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  Is MicroSoft a new toilet paper or what?...  

22:43 -!- bailey [~bailey@209-209-101-137.la.inreach.net] has joined #mandrake
22:43 < bailey> zzz
22:48 < bailey> is this the mandrake chan?
NB: translation: No its #windows

10:17 < bulio_zZz> If I install mandrake on a clean format and don't like it, can I re-install windows 98 just by putting in the 98 cd and choosing format?
10:18 < bulio_zZz> fat32 file system
10:20 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: If you have room on your HD why not install both Win98 and Mandrake?
10:20 < bulio_zZz> I don't want the aggrevation
10:20 < egibbs> ah
10:20 < bulio_zZz> and I have a windows pc already
NB: translation: I don't know how because I am a fucking idiot

10:21 < bulio_zZz> another question, to setup internet (dsl) using ethernet, what do I need to know?
10:21 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: I have had to use a diag to wipe a linux drive in order to install Win after linux.
10:22 < egibbs> bulio_zZz what version of mandrake?
10:22 < bulio_zZz> 10 oe
10:23 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: you have to go to the Mandrake control center then Network and Internet then New Connection
10:24 < bulio_zZz> In install I mean
10:25 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: I have always set up DSL after installing the basic system
10:25 < bulio_zZz> how come?
10:26 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: It can be complicated and frustrating -depending on many factors - would rather get the basic system set up first
10:26 < bulio_zZz> will it be ok if I setup in install?
10:27 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: Have you used Mandrake or linux before ?
10:28 < bulio_zZz> only knoppix, but on a pc with a usb modem, with no current drivers for internet
10:28 < bulio_zZz> I am used to knoppix and config etc
10:30 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: best reason for doing a basic install first - is that mandrake has many utilities that will be available either in the gui or on the command line to assist
10:31 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: I use knoppix on a HD also - but mostly use Mandrake because of the utilities -its easier
10:32 < bulio_zZz> I shall plugin and turn on all external things
10:32 < bulio_zZz> printers scanners etc
10:32 < egibbs> good
10:33 < bulio_zZz> so basically any modem that has ethernet cabability can be detected?
10:33 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: the USB modem might be difficult
10:34 < bulio_zZz> it's not usb\
10:34 < bulio_zZz> it is ethernet
10:34 < bulio_zZz> when I used knoppix it was on a different pc
10:34 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: is this a DSL modem?
10:34 * DoppelGanger finds it funny that bulio_zZz asking the same questions for 2 months
10:35 < bulio_zZz> the pc I am installing mdk on has ethernet/usb capabilities, and I currently use the ethernet part
10:35 < bulio_zZz> dsl modem
10:36 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: When I installed Mandrake 10 with a DSL modem it auto detected
10:36 < bulio_zZz> egibs: no chance of a usb one being detected though?
10:37 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: possibly - but I have had to plug in USB devices one at a time to get them working
10:39 < bulio_zZz> hmm
10:39 < bulio_zZz> i'm sure the ethernet one will work
10:39 < bulio_zZz> but this computer uses usb modem
10:40 < egibbs> bulio_zZz: is it a dial up modem or a dsl modem?
10:44 < bulio_zZz> brb
10:44 < bulio_zZz> reboot
10:44 -!- bulio_zZz [bulio@Toronto-HSE-ppp3786523.sympatico.ca] has quit ["Quit:Quit:Quit:"]
NB: translation: By control center he means windows control panel network, as for frustrating he means he is too stupid to rtfm and do it without gui, as for knoppix he means knoppix gui config since his system froze in knoppix last time I n00b quoted him, reboot? wtf. I find it funny that mandrake is such a POS that usb doesn't even work correctly.See The Bad Page #10 for what happens to bulio in knoppix

10:36 < tmjb> is posible to get back and forward buttons in gnome 2.6 nautilius
NB: translation: You mean like in a time machine?

10:17 < Zoohouse> and dri isn't supported by nvidia right?
10:34 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: you still here? i have the answer to your vid card problems
10:35 < Zoohouse> yes
10:35 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, yes
10:35 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: the answer is, you have to reinstall the nvidia drivers heh
10:35 < Glin|Jol> ive gotten that error when i updated my x server
10:35 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, why?
10:35 < Zoohouse> :(
10:36 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: not entirely sure why you have to, but when you update your x server and try to use any opengl aps, you will get that error
10:36 < alnr> i can only startx if i am root else i get a 'failed to load module' libglx.a there's probably a setuid bit missing somewhere anyone have any last idea before i reinstall my whole darn system :(
10:36 < Glin|Jol> its fairly easy to reinstall the drivers tho
10:36 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, do i have to uninstall them ?
10:36 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: no
10:37 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, just rerun the drivers and thats all? i dont have to edit the xfree file or anything?
10:37 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: exactly
10:37 < Zoohouse> cool
10:37 < Zoohouse> ok ima go do it now
10:37 < Zoohouse> anything i should expect?
10:38 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: use the drivers here http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-6106/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6106-pkg1.run
10:38 < Glin|Jol> the latest nvidia drivers dont compile on mandrake
10:38 < Glin|Jol> but the one i just linked you to does
10:39 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, ok ima download it
10:39 < SillyZ> Mornin
10:39 < Zoohouse> Glin|Jol, the installing instructions are the same?
10:40 < Glin|Jol> Zoohouse: yes
10:40 < Zoohouse> ok ill be back
10:40 < Zoohouse> brb
10:40 < Glin|Jol> k
NB: translation: 1. Nvidia supports dri, someone didn't RTFM, 2. nothing compiles on mandrake tht driver is pretty damn old Latest version available: 1.0.6111, 3. Man they sure are stupid, 4. Mandrake X server XFree 4.3 circa 3 years ago, trust me their Xorg is a POS also since they fucked it up.

11:13 -!- peltekci [~peltekci@ca-glendora-cuda2-c3a-a-110.arcdca.adelphia.net] has joined #mandrake
11:13 < peltekci> I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:14 < HauntedUnix> peltekci: try asking a question -- and then we can try helping you..
11:16 < peltekci> After 3 hours my computer, automatically, closes the os but the computer is still working and the red led is always flashing and and i cant restart with any commands, or it wont even let me manually turn it off, i have to go in the back and pull the power cord
11:16 < egibbs> power management?
11:17 < peltekci> and once when i was booting up, it said something about clock skewed
11:18 < egibbs> peltekci: have you looked at the CPU temp?
11:18 < peltekci> how do i do that
11:18 < egibbs> peltekci: in the BIOS
11:19 < peltekci> but for some reason this only happens on fedora core 2, not on mandrake
11:19 < HauntedUnix> peltekci: so Mandrake is fine?
11:19 < peltekci> yes
11:19 < HauntedUnix> peltekci: so you're asking in a #mandrake channel, about a Fedora Core 2 problem?
11:19 < peltekci> oh crap, am i in mandrake
11:19 < peltekci> lol
11:19 < dewey> peltekci: yes
11:19 < HauntedUnix> ...goodbye :)
11:20 < peltekci> srry
11:20 < peltekci> for wasting ur time
11:20 < DoppelGanger> these days who can tell the difference
11:20 < peltekci> well i want to setup my ltsp server
11:21 < peltekci> but i dont have time to run scripts
11:21 < peltekci> i am mena write
NB: translation: A demonstration of a FUCKING IDIOT WHO CANNOT SPELL NOR COMPREHEND ENGLISH. ooops Caps :-)

20:53 < kojack27__> i was gonna makje the move to slackware but I figured I would try cooker
*A Few minutes later*
21:13 < kojack27__> ethereal is a intrusion detect right
NB: translation: Houston we have a winner for Idiot of the day

LFWEBIRC584> Ok, I am using suse 9.1 pro and my default is kde. What I want to learn is how to mount and unmount a
asdf> LFWEBIRC584: put a floppy in the drive then mount /dev/fd0
LFWEBIRC584> ok but where do you type the mount /dev/fd0
loft306> open a shell
asdf> LFWEBIRC584: at a shell prompt
tylerwylie> LFWEBIRC584, use a terminal
loft306> LFWEBIRC584 oon the bottom bar there is a monitor with a shell icon
LFWEBIRC584> Ok, that part I understand but how can I do it in the window enviroment
loft306> well if u have a floppy icon on the desktop click that
LFWEBIRC584> ok i do have floppy icon
LFWEBIRC584> so from there does it give me some option to mount it to a floppy or cd and then what
loft306> righmt click it
loft306> *right
loft306> will open a menu
LFWEBIRC584> yup I got it sofar
loft306> scroll to mount
loft306> but u have to have a disk in the drive to mount it
LFWEBIRC584> yes
LFWEBIRC584> ok I will try it thanks
loft306> and cd wont eject without being unmounted
LFWEBIRC584> is that all there is to it
loft306> but u have to have a disk in the drive to mount it
LFWEBIRC584> yes
loft306> and unmount it b4 u remove the disk
LFWEBIRC584> ok I will try it thanks
loft306> and cd wont eject without being unmounted
LFWEBIRC584> is that all there is to it
koljaclemew> mwa ha ah
koljaclemew> popcorn anyone
loft306> LFWEBIRC584 there in the manual also
loft306> maybe read it a bit
asdf> koljaclemew: yes please
loft306> fax me some plz
LFWEBIRC584> where is the manual for what you explained to me
koljaclemew> but first i will have to see if i can mount them
koljaclemew> man mount
loft306> do u have a lifering at the bottom panelr
loft306> or man mount
LFWEBIRC584> I don't want the lousy man help files I want to see how to do a point and click
loft306> well if u want great documentation then use Gentoo
loft306> otherwise just play with kde u will get it
LFWEBIRC584> ok, thanks a lot
loft306> it is easy but u need to learn to think in linux not windows
NB: Translation: Don't be a LAZY FUCK, RTFM ASSMUNCHER

23:11 < netguy`> What does it mean Guitarman when your name is in yellow in xchat? Does that mean you pm'ed me?
23:12 * RogueDopple believes it means god is calling you
23:12 < RogueDopple> netguy`:
23:13 < netguy`> RougeDopple: Your name was in yellow.
23:13 < netguy`> What irc client are you all using?
23:13 < RogueDopple> he eh
23:13 < netguy`> was it a pm?
23:14 < ohgood> netguy`: irssi or coure
23:14 < ohgood> +s
23:14 < netguy`> irssi?
23:14 < RogueDopple> Irssi 0.8.9 (20031210) - http://irssi.org/
NB: translation: GOD works in mysterious ways

23:21 -!- SeanQ [seran@] has joined #mandrake
23:22 < SeanQ> Please don't yell at me for being a n00b but..
23:22 < kirito> so it doesnt boot x
23:22 < SeanQ> I just installed 10.0 tonight and I have a MA111 [Netgear] wireless adapter. :P
23:22 < SeanQ> And it doesn't work.
23:22 < SeanQ> Mandy recognizes it, but i don't know how to configure it.
23:22 < JSeymour> SeanQ: ipw2100.sf.net
23:22 < SeanQ> I'm a linux n00b, who really doesn't know it that well.
23:23 < kaosdzyn> kirito: how do i configure it?
23:23 < SeanQ> ooh ok
23:23 < kirito> go into
23:23 < JSeymour> SeanQ: Never mind. Brainfart on my part.
23:23 < kirito> start
23:23 < kirito> system
23:23 < kirito> configure
23:23 < kirito> configure desktop
23:23 < kirito> go into boot
23:24 < SeanQ> Yeah. I was goign to say.
23:24 < kirito> er
23:24 < kirito> configure your computer
23:24 < SeanQ> I just really don't want to go back into indows. :P
23:24 < SeanQ> I just really don't want to go back into indows. :P
23:24 < kirito> and theres bootloader
23:24 < SeanQ> DAH
23:24 < SeanQ> Windows*
23:25 < SeanQ> So, yeah..I've googled but everything's too..code-y for me
23:25 < SeanQ> I mean, Linux is tough to learn..but it'd be easier to learn with internet access. :DD
23:25 < SeanQ> I THINK it's a driver issue, but no clue how to fix it.
NB: translation: Um did kirito say use the start menu he eh, wow never know that it could be too "code-y" to use teh start menu and get the driver loaded.

13:18 -!- greatscot [~greatscot@greatscot.linuxfordummies] has joined #mandrake
13:19 < greatscot> c
13:19 < greatscot> Can anyone help me with mplayer?
13:20 < greatscot> I bought a comp with a DVD player and Totem plays the DVD's
just fine. I installed mplayer (and all updates) but it won't play the DVD's. mplayer gives me an error of
"Couldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvd"
13:25 < greatscot> the only device in /dev is /dev/cdrom
13:26 < HauntedUnix> try doing ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/hdd? (or looking in Totem's
preferences to find the dev used for playing)
13:28 < zorg> Maybe you could try this : mplayer /dev/cdrom
13:34 < zorg> greatscot: did you try #mplayer ?
13:34 < greatscot> zorg, Thank you, didn't think of it.*IN #mplayer*
13:47 < greatscot> I work for Mandrakesoft. But, this is the first time I have tried playing a DVD on my computer.
13:49 < SporcusPorcus> greatscot: it shows
13:50 < greatscot> SporcusPorcus, And your lack of respect for others shows your low IQ.
13:50 < SporcusPorcus> i love you 2 :-)
NB: translation: link one optical drive to another optical drive. Mandrake Ten out of Ten l33t h4x0rz hate it

13:45 < DropDeadGorgias> wait, was zorg right? you can play DRM'd WMV in mplayer?
NB: translation: Idiot of the day for October 3, 2004.

19:24 -!- nirvana80 [~nirvana80@host-84-9-18-150.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #mandrake
19:24 < nirvana80> Hello
19:24 < nirvana80> Anybody there?
19:25 < crash3m> no
19:25 < beo> we're sleeping
19:25 < nirvana80> hi guys
19:26 < nirvana80> Can anybody help me with something?
19:26 < beo> you may wanna start with /topic
19:26 < nirvana80> ok
19:26 < nirvana80> I have a couple of problem
19:26 < nirvana80> s
19:27 < crash3m> just ask
19:27 < nirvana80> one is my System notification sound
19:27 < nirvana80> I run mandrake 10.1
19:27 < nirvana80> I don't get notification sounds
19:27 < nirvana80> and they are enabled
19:27 < nirvana80> My USB external Audio card works
19:27 < nirvana80> I can play music
19:28 < nirvana80> but I can't play the System notification sounds
19:29 * SporcusPorcus invents a new phrase "how very windows"
19:29 < nirvana80> If I go to system notification in configure your desktop and I try to play one of the sound associated to a system event nothing happens
19:30 < eps> I assume your music is mp3 and the system sounds are midi... maybe the problem is with what ever plays midi?
19:31 < nirvana80> I know I can't play midi
19:31 < nirvana80> but the start up sound of mandrake it's a wave file
19:31 < eps> oh
19:31 < nirvana80> anyway if I click on test in system sound
19:31 < eps> okay
19:31 < nirvana80> it plays it
19:32 < nirvana80> and in my usb audio card
19:32 < nirvana80> My sound skip as well
19:33 < nirvana80> Instead in the internal one it works allright
19:33 < nirvana80> I understand that the problem it's a bit generic
*(no its a bit of a piece of shit fuck generic)*
19:34 < nirvana80> and it myght not be easy for you guys to understand it without seing it
19:34 < nirvana80> anyway here is another problem you could help me with
19:34 < nirvana80> I have an external hard drive
19:34 < nirvana80> with 3 partitions
19:34 < drew_3> alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi <--> alias scsi_cd ide-scsi Which is the Mdk Way?
*(The Mdk way no relation to Linux folks)*
19:34 < nirvana80> two NTFS and 1 FAT32
19:35 < nirvana80> I can mount them and read them using the console trough the root account
19:35 < nirvana80> but I have not access trough my normal user account
19:35 < SporcusPorcus> um
19:35 < drew_3> I have a cdr that has not functioned in 2.6x and am trying ide-scsi which is correct in Mandrake?
19:36 < nirvana80> I tried to create rules in the drakperm to allow access to /mnt/windows
19:37 < nirvana80> witch is one of the mount point of the tree partition and I did the same for the other two partition without any good result
*(Did he say witch, who you calling bitch, bitch)*
19:37 < nirvana80> I also try to change the permission logging in as root directly on the folder
19:37 < nirvana80> but it does not allow me to do it
19:38 < nirvana80> I don't understand why I can access the windows mounted partition on the internal hard disk where is also installed windows
19:38 < nirvana80> and not the one on the ext hard drive
19:39 < nirvana80> Any Idea or tip on how overcome this problem
19:39 < nirvana80> ?
19:40 < nirvana80> Crash3m?
19:40 < nirvana80> any idea'
19:40 < eps> hmm
19:40 < nirvana80> eps?
19:41 < eps> yeah I had this problem with 10 about a month back
19:41 < eps> just trying to work out how I solved it
*(Is it too much to hope he said hmmm "Yep I stoped using mandrake and all my troubles went away)*
19:43 < nirvana80> chmod?
19:44 < eps> okay try this (I think it is what I did) control centre -> mount points -> partitions -> find your partition then...
19:44 < eps> hit more in the bottom buttons then...
19:45 < eps> wops
19:45 < nirvana80> I have to unmount it first
19:45 < eps> scratch that - hit troggle expert options
19:45 < eps> then options
19:46 < eps> in there is a option to set ordinary users to see it plus others to do stuff
19:46 < nirvana80> user?
19:46 < eps> I think that is what I did before
19:47 < nirvana80> thanks
19:47 < nirvana80> I'll try it now
19:47 < eps> good luck
19:49 < nirvana80> thanks man
19:49 < crash3m> nirvana80: I'm eating, bbl
19:49 < nirvana80> It works
19:49 < eps> :)
19:49 < nirvana80> thanks
19:50 < nirvana80> I didn't see that option
9:52 < eps> you wouldn't happen to know how to set a path for gcc-cpp
19:53 < crash3m> eps: like a library path?
*(Looks like someone stop eating aka didn't know how to have regular users access a mounted partition)* NB: translation: What is the difference between Mandrake and windows?

20:44 < nirvana80> Tomorrow is my first day at university
20:44 < nirvana80> I'm very happy
20:45 < Gumby> lucky you :)
20:45 < eps> hehe
20:45 < nirvana80> Gonna study computer networking
20:45 < Gumby> nice
20:45 < eps> that is what I'm doing next year :)

20:46 < eps> I love networking under nix... it is so easy - everything can be done from the consol unlike windows which is all slow gui stuff
NB: translation: A contradictory personality

20:59 < Gumby> if you are using 10.1 its xorg.conf and not XF86Config-4
20:59 < eps> ...
21:00 < eps> I've been editing XF86Config
21:00 < Gumby> hehe
21:00 < Gumby> theres a problem there
21:00 < SporcusPorcus> eps: ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf
21:01 < eps> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Sep 27 18:56 /etc/X11/xorg.conf -> XF86Config
21:01 < Gumby> eps: have you been editing XF86Config-4 or just XF86Config
21:02 < eps> XF86Config (I dont have a -4)
21:02 < Gumby> ah, ok..well..you are fine then
21:02 < SporcusPorcus> thanks eps
21:02 < Gumby> xorg.conf is just symlinked
21:02 < eps> :)
21:02 < eps> I assume that has some thing to do with symbolic links?
21:02 < Gumby> yes
21:02 < Gumby> send me or post your XF86Config
NB: translation: How to fuck shit up when you are a mandrake developer, Oh yeah that config file is over 6 years old yet still in use by mandrake.

12:48 < Genia4> does anyone have the package list for every cd of the mandrake installation and package cd's? i would appreciate if you would share it with me :)
12:48 < cannonball> Genia4: run 'urpmi appname' (as use root) and it will ask for the correct disk.
12:48 < Genia4> cannonball: no online reference or something? my friend is installing mandrake, and i'm helping him
12:48 < Genia4> i'm not using mandrake :(
12:49 < cannonball> Genia4: Not that I know of.
12:49 < Genia4> i only found a list of ALL packages that mandrake has, but it's not divided by cd's
12:49 < Genia4> thanks a lot though, i'll tell him to run the command
12:49 < panorabix> cannonball: i ve done a make clean and my error became
12:49 < cannonball> Genia4: He doesn't need to know, the urpm* tools know where it's located. It's similar to yum on Fedora and emerge on Gentoo.
12:50 < panorabix> /usr/src/linux- In function `ieee80211_crypt_deinit_entries':
12:50 < cannonball> Genia4: and of course, like apt-get on Debian.
12:50 < Genia4> emerge rocks (i'm a gentoo user)
12:50 < cannonball> panorabix: it's looking for a redhat kernel. you don't have a redhat kernel.
12:50 < panorabix> nop
12:50 < Genia4> cannonball: thanks a lot, you helped me very much :)
12:50 < cannonball> Genia4: I have an entire mail/webmail cluster on Gentoo. Yes, it is pretty nice. But only if you're a controlling power user ;-)
12:51 < Genia4> my experience with debian community is not good at all, that's why i'm not ever going to recommend it to anyone
12:51 < Genia4> the community is more important than the distro itself imo
12:53 < Redgore> unfortunatly for debian only a minority are ever noticed by people, because of bad behaviour and the such
12:53 < Redgore> the majority of them are more than willing to help
NB: translation: You know why Genia4 supposedly uses gentoo because he was too fucking stupid to know how to install debian without a 150 page instruction manual even a monkey could follow it. Fucking wannabe l337 gentoo users.