..:::.. .:..::..:.. :...::...
  16:06 < drew3> Sauron21, Mdk dosen't do cli !!(-: :-)...  

18:36 < LiteHedded> how do you add apps to the kde menu? I knew this once but have since forgot. :)
18:36 < Redgore> menudrake
18:39 < LiteHedded> is menudrake a mandrake only thing?
18:39 < LiteHedded> sounds like it
18:40 <@Hawkwind> Yes
18:40 < ldb> ok
18:40 < LiteHedded> what about my friend on suse?
18:40 < LiteHedded> is there a universal way to do it on KDE?
18:40 <@Hawkwind> I couldn't tell ya, I don't use KDE
18:41 < LiteHedded> ah
NB: translation: Yep hes an intelligent one

23:01 < noobtesting> I am trying to fdisk a 2nd hard drive but I keep getting told "Unable to open hdb"
23:01 < noobtesting> anyone know why?
23:02 <@moonie> noobtesting, you sure the HD is ok?
23:03 < noobtesting> moonie: yes I am
23:03 < noobtesting> moonie: it is formatted in ntfs if that makes a difference
23:03 <@moonie> noobtesting, shouldn't, what tool are you using? (mcc, parted what)
23:04 < noobtesting> moonie: I am in the console rooted using fdisk
23:05 <@moonie> noobtesting, why not use mcc, works great from cli
23:05 < noobtesting> moonie: never tried it, will give it a whirl
NB: translation: So mandrake users instead of using the cl program opt for the shitty gui, wow how windows of them

10:23 < Osato> hello! i've winxp and suse at the moment but I'd like to try Mandrake! Will it be able to be installed without damaging the other OSs? will it update my GRUB? or will it recreate it? if yes, will it include my SuSe, too?
10:25 < SporcusPorcus> will it cure cancer anyone
10:25 < cbpye> random slackware user here, just saying that so far, I'm very impressed with Mandrake.
10:26 < SporcusPorcus> cbpye: you scare me
10:27 < cbpye> well, it is rather nice so far... I kinda miss having to configure xorg.conf by hand...
10:27 < cbpye> wait, no I don't...
10:28 < SporcusPorcus> cbpye: and how long have you used slackware
10:28 < cbpye> about a year.
10:28 < cbpye> maybe longer
10:29 < SporcusPorcus> maybe you don't even know how long your using something, anyways why the switch if you don't mind me asking?
10:29 < Osato> no idea about multiple boot??
10:30 < cbpye> not a switch or a multiple boot scenario here. I'm still using slack at home, I'm just trying a different desktop distro here at work.
10:30 < SporcusPorcus> i c
NB: translation: Yep idiots syndrome is spreading real fast and how the fuck can you be impressed by a pos. Did I mention X is so hard to configure takes me all of 1 second. As for Osato get a fucking clue dipshit.

11:42 < SporcusPorcus> Kriss: are they still trying to kline me
11:42 < zenwhen> kline?
11:42 < zenwhen> wow what did you do?
11:42 < zenwhen> yeah
11:43 < we2by> can I install kernel-smp for mdk 10.1 ?
11:43 < SporcusPorcus> i expressed my love and affection for myself
11:43 < LSD`> we2by: err, why would you want to?
11:43 < SporcusPorcus> he eh we2by um dunno
11:43 < we2by> LSD`, isn't it used if u have multi cpu?
11:44 < we2by> like a p4 with htt?
11:44 < LSD`> we2by: why not roll your own kernel instead of installing didgy shit from manrape?
11:44 < SporcusPorcus> ha ha
11:44 < tank__> lol
11:44 < we2by> roll my own kernel. u mean recompile it?
11:44 < we2by> :\
11:44 < LSD`> we2by: yeah, it's not hard
11:44 < we2by> I'm a newbie
11:44 < LSD`> and it'll probably work better than that manrape kernel
11:44 < tank__> yes just grab the latest from kernel.org
11:45 < kudzubane> we2by, mdk?
11:45 < LSD`> kudzubane: mandrake
11:45 < kudzubane> LSD`, ah
11:45 < SporcusPorcus> well considering how mandrake functions it might have many problems with a vanilla kernel
11:45 < we2by> yea, mdk
11:45 < we2by> ops, I'm in the wrong channel
11:46 < SporcusPorcus> :p
11:46 < tank__> phew, I thought I was in the wrong channel 11:47
-!- we2by [we2by@dc5146d009.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:47 < SporcusPorcus> tank__: these days who can tell
11:47 < tank__> lol
NB: translation: Ain't that the truth, I wonder when I will tell #slackware that many of the users in the room are mandrake users eh eh. Next up we will show we2by how to /part a channel and /quit an irc client

12:16 -!- swoon [~swoon@] has joined #mandrake
12:17 < swoon> hi
12:18 < swoon> good news from mandrakeclub, soon monthly subscriptions will be available...
12:19 * SporcusPorcus does not jump for joy
NB: translation: /me has good news I just save money by switching to geico

13:54 < N30M1k0> newbie w/ p3, 256k ram and 700mhz but mandrake is running very slow especially w/ openoffice. any suggestions? anyone know of unusual procs that may be slowing me down? any advice would help!
13:55 < illogic-al> N30M1k0, yes
13:55 < illogic-al> openoffice
13:57 < illogic-al> N30M1k0, I advise you get more ram
13:57 < N30M1k0> i use this business so i need some typ of software to do those things
13:57 < N30M1k0> agreed on ram
13:57 < illogic-al> N30M1k0, it's as fast as it's going to go if you're going to be using OO.o
13:58 < N30M1k0> is there something else you'd rec
13:58 < illogic-al> you can increase your swap space if it's < 512 mb
13:59 < N30M1k0> its worth a try
13:59 < illogic-al> and if you're using KDE or Gnome you can try switching to fluxbox
13:59 < illogic-al> or openbox
14:00 < illogic-al> or any of the other *boxes (window managers) out there
14:00 < HauntedUnix> and try not to use 256k of ram, that's really not alot ;)
14:02 < illogic-al> N30M1k0 agreed on ram :-)
14:03 < N30M1k0> whoa i just realized what i typed its 256 mb not k
14:03 < SporcusPorcus> 256 is alot of ram imho
14:03 < illogic-al> N30M1k0, lol
14:03 < illogic-al> SporcusPorcus, um. no.
14:04 < SporcusPorcus> ah ah um yes
14:04 < illogic-al> "alot" of ram is > 1 gig
14:04 < SporcusPorcus> 256 is a lot of ram
14:04 < illogic-al> a sufficient amount is 256 mb
14:05 < SporcusPorcus> i think he means 256 mb not k
14:05 < illogic-al> SporcusPorcus, that the minimum requirement for lots of apps nowadays so it isn't a lot by any stretch of the imagination
14:05 < SporcusPorcus> since no p3 would be shittping with 256kb
14:05 < SporcusPorcus> doh shipping
14:05 < illogic-al> lol
14:05 < HauntedUnix> SporcusPorcus: I said k.
14:05 < HauntedUnix> =)
14:06 < SporcusPorcus> so did he HauntedUnix
14:06 < HauntedUnix> ...
14:06 < HauntedUnix> nevermind
14:06 < HauntedUnix> AFK.
NB: translation: Manrape the ram homo, 256 mb of ram is damn sure alot of ram hell I know someone with 90 mb of ram that runs kde

22:07 < bobbyd> cannonball: I'm fine with configuring it, I had it all working under gentoo, the only problem is getting the driver installed. as I said it conficlts and doesn't work when I use --force
22:07 < cannonball> Yeah, the --allow-force was what you were missing.
22:07 < bobbyd> ok thanks
22:12 < bobbyd> is there an easy way to install the source for my current kernel?
22:13 < SporcusPorcus> from gentoo to mandrake huh
22:13 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: me? yup
22:13 < SporcusPorcus> and you didn't rtm
22:13 < SporcusPorcus> urpmi kernel-source
22:13 < skemmujarl> hi all.........whi is it so hard to get vlc to work on mandrake 10
22:13 < LiThiC> hi all
22:14 < SporcusPorcus> mandrake hard oxymoron
22:14 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: well that just gives me a list, how do i know which one was installed from the CD? (I didn't choose anything)
22:15 < SporcusPorcus> bobbyd: what kernel are you running
22:15 * SporcusPorcus plays a game
22:15 < Grangin_> you can tell what kernel you're running by typing uname -r
22:15 < bobbyd> ok I got it
22:16 < bobbyd> urpmi from the command line gave me the right options, I couldnt see it in the GUI app
22:16 < skemmujarl> im trying to run vlc on mandrake 1o rmp and it always whines about dependencies and nothing hapens
22:18 < bobbyd> about 4 years
22:18 < SubCool> no one?
22:18 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: but I'm tired, it's 3:20 in the morning :)
22:19 < bobbyd> SubCool: what errors do you get?
NB: translation: 4 years and he has no clue how to tell what kernel he is running and is going from gentoo to mandrake what the fuck is going on in the world.

22:20 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: how long have you been using linux? and why were you intersted?
22:21 < SporcusPorcus> 1 day was just curious
22:21 < bobbyd> you've been using it 1 day? :)
22:21 < cyborg> what services do i need to be running if i want to transfer files using scp ssh thing
22:22 < SporcusPorcus> either that or it was a blatant lie
22:22 < bobbyd> I choose the latter
22:22 < cyborg> I can ssh to my computer that works fine
22:22 < bobbyd> cyborg: sshd
22:22 < bobbyd> if you're running sshd then scp should work
22:22 < bobbyd> what happens?
22:23 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: were you suggesting I don't know what I'm doing?
22:23 < cyborg> i couldn't connect, im not really familar with the scp program but ill have another try
22:23 < bobbyd> SporcusPorcus: because that's a decent assesment
22:24 < bobbyd> cyborg: if you ssh like 'ssh you@yourbox' then you would scp like 'scp some_file you@yourbox:./'
22:25 < cyborg> yea the scp i downloading is a gui
22:25 < bobbyd> cyborg: try it from the command line, if that works then it's the config of your GUI tool
NB: translation: Damn what a fucking genius he can't even use ssh. As for bobbyd yeah I figured you had no clue a while ago, four years my ass.

19:06 -!- Symple [~us@] has joined #Mandrake
19:07 < Symple> in konqueror if i dont put www before the name of the site,konqueror doesnt go, and with mozilla theres no need to type www, anyway to put konqueror acting like mozilla ?
NB: translation: Yeah its called use firefox

19:18 -!- billytwowilly [~konversat@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #mandrake
19:19 < billytwowilly> hi guys, I have a slight problem with kdm. It won't log me in. in kde 3.3 it just accepts my password and then shows me the password entry screen again
NB: translation: Genius

00:44 < ASCIII> can a cdrw be made bootable?
NB: translation: Can your mother be a whore?

00:47 < yr_alex> the analyzer graph on xmms does not move when playing audio cd's- i've tried all that i know including uninstalling and reinstalling how do i fix it?
NB: translation: Damn ask a fucking smart question already

00:33 < rootbeer> I'm familiar with the command line "mount", however now I'm curious if Mandrake has something similar from a GUI?
NB: translation: Hes familiar with it as in he has no fucking clue how to use it

00:42 < mike> Ok can someone help me out on how to use kfloppy and kde
00:43 < DoppelGanger> um i don't use kde i just mount floppies the *nix way
00:43 < DoppelGanger> don't you guys just double click teh kde floppy icon
00:44 < mike> that is what I don't understand the kde floppy icon that I have is for unmount
00:44 < DoppelGanger> then mount the floppy using konsole
00:45 < DoppelGanger> mount /dev/fd0
00:45 < DoppelGanger> what distro is this
00:45 < mike> Ok I am using suse 9.1 pro and kde 3.2
00:46 < DoppelGanger> there should be a mount floppy icon thing, as i said previously i just use my termnial since i don't use kde
00:46 < DoppelGanger> i think my roommate hates me he epoxyed teh bathroom right after he bathed
00:47 < mike> ok if you are using konsole what are the steps to copy or move a file to a floppy disk
00:47 < loft> oh geez
00:48 < loft> 2 at once
00:48 < DoppelGanger> mike
00:48 < DoppelGanger> man copy
00:48 < DoppelGanger> well
00:48 < DoppelGanger> man cp actually
00:48 < DoppelGanger> man mv
00:48 < DoppelGanger> cp file name /mnt/floppy
00:48 < DoppelGanger> are you guys on day 1 of fake linux
00:49 < DoppelGanger> plus if i am not mistaken....
*(Long explanation of how to mount a floppy)*
00:51 < mike> no I am not a rookie I know some unix commands
00:51 < DoppelGanger> mike: you are a rookie, we know all the commands
00:52 < mike> Ok thanks
00:52 < loft> there are atleast what 7 ways to do everything in nix
NB: translation: ROOKIE

10:07 < kurna> how do i install tar.bz2?
10:09 < we2by> double click on it?
10:10 < kurna> ooppss yah. :))
10:10 < we2by> tar jxvf filename.tar.bz2
10:10 < kurna> sory! typo error :)
NB: translation: Thats some fucking hughe error, dumbass

22:00 < scifi> well, you might know what this is called that i'm trying to do. when I use Konqueor, I right click on a directory or file and select "Actions
22:01 < scifi> then "Create gzipped Archive"
22:01 < thoreauputic_> OK
22:01 < thoreauputic_> and?
22:01 < scifi> I want to add an option that only creates a "Create TAR Archive"
22:02 < scifi> How do I find the files to modify so that I can add the content to setup the "Create TAR Archive". I don't know what I 'm trying to do is called nor do I know where the files are.
22:03 < thoreauputic_> scifi: I see - possibly in kcontrol you can add options to context menus, but as I say, I'm mostly a fluxbox person
22:03 * SporcusPorcus has seen this feature in windows
22:03 < SporcusPorcus> oh thts right hes still using windows
22:04 < scifi> thoreauputic_: Okay, I'll try that. I've done it before but a very long time ago and I don't seem to have my notes around any more. Now if I had written it down on paper, I would still have it but I saved it on a hard drive.
NB: translation: Only windows users lose data and want right click compress menu options when they can't compress a file via cl.

08:26 -!- KleinerBengel [~Fabian@i3ED614A9.versanet.de] has joined #cl
08:26 < KleinerBengel> hello
08:27 < KleinerBengel> hello is college linux for teenager okay or its to hard??
08:32 < KleinerBengel> ??
08:42 < KleinerBengel> hello ??
10:16 -!- KleinerBengel [~Fabian@i3ED614A9.versanet.de] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.3/20040910]"]
11:22 < DoppelGanger> hmmm is cl for teenagers
NB: translation: WTF did he say after his retarded question?

18:24 < michel_v`> by the way, I'm unfamiliar with debian-based systems, should I install linux-686 or linux-image-686?
NB: translation: ubuntu does not equal debian no more than xandros or linspire is debian

12:26 < lev> i've just added a new user (useradd user); the new user can't play audio cdroms (but can mount data cds)
12:26 < lev> is this at all related to sudo or other default permissions?
12:27 < ogra> lev: sudo adduser "your new user" audio
12:27 < lev> ogra, thanks, I'll try that.
12:27 -!- SmokingFire [~christian@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
12:27 < deatheater> he added the user already why not just add the user to the audo group the smart way
12:27 < lev> deatheater, how would that be?
12:28 * ogra listens interested
12:28 < deatheater> oh i don'tknow gpasswd or usermod
12:28 < ThreeDayMonk> foo
12:28 < lev> deatheater, i've used both usermod and adduser for this type of thing -- what's the benefit?
12:28 < ThreeDayMonk> oops - I was typing in another window :-)
12:29 < deatheater> ones the smart way
12:29 < Phr0stByte> Computer > sys config > Users and Groups
12:29 < ogra> Phr0stByte: yay thats smart ;)
12:29 < Phr0stByte> lol
NB: translation: Yeah if your a FUCKING RETARD

12:37 < SuperLag> deatheater: you're not talking to a Linux newbie here, and I dare say you'd have EXACTLY the same issue.
12:37 < ThreeDayMonk> manuals are sparse, and often badly written
12:37 < deatheater> h aha
12:37 < deatheater> hmmm wonders why the man command
12:38 < ThreeDayMonk> the skills learned in getting linux to do something are not inherently useful or transferable skills
12:39 < SuperLag> ThreeDayMonk: yes, it is. It forces you to get to know your system, your hardware... and how to troubleshoot.
12:39 < SuperLag> ThreeDayMonk: among other things
12:39 < ogra> deatheater: ubuntu is more than rtfm: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/conduct
12:40 * deatheater is mroe facist
12:40 < SuperLag> ThreeDayMonk: if you don't want to edit a text file, you need to stop using Linux now. Seriously.
12:40 < deatheater> than commie
12:40 < ThreeDayMonk> SuperLag: I'm not talking about me
12:40 < SuperLag> Okay.
12:41 < ThreeDayMonk> but I despise l337 posturing that holds that editing a config file is a good thing. It's not
12:43 < SuperLag> ThreeDayMonk: it's not leet posturing. It's FACT_EVERYTHING_ in Linux is a file. That is NOT going to change. The ability to edit a text file is not good or bad. It's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. And the ability to do so does not make you any better or worse than anyone else. It just makes you a Linux user.
12:43 * ogra goes shopping now
12:43 < tuxx> How would I overcome that problem?
12:43 < ThreeDayMonk> SuperLag: I just feel that it should be the only way of doing so many things
12:43 < ogra> later....
12:43 < HauntedUnix> SuperLag: What else could it be?
12:43 * deatheater is doesn't even care about 1337 he eh
12:43 < ThreeDayMonk> *shouldn't be
12:43 < HauntedUnix> SuperLag: than a file?
12:44 < maney> SuperLag: that's not entirely true, unless you ignore Linux that's inside appliances
12:44 < SuperLag> ThreeDayMonk: there's an answer for that. A resolution. It's called "use a different OS"
12:44 * deatheater sees HauntedUnix
12:44 < HauntedUnix> Hey Dopple, whassup?
12:44 < ThreeDayMonk> SuperLag: why? everyone should use windows if they aren't cool enough for linux?
12:44 < stvn> SuperLag: I know quite some linux users who never ever going to touch a text file
12:45 < deatheater> he eh nada HauntedUnix
12:45 < deatheater> enjoying my handy work
12:45 < HauntedUnix> deatheater: you using ubuntu yet?
12:45 -!- Klowner_ [~klown@bob2.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
12:45 < stvn> ThreeDayMonk: if you want a tweaked system you need to be able to edit text files, just like you need to be able to mess around in regedit for windows, other than that modern distros work quite well for ppl who don't want to edit text files
12:45 < Kapputu> VPN connection terminated by peer, what does that mean ?
12:45 < deatheater> HauntedUnix: hell no
NB: translation: Ladies and gentlemen, my new best friends ubuntu users. Oh yeah lots of mandrake users in this channel as well fucktards.

09:44 < supergear> i don't care about anyone else but me
09:44 < deatheater> me neither
09:45 < deatheater> tht being said
09:45 < deatheater> i think i lost my penis
09:45 -!- mode/#slackware [+o phrag] by nixor
09:45 -!- mode/#slackware [+q deatheater!*@*] by phrag
09:45 < Riddick> or GO GO Gadget schlong
09:45 < Riddick> :P
09:45 <@phrag> supergear: anything to add ?
09:45 < deatheater> i love you
09:45 < supergear> wasn't going to add anything to that comment
09:45 < deatheater> damn silence can be fun
09:45 < Riddick> i would like to add that i am hungry.. :)
09:46 < nachox> heh, me too
NB: translation: How to get banned in less than 10 secs when you join #slackware, one of the new mandrake users room.

21:38 < DoppelGanger> what distro is this
21:39 < ys> it's ubuntu. i'm told it debian based.
21:39 < Captain_Integral> somewhat
21:39 < Captain_Integral> a modified debian unstable i believe
21:40 < beth> right
21:40 < ys> It's stable.
21:41 < ys> http://opensource.weblogsinc.com/entry/5833952305227141/
21:41 < Captain_Integral> debian unstable isnt that unstable
21:41 < Captain_Integral> and thats what it is modified to be
21:42 * DoppelGanger has never installed ubuntu so i have no clue if it asked you if you wanted a firewall during install
NB: translation: Fucking Vacant thts the only way I could describe this guy.

Landus> What the hell
Landus> My sound icon on the toolbar says the sound isn't working
Landus> But according to XMMS, that's wrong
NB: translation: I think this one speaks for itself

slashy> help me boot correctly
loft306> what boot loader r u using?
slashy> and make the white screen go away
slashy> idunno
loft306> lol.......
NB: translation: /me decides to help, um turn on the computer eh eh

thatfunkymunki reboot
thatfunkymunki shit
thatfunkymunki wrong box
thatfunkymunki sorry
* thatfunkymunki has quit (Remote closed the connection)
NB: translation: hopeless

19:52 < surreal_r> what is the command to switch to the graphical interface in linux?
19:52 < surreal_r> I've tried so many commands but nothing worked out
19:52 < surreal_r> and yes, I"ve used google, I'm just a linux virgin :]
19:59 -!- You're now known as pezzer
19:59 < pezzer> surreal_r: read the fucking manual
19:59 < pezzer> type startx
19:59 < pezzer> to start gui
20:00 < pezzer> and google
NB: translation: How to effectively answer questions

19:46 -!- DAVE933 [~DAVE@h210n2fls31o927.telia.com] has joined #linuxbeginner
19:52 < DAVE933> Loaded mandrake 10. when X kicks in, white out. Would like to change XF86COnfig-4. In read only mode. Change to SU... no help. Help
19:56 < loft306> dunno
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> wf
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> wtf
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> DAVE933: what exact version of mdk
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> 2
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> did you type "su" or "SU"
19:59 <+DoppelGanger> 3
20:00 < loft306> Su
20:00 <+DoppelGanger> um mdk uses xrog now
20:00 < loft306> :P
20:00 <+DoppelGanger> especially since 10
20:05 < DAVE933> 10
20:05 < DAVE933> DG
20:06 <+DoppelGanger> wtf is df
20:06 <+DoppelGanger> dg
20:06 <+DoppelGanger> did you set a root password
20:06 <+DoppelGanger> did you add a user
20:07 < DAVE933> yes to user
20:07 <+DoppelGanger> um you were told to set one during install
20:07 <+DoppelGanger> why did you skip that step
20:07 < DAVE933> there was that option
20:07 < DAVE933> not paranoid
20:07 < DAVE933> guess I should be
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> good job windows user mentality
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> in a vc
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> virtual console
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> type
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> root
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> then hit enter
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> then at password prompt
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> hit enter again
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> and pray tha tworks
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> other wise you screwed
20:08 <+DoppelGanger> if you su as user and hit enter when it prompts for password it should have logged you in
20:11 < DAVE933> thanks. Try not to Windowize everyone that is trying to get to liux the long way around. Some of us are not fortunate to start off as geeks... we learn from our mistakes... that's why we're here
NB: translation: I thought he was here to make it into my n00b quotes, my mistake :-)

sdousley is there a way to open a terminal as root user?
loft306 lol
loft306 open a terminal thes type su - root
loft306 then do the root passwd
loft306 thes
loft306 then
sdousley yeh, i know bout suy
sdousley su*
loft306 smacks sdousley
NB: translation: nice to see stupidity is infectious