..:::.. .:..::..:.. :...::...

13:45 < greatscot> bahadunn:Please don't bash Mandrakelinux. It is the best distro, IMHO. I have helped 36 people migrate to mdk and none of them have had a single prob....

13:23 <+brandonmcw> You know, it just accured to me, if I want to read info ina term, and also use it, just open another term, instead of scrolling back and forth.... LOL.
13:24 <+RogueDopple> tht is the most well thought out stupid observation i have ever seen
13:24 <+RogueDopple> rm well thought out
13:25 <+brandonmcw> Thank you lol... i need some cofee lol, just woke up brb
NB: translation: See Quote

13:31 <+IronRoses> how do i remove directorys from a terminal?
13:31 <+IronRoses> tied rm and dir
13:31 <+IronRoses> did'#nt work
13:34 <@vern> IronRoses: be very careful and make sure you are doing the right one.... rm -rf /path/to/directory
13:35 <@vern> IronRoses: that'll recursively take it, its files and subdirectories without asking..... so please be careful
NB: translation: See Quote

14:06 <+Shat|Away> vern where can I get a vanilla 2.6.15 mdk kernel so I can build my own?
14:08 <@vern> Shat: not sure i understand you. you want a vanilla, unpatched kernel to build?
14:09 <+Shat> vern yes
14:09 <+RogueDopple> www.kernel.org
14:09 <@vern> Shat: as RogueDopple said
NB: translation: no problems at all

22:17 < rokun> I have to admit, because mandrake is setup as the default boot, a lot of times I forget to choose windows to load up first so I kinda restart the computer when mandrake is loading.. now when I choose to load mandrake, the GUI loads very very very slowly. How can I fix it?
22:17 <@moonie> rokun, don't kill the boot, if you must you can do ctrl-alt-delete to reboot it during the boot
22:18 < rokun> im scared that'll screw up the bios or windows
22:20 <@moonie> no it won't, it sends init 6 to the system (reboot)
22:21 <@moonie> rokun, but you can edit lilo.conf, change default=linux to default=windows (or similar) then run lilo to install the changes into mbr
22:21 < DoppelGanger> ha ha thts funny
22:22 < rokun> yeah, I was meaning to do that for the past two months.. but im kinda lazy
22:23 < rokun> what do you propose is happening.. why is mandrake really really slow to load and respond
22:24 < ruggy> it don't like the fact that you have windows too
22:24 < rokun> damn
22:26 < rokun> please don't tell me I got to reinstall mandrake
22:27 < fateisajester> even if you do have to reinstall, if you give yourself a /home partition you wont loose any of your settings
22:28 < rokun> hehehe
22:29 < rokun> I did not install anything on mandrake..
22:29 < rokun> just lazy to do a full install
NB: translation: R E T A R D E D

22:30 < fateisajester> btw that reminds me... why cant you select every single package during the installation... every time i have reinstalled i have selected everything i can but i still have to spend another 2-3 hours installing the rest of about 3 gigs of software that is on the disks.. i know that sounds kinda weird, but the way i see it is if i took the time to d/l those packages i want them all on my computer
22:31 < fateisajester> thats crazy right?
22:31 < ruggy> very
22:32 < fateisajester> like rh... you can check a box that says "everything"
22:32 < fateisajester> they should do that with mdk
22:32 < ruggy> why?
22:33 < fateisajester> idk... make things simpler for ppl who want everything
22:33 < rokun> is there a 'scandisk' program for linux?
22:33 < rokun> maybe that can help me
22:34 < fateisajester> i mean why put the extra pkgs on the disks if you dont even have the option to install them during the "installation" process
NB: translation: I think they shoudl go back to windows

07:26 < stornch> ive been trying to get qt-embedded and ElinOS and stuff like that to run under colinux gentoo
07:26 < Ash-Fox> evil gentoo!
07:27 < stornch> yeah its shit im having so many troubles with it
07:27 < stornch> i need debian i think
NB: translation: Cooperative Linux is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. Enough said

*(time jump)*
11:09 < StorncH> when u install mdk and u selecet all those packegers, are they already installed when u boot into mdk or do u have to copmiple them after installation
11:09 < jbroome> already installed
11:10 < StorncH> how do i locate them, i installed a package and i can not find it in my toolbar
11:10 * DaWoozle installs office 2000 in linux
11:11 < fateisajester> which pkg?
11:11 < StorncH> BitchX
11:11 < S3lfAware> DaWoozle: wine?
11:11 < fateisajester> bitchx is a terminal program
11:11 < fateisajester> type it in console
11:11 < StorncH> yeah
11:13 < StorncH> did not work
11:13 < StorncH> how would i know if it installed
11:13 < fateisajester> hold on
11:13 < fateisajester> type locate bitchx
111:13 * DoppelGanger hopes he updatedb
111:13 < fateisajester> lol
111:14 < fateisajester> i know ur problem
111:15 < fateisajester> linux is CaSe SenSiTiVe
111:15 < fateisajester> type BitchX
111:15 < StorncH> yeah
NB: translation: now I understand why he has to run linux in windows

00:02 <@Hawkwind> brandonmcw: Have you even attempted to use wterm as I have suggested ?? I use irssi with wterm and all works quite well
00:02 <@briareus> brandonmcw: thats aterm's idiosyncracy, but if you read the ....... man page for aterm!! it describes the problem
00:02 <@briareus> good GOD how many times do we have to say this stuff
00:03 <@briareus> ok, Lyancer:
00:03 <+Lyancer> whats man page for aterm?
00:03 <@Hawkwind> DragonSpirit: You here ?
00:03 <+brandonmcw> I don't think any of you have noticed ive only had 10 HRs sleep in a 72HR time period...
00:03 <@Hawkwind> Lyancer: man aterm
00:03 <@gyges> Lyancer, man aterm, but wait a sec, i give you sample atmer
00:03 <+Lyancer> is that on my comp or on website?
00:03 * crash3m bashes his head against the desk
00:03 <@Hawkwind> Lyancer: In a terminal
00:03 <@Hawkwind> crash3m: Problems ?
00:03 <@gyges> on your terminal prompt: man aterm
00:03 <+Lyancer> k
*5 minutes later*
00:08 <+Lyancer> gyges, wheres the man aterm at?
00:08 <+Lyancer> gyges, and does it have a thing to make those perm
00:08 <@Hawkwind> Lyancer: Open up a terminal and type: man aterm
NB: translation: /me joins crash3m in head bashing

15:29 < LionKMP> that is not yet a final release just beta isnt it ? :)
15:30 < FirstStrike> yea
15:30 < FirstStrike> but it has kde 3.3
15:30 < greatscot> FirstStrike, 10.1 does not have KDE 3.3
15:30 < FirstStrike> mm i thought kde 3.3 came with it?
NB:translaiton: Desperation a new scent by Calvin Klien, damn mdk users

Look What I found when I tried /j #mandrake-gurus on freenode
[freenode] -!- Cannot join to channel #mandrake-gurus (You must be invited)
NB: translation: By gurus they mean any fucking person not currently using rpm based systems

19:34 < neil> but wait, larsl said theres a universal way of writing cds
19:34 < larsl> neil: Almost universal.
19:34 < FirstStrike> there's something called cdrdao that a lot of software uses for burning
19:35 < neil> disc at once?
19:35 < Cha0tic> no workie
19:35 < FirstStrike> google.com > cdrdao :P
19:35 < larsl> I meant mmc.
19:36 < neil> what about k3B?
19:36 < neil> it doesnt let me burn stuff
19:36 < FirstStrike> k3b uses cdrdao
19:36 < Cha0tic> waaaaaa
19:36 < Cha0tic> its not working
19:36 < FirstStrike> you need it installed to burn
19:36 < neil> yeah
19:36 < neil> its installed
19:36 < FirstStrike> then you have other problems :P
19:36 < larsl> neil: I've had problems with k3b too - it works when I use cdrecord directly though.
19:36 < neil> i opened it and added stuff to a cd and clicked burn, but it doesnt work
19:37 < FirstStrike> works fine for me =\
19:37 < neil> whats cdrecord directly
19:37 < larsl> cdrecord is another program that k3b uses for burning.
19:37 < neil> wait
19:37 < neil> so how do i use that?
19:38 < larsl> neil: man cdrecord
19:38 < neil> how do i use cdrecord directly?
19:39 < neil> what does man do?
19:39 < larsl> neil: Show you the manual.
19:39 < FirstStrike> open a console
19:39 < FirstStrike> and type man cdrecord
19:40 < neil> yeah got it
19:40 * FirstStrike is actually burning a cd right now :P
19:40 < neil> is there no way i can use K3B?
19:40 < larsl> Or type man:cdrecord in Firefox or Konqueror.
19:40 < FirstStrike> you will, but you'll probably have to fiddle with it, do some google searches and kick your PC a few times :D
19:41 < neil> precussive maintenance:)
19:41 < neil> lol
19:41 < neil> when i actually tell it to burn, it says thers no driver
19:42 < FirstStrike> try logging in as root in the command console (su, hit enter then enter password) and typing urpmi cdrecord
19:43 < FirstStrike> and for good measure, urpmi cdrdao
19:44 < neil> ohh, so cdrecord and cdrao are both modules of k3b?
19:45 < neil> so if i install both, i will be able to use k3b?
*moments later*
19:50 < neil> also, does anybody know if there are packet cd writing programs for linux?
19:51 < neil> like nero's INCD for Windows?
19:51 < crash3m> neil: last I checked udf was experimental, but it seems to be in the 2.6 kernel now
19:51 < neil> yeah
19:51 < neil> im using 2.6 i think
19:52 < neil> how do you get the kernel version in the command prompt?
NB: translation: damn didn't know the cli could be that scary

19:38 < neofax> Is anyone using apt for mandrake?
19:39 <@Hawkwind> neofax: Most use urpmi which is specific to mandrake. Though there are some who use apt but not myself
19:41 < neofax> I have tried to use urpmi, but it is not exactly my cup of soup. I have been using apt for about 4 years(SuSE) and am quite accustomed to it.
19:43 < pjv> neofax: it's not as powerful nor as old as apt. so you can't expect much from it
19:43 < DoppelGanger> 4 years about time you used a real distro see debian
19:46 < pjv> 4 years is a long time. what was wrong with yast2?
19:46 < neofax> DoppelGanger: I have used debian, but it does not fit my needs. It is a great distro, don't get me wrong, but I want something that I can install and have work out of the box. I really don't like twiddling with too many files. SuSE used to do this until 9.1 came with a broke Berkeley DB. So, I switched to Mandrake and am really liking KOLAB.
19:47 < neofax> pjv: It wasn't yast2 it was the broke Berkely DB which caused cyrus-imapd to not work which for me is paramount.
19:48 * DoppelGanger ha ha
19:48 * DoppelGanger dies laughing
NB: translation: If after 4 years your still using fucking rpms with apt then you are a FUCKING IDIOT

23:09 < kreuter> NeoPhyte1499: I have used xchat, briefly.
23:09 < beth> NeoPhyte1499: I used to
23:10 < beth> question?
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> ya whered my user list go haha
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> lookin around for an option about it
23:10 * DoppelGanger wonders if NeoPhyte1499 rtm
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> but dont see how it can be hidden
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> rtm?
23:10 < beth> is it just in a really small frame on the right?
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> rofl
23:10 < beth> otherwise, maybe there is a menu like View->user list
23:10 < beth> or something
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> good call
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> i feel dummy
23:10 < beth> found it?
23:10 < NeoPhyte1499> ya... haha
NB: translation: Fucktard

11:43 < cprogrammer52> Fellow Mandrakians, I have just switched to slackware and im having a hell of a time configuriing my printer, but PrintDrake did it just like that, i was wondering, can i download just PrintDrake?\
11:48 < greatscot> cprogrammer52, I don't think it would work in slackware
11:50 < DoppelGanger> cprogrammer52: welcome to slackware now rtm grow up and configure cups
NB: translation: I would like to change that to grow the fuck up and rtfm

robertp> I have no root account...
robertp> ha ha ha... :(
sarumont> ...
loft306> wtf?
sarumont> you have to
roertp> sarumont, tried graphical and terminal login
robertp> the user root doesn't exist
loft306> in gentoo
robertp> debian
loft306> did u ever set a root pw
robertp> Yeah, I've been using this system for a week now
loft306> during ur install
robertp> and I've been su'ing to root every session for one thing or another, and now I can't
robertp_> Oh fuck, I know what I did
loft306> what?
robertp_> I was changing permissions, and probably accidently made everything 777
< loft306> doh
NB: translation: How to destroy a perfect linux distro: Step 1: Give it to an idiot

16:52 < heyme> just wondering something minor..if I buy silver member and get nvidia..how does it install like and do I have to not be in X to do so ?....thank you <
16:53 < DoppelGanger> heyme: your gonna pay money just cause you want nvidia drivers installed for you
16:53 < heyme> DoppelGanger, yes
16:53 < heyme> DoppelGanger, i have alot of money
16:54 < heyme> DoppelGanger, but im' not stupid
16:54 < heyme> G>
16:54 * DoppelGanger looks at channel name
16:54 < DoppelGanger> uhuh
NB: translation: Standard Member ($5.50 month/$66 year or 60 ? year)
Silver Member ($11 month/$132 year or 120 ? year) Recommended level!
Gold Member ($55 month/$660 year or 600 ? year)
Platinum Member ($110 month/$1320 year or 1200 ? year)
Paying for a Piece of Shit (P.O.S.) priceless, There are few things in life for everything else there is suicide

robertp> lol, I've got it under control
robertp> well, the backing up and restoring
loft306> ...
loft306> do the mrproper then cp it to /usr/src/linux
robertp> Say what?
robertp> You are confusing me. I'm going to compile this kernel.
loft306> do the mrproper then cp the cp of the .config to /usr/src/linux
robertp> why?
loft306> then do the menuconfig the....
tylerwylie> who here thinks joan rivers should die?
robertp> Me
loft306> xbecause if u cp it to the /usr/src/linux first then mrproper u will whipe it out
robertp> loft306, no, mrproper is just restoring the defaults
loft306> what the fuk?
loft306> lol there is a rash of noobs that think to make a kernel u makemrproper and then make ....... the kernel and modules and it will work totalying skiping makemenuconfig
NB: translation: We call them Lusers

fajita> servercrash: i'm not following you...
servercrash> fajita i was compling apache with following ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --enable-so --enable-cgi --enable-ssl --enable-rewrite=shared --enable-speling=shared
servercrash> and landed up with the error which i posted above
* krazie watches as servercrash chats with a bot.
loft306> yup
loft306> roflmao
servercrash> :o
servercrash> :(
* wobbles was wondering how long this might last
servercrash> gah bots
servercrash> grrrrr
* loft306 thought that also
servercrash> ok any living being here ???
fajita> ftp is a rather insecure protocol primarily used to announce your shell password to the world. or better replaced by ssh/scp/sftp in most cases or mod_dav in other cases
NB: translation: Ladies and gentlemen the next president of the USA