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  WinErr: 294b BlackMail Error - $500 to Gates or I'll show your wife the JPG's you just downloaded...  

17:48 -!- achandrashekar [~achandras@] has joined #mandrake
17:48 < achandrashekar> hello. does MDK have an easy way to configure cups, banners and allow lpd jobs to be accepted by the cups server?
17:49 < irbdavid> achandrashekar, you can do basig config from mandrake control centre
17:49 < rickest> achandrashekar: you tried localhost:631?
17:50 < irbdavid> kde control centre has a good admin tool for cups. but in my experience it doesnt detect printers very well
17:50 < achandrashekar> heres the deal, i had a RH box, and the config tool steps all over the port 631 install, rewrites the darm file each time. I gotta get one that is easy for winblows guys to use easily.
17:51 < achandrashekar> and adding ppd files- does the admin tool via web and config tool see the same added ppd file?
17:51 < Nate_Grey> achandrashekar download mandrake and try it
17:52 < achandrashekar> be glad too..but i got a time crunch. just needed to know if some one has setup cups to accept remote lpd requests and doene it easily.
17:52 < achandrashekar> easily defined- not having to mess with files and use gui..yeah i know...
17:56 < danc3> achandrashekar: yes I've done it a hundred times
17:56 -!- achandrashekar [~achandras@] has quit ["Leaving"]
NB: translation: How to not use linux

23:15 < Zotnix> Many told me running gentoo on ~x86 (unstable) is bad but it isn't that horrid at all.
23:16 < bomber> 1st i hear that Zotnix
23:16 < Gumby`> ditto
23:16 < bomber> i hear raves all the time
23:17 < Zotnix> Hrm. See 10.1 is coming around.
23:18 < dewey> Zotnix: I am testing 10.1 rc1 with cooker updates :)
23:18 < dewey> so far so good but I would not install it on a production puter yet.
23:20 < Zotnix> Ah... how up to date is the software?
23:20 < Zotnix> I remember usign Debian and even in unstable a lot of packages were way behind.
23:22 < DESmack> i like the fact th mandrake has a big focus on good hardware support..
23:26 < dewey> Zotnix: it is update as much as possible~!
23:28 < Zotnix> okay. I've used several distros. Just trying another now ;)
NB: translation: 23:44 < heinola> if ya got money for support lol

06:46 < Gumby> anyone know if there are email packages out there for servers that download email from a specified mailserver adn store it as its own?
07:48 < Gumby> can anyone tell me how I'd edit my services via command line
NB: translation: JudgeJudy says "beauty fades, but dumb is forever

2:35 < black-whisp> how do i open mplayer from console?
NB: translation: um let me take a stab at this one $ mplayer, what a fucking idiot

15:20 < ruslug902> hi
15:20 < ruslug902> I want to install rh8 on my laptop.. Ive been able to install rh9 and suse9
15:20 < ruslug902> but not rh8
15:20 < ruslug902> cus its get stuck when it checks the hda partition
15:20 < ruslug902> is there a way around it checking the hda parition?
15:23 < ruslug902> hello?
*Time Jump*
18:23 < ruslug078> how do i see my hard drive paritions?
18:23 < ruslug078> i gotta add one to my fstab
18:23 < ruslug078> I forgot the comand
NB: translation: The definition of an idiot can be seen above

00:06 < greatscot> Any idea why my file associations keep getting reset to the defaults?
00:09 < DoppelGanger> file associations isn't that a windows thing
00:09 < crash3m> no
00:09 < DoppelGanger> yes
00:09 < crash3m> its a 'windowing filemanager' thing
NB: translation: Yeah like windows explorer, ha linux my ass

00:16 < mlalkaka> hi
00:16 < mlalkaka> how can i browse my network for nfs shares?
00:17 < mlalkaka> is there a program for that (preferably gui)?
00:17 < crash3m> nmap-fe and hit the nfs ports
00:17 < crash3m> I dont know of a way to list shares
00:17 < Haesslich> mcc has a module for it
00:17 < Haesslich> and konqueror will do it
00:18 < Haesslich> but the preferred way is of course to mount those shares into your fs
00:18 * DoppelGanger shakes head ah linux users today
00:18 < mlalkaka> Haesslich: how can i do that?
00:19 < DoppelGanger> man mount
00:19 < Haesslich> mount -t nfs server:/path/to/share /mnt/whatever
*Minutes Later*
01:29 < aguzman> ok the other question was, If I dont want to launch the graphic environment when the system starts, what is the command if at a later time I want to bring up the graphical environment?
01:30 < crash3m> startx starts the gui yes, but not on boot
01:31 < crash3m> I probably misinterpreted your question
01:31 < aguzman> no, is that im not an expert
01:32 < aguzman> ok so I changin the runlevel from 5 to 3 will boot with no graphical environment
01:32 < crash3m> correct
01:32 < aguzman> then how do I start x windows if I want while im doing something
01:33 < crash3m> startx
01:33 < aguzman> ok
NB: tranlation: Behold the Linux Users, what a bunch of fucking cocksuckers

10:12 < HauntedUnix> They all died earlier wehn my BSD box crashed :)
10:12 * Alakazam faints
10:12 < irbdavid> :s
10:12 < Alakazam> BSD CRASHED?!
10:12 < HauntedUnix> So I need to do some major re-ripping, and put my server back on Mandrake.
10:12 < Alakazam> or re-downloading
10:12 < HauntedUnix> Alakazam: FreeBSD farted, and broke -- that's why I'm going back on Mandrake
10:12 < Alakazam> yea
10:13 < Alakazam> i have a lot of problems with freebsd it seems.
10:13 < irbdavid> HauntedUnix, can always use as opportunity to rip higher quality
10:13 < HauntedUnix> :) This is why I'm an op in #mandrake, not #freebsd.. ~whistle~
NB: translation: What happens when mandrake users try any other *nix

Cursive84> if anyone could help me out here, i've got a few issues - for one, i'm new to linux and i've installed fedora core 2 (everything) - for 1, my mouse cursor tends to go erratic and wild at times - 2, i have no audio. 3- is there a way in linux to access files from windows (running dual boot obviously, would like to gather my mp3s from windows) 4 - i noticed in the xxms player that came in this installation, you cant play
Cursive84> mp3s, any fix for that?
NB: translation: 1 Your a fucking idiot 2: Your a fucking idiot 3: Your a fucking idiot 4: Your a fucking idiot 5: GOOGLE! YOU FUCKING IDIOT

Ateu> what that do?
mdk-noob> suse help channel
Ateu> oh
Ateu> man i am off of man pages, i just want to uninstall one package and the rpm -e thing don work
<-- Ateu has quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
--> Ateu (~c8656e7b@ has joined #linuxforums
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--> ateu (~c8656e7b@ has joined #linuxforums
ateu> #suse
stormrider> ateu: /join #suse
ateu> than
NB: translation: You can tell alot about a distro from its users, rpm distros geniuses need not apply

punker101> i installed linux on a windows ystem and windows would not boot so we reformated but now there is no os on even tho we installed windows help!
NB: translation: 15:24 < gn00b> classic

17:01 < Alakazam> im too legit to quit
17:01 < DoppelGanger> really
17:01 < DoppelGanger> you sure about tht
17:02 < Alakazam> that i am.
17:02 < Alakazam> AND im l33t
17:02 < DoppelGanger> http://mirrors.playboy.com/
17:02 < HauntedUnix> Alakazam: legit AND l33t? Crikey..
17:02 < Alakazam> FAMILE CHANEL!
17:02 * DoppelGanger sees if the can get banned
17:02 < Alakazam> FAMILY!
17:02 < HauntedUnix> !t DoppelGanger
17:02 < HauntedUnix> !q DoppelGanger
17:02 -!- mode/#mandrake [+q DoppelGanger!*@*] by CookieII
17:02 < HauntedUnix> *sigh*
17:02 * Alakazam giggles
17:02 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ha
17:02 -!- #mandrake The channel demigods have stolen your voice
17:02 < Alver> HauntedUnix, those are normal mirrors, you knpw
17:02 * Alver grins
17:02 < HauntedUnix> DoppelGanger: Regardless of the content of that website, it's inappropriate for banbaiting.
17:02 < Alver> Oh, right. :P
NB: translation: The're just jealous cause BSD has some hot looking servers, mwa ha ha, look above to see what happens when a mandrake user runs BSD

17:21 < kreoxie_> i know this is probably a really newb question and documented somewhere on the interweb, but how do i go about having my other box dual boot windows/mdk and i dont want to have mdk delete any of my stuff on there when i do the install
17:24 < DoppelGanger> does anyone have any clue what is the interweb
NB: translation: Nope no clue at all, fucking idiots

angel12> hey what command shows my ver of kernel?
mesut> uname
angel12> that just shows linux
angel12> nothing else
NB: translation: RTFM, I was hoping it would say Windows

14:56 < coll> ok i got icewm installed
14:56 < coll> how do i change for X to load it instead of kde
14:56 < HauntedUnix> coll: that's available under mcc
14:57 < coll> i've been there
14:58 < coll> under which category?
14:58 < HauntedUnix> Mm -- have a look, can't remember..
14:59 < RogueDopple> DoppelGanger: flag 14:56
14:59 < HauntedUnix> it'll be there somewhere ;)
15:01 < coll> im assuming its not 'choose display manager' under mmc
15:02 < HauntedUnix> ....why are you assuming that?
NB: translation: I never knew windows could be so difficult to use

19:38 < bulio> how do I terminate a program?
19:38 < x-torrak> kill
19:38 < bulio> ctrl-alt-del?
19:38 < linux2> control-esc
19:38 < bulio> oh
19:38 < bulio> damn
19:39 < linux2> lol
19:40 < bulio> I was just preaching knoppix and a prog froze
19:40 < bulio> didn't know how to terminate
19:40 < bulio> :x
19:40 < bulio> oh well
19:40 < bulio> still gonna install mdk 10
19:42 -!- bulio [bulio@Ottawa-HSE-ppp4068818.sympatico.ca] has quit [Client Quit]
NB: translation: Yes ctrl alt del you idiot, what is this windows. So from windows to mandrake, could it get any worst.

14:01 < mhmdr> i dont know what urpmi means or allow-force
14:02 < RogueDopple> it means your using fake linux he eh
14:02 < RogueDopple> DoppelGanger: flag 14:02
14:02 < Mighty>
14:03 < mhmdr> i bought it form an iso store - i think its downloaded - is that a problem, i thought linux is free and cant be a fake
14:03 * RogueDopple continues laughing
14:04 < HauntedUnix> mhmdr: ignore RogueDopple..
14:04 < Redgore> RogueDopple: stop being an idiot. mhmdr: linux is free yes of sorts, you arent using a fake
4:06 < danny_osl> mhmdr: ^^^
14:06 < RogueDopple> ha ah
14:06 < RogueDopple> faker
14:07 < Redgore> RogueDopple: either help or kindly be quiet
14:08 * RogueDopple mommy
14:08 < mhmdr> [mhmdr@localhost /]$ urpmi --allow-force --force xfree86
14:08 < RogueDopple> ha ha
14:08 < danny_osl> mhmdr: should work
14:08 < mhmdr> should i type in this
14:08 < RogueDopple> hmmm gee i wonder whts wrong with tht
14:09 < danny_osl> mhmdr: yes!
14:09 < RogueDopple> ha ha
14:09 < RogueDopple> not as non root
14:09 < danny_osl> it will probably prompt you for a cd
14:09 < RogueDopple> morons
14:09 < danny_osl> can someone please bitchslap RogueDopple for us?
14:10 < Redgore> danny_osl: when HauntedUnix wakes up, and if you watch the language :P
14:10 < RogueDopple> ha ah i'm just dying of this
14:10 * Redgore pokes HauntedUnix
14:14 < RogueDopple> poke harder
NB: translation: Warning Idiot Mandrake Users Ahead

22:39 -!- daalaaa [~chatzilla@] has joined #mandrake
22:40 < daalaaa> hey if i deploy server like apache or tomcat on mandrake, what tool do i use for updating files remotely on these servers?
22:40 < daalaaa> command line tool or GUI tool?
22:42 < chronic1> how sophisticated would you like to be
22:42 < chronic1> if you cared to you could just use `scp`.....i suppose
22:42 < daalaaa> just being able to run command, uploading/download files from those server
22:43 < daalaaa> is there any gui tool for doing these with mandrake
22:43 < daalaaa> a gui with command line for complex task
22:48 * RogueDopple says yep a typical mandrake user
NB: translation: See Above

14:38 < omc> i need to setup a small office (about 7-9 PCs) and i do not know what is the best distro to use for production (email, contact list, calender, writer, Calc etc)? should i use debian, redhat or mandrake. and for example if i selected redhat. should i use rh7.3, rh8, rh9 or fedora editions ??? any help??
NB: translation: A n00b on crank