB

00:59 < solo> 1- OpenOffice.org-l10n-en-1.1.2-3.1.100mdk.i586
00:59 < solo> en for english right?
NB: translation: DUMBER

01:24 < cilkay> I'm running MDK 10. Is apache2-devel on any of the three CE CDs? I cannot find them on mine and wonder how the heck I managed to install it on one of my machines but cannot on another.
NB: translation: Damn it, Pity this one can't get labeled DUMBEST, ok fucking idiot will just have to do :-)

01:28 < Gumby`> swim: when you burn an iso you arent supposed to actually burn the whole file to the drive. you are supposed to select "burn disk image" or something of the sore. that actually burns the filesystem that is contained within the iso instead of the iso file itself
01:28 < Gumby`> swim: does that make any sense whatsoever?
01:29 < swim> oh it does, I just forgot to do that
NB: translation: Warning Burning ISO's can be dangerous to one's health

13:12 -!- meskalito [~meskalito@] has joined #Mandrake
13:12 < meskalito> hi all
13:12 < meskalito> can anyone help me
13:13 < meskalito> can anyone tell me is some gui developed to manage traffic shaping over LAN
NB: translation: Free Software and The Idiots that Buy It

18:51 < rorwessels> Well I finally got Mandrake Update to stop saying "Waiting for Payment"
18:51 < rorwessels> grrrr
18:51 < snr_pen0r> waiting for payment. lol.
18:51 < snr_pen0r> i'd be pissed if my computer started trying that on me.
18:52 * DoppelGanger hopes he didn't pay it
18:52 < rorwessels> well I figured out why it was doing it and addressed it in my profile with MandrakeOnline
NB: translation: See Above

16:08 < kojack27_FL> how do u start ssh
16:09 < RogueDopple> ah ha
16:09 < HauntedUnix> kojack27_FL: do you mean the daemon or the client?
16:09 < kojack27_FL> daemon is when someone connects to me right
16:09 < HauntedUnix> kojack27_FL: the daemon is what others use to connect to you.
16:10 < kojack27_FL> so i need my client running then
16:10 * RogueDopple shakes head
NB: translation: You ever get the feeling that people are stupid

13:05 < Alakazam> i found my new favorite distro
13:06 < Grangin> what's that
13:06 < cerebrum> mandrake? ;)
13:06 < Alakazam> Vida Linux
13:06 < Alakazam> :D
13:06 < Grangin> ok at least you didn't say gentoo
13:06 < Alakazam> ahahahah
13:06 < Alakazam> thats my 3rd favorite ;)
13:06 < Grangin> doh
13:06 < RogueDopple> ha ha vida linux
13:06 < Grangin> =P
13:07 < Alakazam> whats wrong with vida linux :\
13:07 < RogueDopple> for all the ppl who can't install gentoo
13:07 < RogueDopple> anaconda installer
13:07 < RogueDopple> ha h a
13:07 < Alakazam> umm.
13:07 < Alakazam> for your information, i can install gentoo.
13:07 < Alakazam> this is just a LOT faster
13:07 < Alakazam> :)
13:07 * RogueDopple smells a lie
13:07 < Alakazam> ur ghey
13:07 < McCheese> Hehe.
13:07 < RogueDopple> i'm so hurt
13:08 < Alakazam> mentaly... its obvious.
13:08 < cerebrum> vida linux, hmm.. never heard..
13:08 < RogueDopple> i'm so hurt you couldn't install a distro then had to go get the gui version thts a pos and then go bragging about
13:08 < RogueDopple> it
13:08 < RogueDopple> i am sorry you can't obviously read
13:08 < RogueDopple> but most of all i am sorry your such a retard
NB: translation: /me strikes again

17:36 < teezee_> damnit does discovery 10.0 have ati drivers already ?
NB: translation: thts from #mandrake apparently there distro comes with antivirus and mine doesn't :-p

19:46 <@Hawkwind> configure: error: Your system doesn't have "bc", which has been a standard
19:46 <@Hawkwind> part of Unix since the 1970s. Come back when your vendor
19:46 <@Hawkwind> has grown a clue.
19:46 <@Hawkwind> Can they be a bit ruder ya think ?
19:46 <+crash3m> Hawkwind: pffft thats nothing
19:47 <@Hawkwind> Wtf is bc anyways ?
19:47 <+crash3m> cli calculator
19:47 <@Hawkwind> But I'm not doing math. I'm trying to compile something
NB: translation: What a mandrake user sees when they try to compile anything

19:59 < franck> anybody knows what alsa is in latest 2.6 kernel in cooker?
NB: translation: The same as in every kernel pinky

21:57 < stornch> i know this is not a linux qus. but dose anyone know if u can connect to 2 servers on mirc at the same time
21:58 < RogueDopple> stornch: try #windows
NB: translation: um mirc, sorry I don't support that program

23:10 < unhappyStar> can anyone show me (verbatime) how to send an email from a command
23:10 < RogueDopple> ha ha
23:10 -!- unhappyStar [~unhappySt@100.mujea.nyrk.n67ny01r1.dsl.att.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:12 < RogueDopple> must have been something i said
NB: translation: see above he eh

< jonshu21> can anyone walk me through quickly how to network my mandrake 10.0 to my pc?
23:13 < RogueDopple> isn't it like running on your pc already
NB: translation: He didn't ask a smart question

17:53 < ttd2> is there an easy way to make animated icons for the desktop?
17:54 < ttd2> meanning for an mentally challenged usr?
17:55 < Gumby> I think the better question is why would you want animated icons
17:55 < ttd2> decorations
17:56 < ttd2> and show y windows sucks so badly
NB: translation: By mentally challenged he must mean this (22:49 < dewey> I have a problem with kernel when I installed it I have have no key booard to type from?
22:50 < dewey> I do have a mouse so where do I look for my keyboard in kernel or this (16:35 < Virdipax> ipcofig: command not found). Yep Mandrake users stupid as hell

4:56 < rpg> Can anyone tell me how to make xchat make noise when someone mentions my nick? ksirc used to do this quite nicely...
14:57 < HauntedUnix> rpg: #xchat
14:57 < DoppelGanger> he he
14:57 < DoppelGanger> rpg #windows
NB: translation: Fuckers like him are the same ppl that turn up their speaker volumes with aim sounds going every fucking second

13:53 -!- brandonmcw [~brandon@] has joined #lfd
3:53 <@crash3m> Shat: I'm gonna reboot now (again) and see if ipkungfu comes up proper
13:53 <+Shat> k
13:54 < brandonmcw> so thats the evil keyboard shortcut that exits X...
13:54 < DoppelGanger> ha ipkungfu
13:57 < brandonmcw> wow, firefox is auto-downloading java/installing it, how nice..
14:02 < brandonmcw> ahhh. firefox segmentfaulted... poo
14:03 < brandonmcw> isp has very evil webpage.... *changes home page to google!*
14:04 <+IronRoses> i hate firefox because of the stipidly small font
14:04 <+IronRoses> *stupidly
14:04 <+IronRoses> is anyone else using ksirc?
14:05 < brandonmcw> ftp://ftp.netscape.com/pub/netscape6/english/6.2.2/windows/win32/plugins/jre131_02i.xpi what do I do with that file?
14:05 <+Grangin> brandonmcw, what is that for
14:05 <+Grangin> brandonmcw, are you running windows?
14:05 < brandonmcw> java fer firefox/mozilla
14:05 < brandonmcw> WTF.... lameass auto select...
14:05 <+Grangin> first of all that's netscape, and that's also windows
14:05 <+IronRoses> you need the rpm for linux mate
*(ehem 1 hour later)*
14:55 < brandonmcw> jre-1.5.0-beta2
14:56 < brandonmcw> so the shits install, why wont the motherfucker uninstall?
14:56 < brandonmcw> this is as bad as installing DirectX 9 on windows XP, because it deines the ability to uninstall it!
14:59 < brandonmcw> i know there must be a way to uninstall this, is it possible it dose not register its self in the database o what ever it must do?
*(Finally The plot thickens, Mind you this is day3)*
15:09 < brandonmcw> well well, after installing the old version, it automatically handled sysmlinks and all, and Java is working in both Mozilla/firefox...
NB:translation: Day 1 brandonmcw couldn't edit .xinitrc to start fluxbox because well he's stupid
Day 2 He reinstalled mandrake so that he could have mandrake start fluxbox for him
Looks like Day 3 should be fun as usual.
*(time Jump)*
20:12 <+brandonmcw> I dun think DoppelGanger likes me to much...
20:12 <+amathis> brandonmcw, ??
NB: translation: /me wonders what would have give him that idea

15:00 < Wimpanzee> does knoppix even do an install?
15:00 < Wimpanzee> i thought that was strictly a 'live cd'
15:00 < IronRoses> knoppix can do install
15:00 < Wimpanzee> i would personally recommend mandrake
15:00 < cannonball> knoppix can do install of debian.
15:00 < Wimpanzee> i dont trust those debian clones to use modern kernels and such
15:01 < Wimpanzee> i always had trouble getting newer hardware supported
15:01 < DoppelGanger> sounds like user error to me
15:01 < BuFFerMaN> knoppix live cd detects everything pretty well on my system though
15:01 < IronRoses> srichter: don't know mate
15:02 < ^^^> how do i make an ssh key for an existing user?
15:02 < Wimpanzee> i haven't used debian since they were stuck on 2.2...
15:02 < IronRoses> I was using damn small linux
15:02 < Wimpanzee> dsl can be ok
15:02 < siropel> knoppix, i have a 60hz monitor ...and he detects it bad ...so i don`t see nothing
15:02 < Wimpanzee> i was playing with it yesterday
15:02 < IronRoses> I was half way in to making my LFS system
15:02 < Alakazam> thats cool
15:02 < Alakazam> not.
15:02 < Alakazam> aaahhahahahahaha
15:02 < DoppelGanger> Wimpanzee: do you mean the 2.2 kernel
15:02 < Wimpanzee> yes
15:02 < siropel> i use mandrake :)
15:02 < Wimpanzee> me too
15:02 < Wimpanzee> mandrake++
15:02 < IronRoses> same here
15:05 < BuFFerMaN> so urpmi is just-as-good/better than apt-get?
15:05 < Wimpanzee> urpmi downloads compiled packages whereas (correct me if i am wrong) apt-get downloads source, and compiles for you
15:05 < IronRoses> and yum rocks
NB: translation: point 1 2.2 kernel is for Woody dumbshit head guess he never seen sarge or testing branch. point 2. Um he just described apt as gentoo's emerge portage system, retard. Dumb fuckers

16:23 < osh> When updating to kernel 2.6.3-15, do I have to do anything more than urpmi and reboot?
16:24 < Wimpansie> no
16:24 < Wimpansie> you might have to select booting w/ the new kernel in your boot manager
16:24 * osh likes that answer.
16:24 < Wimpansie> or, make it the new default (which you should only do after you've tested to make sure it works)
16:24 < osh> Thanks Wimpansie.
16:24 * osh nods.
16:24 < Wimpansie> glad to be of service, sir
16:25 < Wimpansie> <-- first day here
16:25 < osh> This is why I like mandrake. Nice people and a distribution that "just works". Gentoo is more fun to tinker with, but when it comes to work, MKD is my tool. =)
NB: translation: Did he just say he's a tool omg, I figured this much

21:08 -!- LinuxVirdi [~Virdi@host217-44-53-70.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has joined #lfd
21:08 -!- LinuxVirdi is now known as Virdipax
21:08 < Virdipax> yooooo
21:09 <@briareus> yoooo
21:09 < Virdipax> what is the terminal irc ap?
21:09 < RogueDopple> Irssi 0.8.9 (20031210) - http://irssi.org/
21:09 <@briareus> irssi or BitchX
21:09 < Virdipax> do they come with mdk 10?
21:09 <@briareus> I'm in irssi now
21:09 <@briareus> yes, they do
21:09 < Virdipax> both?
1:10 -!- Virdipax [~Virdi@host217-44-53-70.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Client Quit]
21:16 -!- Virdipax [~Virdi@host217-44-53-70.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has joined #lfd
21:17 < Virdipax> how do i get into the terminal irc programs :P
21:17 -!- brandonmcw [~brandon@] has joined #lfd
21:17 -!- mode/#lfd [+v brandonmcw] by ChanServ
21:17 < RogueDopple> ha ah
21:17 < RogueDopple> omg
21:17 < RogueDopple> Virdipax: are you serious
21:17 <@briareus> at a terminal prompt type: irssi
21:17 < RogueDopple> he eh
21:17 <@briareus> or BitchX
21:17 < Virdipax> i did :s
21:18 < Virdipax> nothink
21:18 <@briareus> well, thats how
21:18 < RogueDopple> install them
21:18 <@briareus> did you install them?
21:18 < Virdipax> nope @D
21:18 < RogueDopple> tht could be a problem
21:18 <@briareus> lol
NB: translation: Looks like we have another genius

12:14 < Zap-W> anyclue about what proxyarp in pppd actually means?
12:17 < Roobarb> Zap-W, does exactly what it says it does
12:17 < Zap-W> what is arp
12:18 < Roobarb> google for it
12:19 < Zap-W> what range of IPs does /28 subnet covers
12:20 < RogueDopple> google
*30 minustes later*
12:50 < Zap-W> how do i see the ARP list in the system
12:54 < Roobarb> Zap-W, arp
12:54 < RogueDopple> google
NB: translation: A demonstration of a non responsive stubborn user

12:04 < HellNo2> hey tell me why linux people doesnt love mandrake ?
12:07 < HellNo2> why they say its lame ?
12:08 < ruggy> mostly because it's different
12:11 < HellNo2> I cant find Xglobe
12:12 < HellNo2> it seems that it was compiled without any error
12:12 < ruggy> what is xglobe?
12:12 < HellNo2> a screen
12:12 < HellNo2> with a globe in background
12:13 < HellNo2> like the hold Xearth
NB: translation: How to prove ones own question.

13:23 <+brandonmcw> You know, it just accured to me, if I want to read info ina term, and also use it, just open another term, instead of scrolling back and forth.... LOL.
13:24 <+RogueDopple> tht is the most well thought out stupid observation i have ever seen
13:24 <+RogueDopple> rm well thought out
13:25 <+brandonmcw> Thank you lol... i need some cofee lol, just woke up brb
NB: translation: You just can't make this shit up