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  640K ought to be enough for anybody said Bill Gates in 1981.  

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08:28 < iftrouble> can anyone plz tell me what /var/log/news/news.crit is? do i
need this file? do i need at all the directory
NB: translation: We apologize for the inconvenience but God has left the building

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13:47 < Sooky1smooth> Are you guys running linux ?
13:48 < Sooky1smooth> is anyone here talking?
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NB: translation: No I am running my computer

SagerGrantski> Internet Downstream: 204.75KB/s / Upstream: 10089.88KB/s
SagerGrantski> :)
cvncpu> wtf
cvncpu> 10Mb up?
SagerGrantski> nice huh
SagerGrantski> umm
SagerGrantski> no
SagerGrantski> 100MB ..........
NB: translation: +stormrider> Last time I checked 10,000KB was about 10MB, not 100....

19:50 < jeff_> ok how do i mount an .iso file
19:52 < knapjack> jeff_: Something like 'modprobe loop && mount -o loop -t iso9660 some.iso somemountpoint'
NB: translation: WTF

19:52 < the_grey_ghost> MPEG support? How do I play MPEG movies on UBUNTU. NO program has worked for me yet!
NB: translation: hit the play button

20:06 < Linux-Addict> how do I rerize my partition?
20:07 < NeoSadist> Linux-Addict, which one?
20:07 < Linux-Addict> /home
20:07 < Linux-Addict> I want to try netBSD and I like to make room for it
20:07 < NeoSadist> me, i prefer using a tool to do that, which usually means that you have to use either a cd with it, or a live cd with it. mandrake 10.1 can resize partitions (cd #1), i use it from time to time, but i just don't install
20:08 < Linux-Addict> NeoSadist: you mean just start mdk installation and resize my partition?
20:08 < DoppelGanger> he eh
20:08 < NeoSadist> Linux-Addict, i've done it before, yeah, or a live cd with it
20:08 < Linux-Addict> NeoSadist: what tool is it called?
20:09 < sladegen> its qtparted i think.
20:09 < NeoSadist> Linux-Addict, uh, i think it's qtparted, but i don't really know
NB: translation: Mwa ha ah STUPID

20:48 < blizah> are tgz, deb, and rpm all diff package types?
NB: translation: No they are different types of condoms

20:51 < binomial> i know what driver i'm supposed to install my ethernet card, i just need help with what to put where.
NB: translation: penis to ass 00----- ( Y )

l-306> so vs_zach put that in /etc/modules
vs_zach> wait
vs_zach> where is it to begin with
adrenaline> in etc do yo have a rc5.d or anything like that
l-306> OMG WTF?
vs_zach> what
vs_zach> where is wavelan_cs
* l-306 smacks someone
vs_zach> so i can copy it to /etc/modules
l-306> edit the file /etc/modules
* vs_zach got smacked
vs_zach> ohhh
l-306> and type wavelan_cs in that file
* adrenaline ducks
adrenaline> lol
l-306> one thing per line
NB: translation: How windows can make you stupid

11:31 < hannne> heyas,would anyone mind answering a few questions for me?
11:37 < hannne> would anyone prefer gentoo to mandrake or which flavour of linux would they prefer?
NB: translation: um pistachio

Chaz> bah. I'm tired of playing with my l`il Linux server for now, which means I probly won't come back to it for a month or so. Sooo.. *downloads Fedora to test if it makes a good desktop*
nostagielemew> oh
nostagielemew> knew there was a catch
CLucas916> who said suse was hard to install
loft> lol Chaz
CLucas916> lol omg Chaz
NB: Translation: *i got something fast and easy to install, a dildo*
Chaz> ?
Chaz> Wheres the funny?
CLucas916> i unno
adrenaline> Chaz don't waste your time with Fedora
Chaz> (Why do they have 4 CDs with no netinstall?)
Chaz> Someone suggest a good desktop. Do not suggest Debian, it does horrible bad things to me every time I look at it. Do not suggest Gentoo, it takes too much time for a desktop. I want something that installs nice`n`easy.
Chaz> I'll explain the merits of not being TOO Linux-zealous when I get Windows working again :P
l-306> haha
NB: translation: I would like to reintroduce my previous suggestion of a dildo, installs nice n' easy

Chaz> Agh. Why does Knoppix not have a GOOD text editor? How the hell do I use vi? O.o
Chaz> VI blows up random 3rd-world countries when you hit buttons.
NB: translation: Signs of Constant assholeism

21:49 < dazed_> zenrox: how do i enable my nvidia driver...and/or get my nvidia driver
21:50 < dazed_> do i dl standard windows nvidia drivers?
21:50 < DoppelGanger> gives dazed_ genius award
21:50 < zenrox> dazed_, read www.ubuntuguide.org for nvidia driver install
21:50 < dazed_> thanks DoppleGanger...cant all be such a wizz as you ^-
21:51 < dazed_> btw what is a doppleganger...a human overlay after one goes back in time?
21:51 < DoppelGanger> dazed_: google
NB: translation: thats right bitches, ask a stupid question, win a great prize. IDIOT

13:58 < khermans> is there System Restore in Ubuntu? lol...I want to go back to previous version of xorg since it b0rked my sys
NB: translation: Yeah check in the control panel

vs_zach> im really mad that debian sarge doesnt support SATA hard drives
* vs_zach cries
WaterSoul> valan: we're already 1/4325534 the speed of IMB Power5
stormrider> vs_zach: Thats a kernel thing not a distro thing.
vs_zach> i know
valan> heh
stormrider> No you don't...
vs_zach> ...but somone said that gentoo does
vs_zach> yes i d
vs_zach> o
stormrider> If you know it does, then why did you just say it doesn't?
NB: translation: S.T.U.P.I.D.

vs_zach> grub is messed up
stormrider> vs_zach: How so?
vs_zach> i took out a hard drive cuz it kept getting hot and i smelled smoke...turned out that someone before me duct taped it and there was sticky stuff on it
fizo142> i tried before and it didnt work
vs_zach> but when i put it in again
fizo142> trying laning tron with three comps on router
fizo142> couldnt see game
vs_zach> it when i try to boot it says grub error 21
sdousley> i have had a hard drive sparking onto the case before :s
vs_zach> ...and now i cant even boot off a cd for some reason
stormrider> vs_zach: Does the drive still have the data on it?
sdousley> that's hen i decided i didn't give a shit about shutdon, jus pulled the power!!
fizo142> worse thing I have got was removable mobo tray sliding out a little
vs_zach> i dont know
vs_zach> i cant tell
vs_zach> ive had worse
fizo142> do I have to do something special for linux computers to see each other?
stormrider> Well if it smelled smokey, and wouldn't work after you put it back in, its probably dead.
fizo142> not special, I mean something diffrent then the world of windwos
vs_zach> my fan for my video card like flew off and snapped my ram
* vs_zach was overclocking it
vs_zach> lol
fizo142> now can that vid card be responsible for the ram and card??
vs_zach> storm
vs_zach> what doesnt explain me not being able to boot off a cd
vs_zach> ....i tried to reinstall it
vs_zach> debian
vs_zach> and it didnt boot off the net install cd i had
stormrider> vs_zach: Grub doesn't explain you not being able to boot off of a cd either.
NB: Translation: Confusion: When noobs attack,

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12:48 < dave0> hello
12:49 < dave0> I lost my alsa lol
12:49 < dave0> anyone here ???
12:51 < dave0> ??? ??? ??? ???
12:52 < dave0> Elmo'
12:52 < Elmo`> That's My Name Don't wear it out
12:52 < dave0> Elmo'
12:52 < Elmo`> That's My Name Don't wear it out
12:52 < dave0> Elmo'
12:52 < Elmo`> That's My Name Don't wear it out
12:53 < dave0> Elmo'
12:53 < Elmo`> That's My Name Don't wear it out
12:53 < dave0> Elmo'
12:53 < dave0> Elmo'
12:53 < Elmo`> That's My Name Don't wear it out
12:53 < dave0> goodbyre
12:53 < dave0> bye
12:57 -!- dave0 [~cannon_fa@cpc2-lewi1-3-0-cust70.brom.cable.ntl.com] has quit []
NB: translation: I didn't know you could lose your alsa, and stop talking to the damn bot you idiot

06:45 < HiBread> hi.. i was wondering. i have centos installed (a redhat derivative). where is the program that lets me add programs using RPM?
07:08 < HiBread> anyone about?
07:08 < HiBread> also what is ment by edit your X config file as appropriate
07:08 < HiBread> Type "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7167-pkg1.run" to install the driver, then edit your X config file as appropriate. If you are using a Linux 2.6 based system, type "modprobe -q agpgart", first. See the text README for more detailed instructions.
NB: translation: Dear God another hopeless idiot, rpm -ivh anyone

11:31 < MatriXica> hello
11:34 < DoppleGanger> yallo MatriXica
11:34 < MatriXica> anyone can help me with an shell ?
11:34 < MatriXica> i need one
11:35 < DoppleGanger> you want to open a shell account
11:35 < DoppleGanger> ?
11:35 < MatriXica> i want
11:35 < MatriXica> one
11:36 < DoppleGanger> MatriXica: what the fuck does this have to do with college linux
11:36 < MatriXica> i dont know
11:36 < MatriXica> sorry then
11:36 < MatriXica> i only asked
11:36 < DoppleGanger> yeah get um read the topic
11:36 < DoppleGanger> get lost
11:36 < DoppleGanger> go google
NB: translation: Just Fuck Off

14:18 < dts> what does purge do in apt-get? does it pretend a package is insterted?
14:20 < DoppelGanger> dts: your funny
NB: translation: Purge: To systematically and permanently remove old and unneeded data. The term purge is stronger than delete. It is often possible to regain deleted objects by undeleting them, but purged objects are gone forever. WTF

LFWEB313> guys how do i get gcc?
sether> LFWEB313: what distro
LFWEB313> i was told that i need it to install software
Dachnaz> Open up your favorite package manager.
Dachnaz> What DE are you using?
LFWEB313> like the Terminal?
kojak> urpmi
LFWEB313> where do i access that?
KodeKrash kojak
stormrider> Thats not an FC3 thing, kojak
kojak> i know
LFWEB313> thats what i thought
stormrider> Then why'd you say it?
kojak> it was an example
LFWEB313> the Terminal?
Dachnaz> LFWEB313: Check your taskbar. There should be a package manager.
sether> hm
stormrider> Usually when its an example, you don't just say 1 word. You say something like "A package manager is a program that automates the process of package installation, such as Mandrake's urpmi" Thats why I was confused and thought you thought it was part of FC3
LFWEB313> hmm
kojak> i wasnt gonna write an essay on it'
NB: translation: ah n00b stupidity

Dachnaz> cvncpu: do you know where the emerge log file is located?
sether> um, cvncpu doesnt use gentoo
Dachnaz> does _anyone?_
Dachnaz> :\
Dachnaz> >google emerge log
TurklugBot> Dachnaz: Search took 0.187299 seconds: freshmeat.net: Project details for genlop: ; 1100760590: Started emerge on: Nov 18, 2004 07:49:50 1100760590 ...: ; TIP: bittorrent gui fails after xorg upgrade: ; TIP Watch emerge progress - Gentoo Linux Wiki: (1 more message)
sether> you want to know how many emerges are going Dachnaz ?
sether> Dachnaz: ps aux | grep emerg
NB: translation: /var/log You fucking idiots