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  Windows NT - Insert wallet into Drive A: and press any key to empty  

14:11 -!- linuxnoob [~knoppix@user-11fa9uh.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #linuxbeginner
linuxnoob> help !, quick quesiton, thers a command for repairing a partion table in linux, what is it ? (It will scan the Physical HD, and rebuild the partions that were set on it)
14:22 -!- linuxnoob [~knoppix@user-11fa9uh.dsl.mindspring.com] has left #linuxbeginner ["Leaving"]
NB: Translation: uhuh, damn I am elite he he

14:20 < neighborlee> is there no way that synaptic can 'enable' the 3d nvidia driver in the GUI instead of requiring a 'drop-to-shell' to get it done ???
NB: translation: there sure is www.microsoft.com

16:47 -!- Lumens7x [~montyd@c-67-166-196-24.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #cl
16:48 < Lumens7x> hi - I'm trying Linux, via the ubuntu live cd. I'd like to see my Windows98 C: drive. How?
16:56 < DoppleGanger> um excuse me Lumens7x
16:56 < DoppleGanger> wht is the topic of this channel
16:56 < DoppleGanger> and if you did read it did you read teh smart questions link
16:56 < DoppleGanger> and if so did you look at the google picture
16:57 < DoppleGanger> and last but not least
16:57 < Lumens7x> DoppleGanger: sorry, bye.
16:57 < DoppleGanger> OUT
16:57 -!- Lumens7x [~montyd@c-67-166-196-24.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has left #cl ["Leaving"]
NB: translation: Never enter a slackware channel and ask a fucking fake debian distro question

loft306 Superoz: did u reboot since the install
Superoz umm no i have not
loft306 lol......that seems to fix this sometimes
loft306 so i sugest that u do that first
Superoz ok let me try
loft306 and pull the cd if it is still in

22:07 < agentdunken> im using fedor core 3 x86_64
22:03 < Nihilanth> can you help me with grub
22:03 < Nihilanth> first off, when i boot up, grub looks totally fuckered.
22:04 < Nihilanth> the whole screen
22:04 < Nihilanth> does
22:05 < Nihilanth> sether: and then it doesnt give me the option to boot windows. just boots gentoo
22:05 < sether> um. dude, calm down.
22:05 * not_you tries to figure out which fsckin' flash port actually works with the fbsd native firefox
22:05 < Nihilanth> and then gentoo doesnt have the intenret working
22:05 < tr4kkk3r> I love how hardware manufctrs ignore linux
22:05 < Nihilanth> Me?
22:05 < sether> Nihilanth: no, agentdunken.
22:06 < agentdunken> so how do i get it to install it
22:06 < sether> Nihilanth: i don't know how to boot windows with GrUB or LILO, you'll need to google it.
22:06 < sether> sorry
22:06 < agentdunken> do i need to take out the old firefox?
22:06 < agentdunken> like unstall the old one before i put in the new one
22:07 < Nihilanth> sether:thats fine.
22:07 < sether> agentdunken: Which distribution of GNU/Linux are you using?
22:07 < Nihilanth> sether:You think you can explain why the screens all fsckered? theN?
22:07 < agentdunken> im using fedor core 3 x86_64
22:07 < not_you> rootnoverify (hd0,0)
22:07 < not_you> chainloader +1
22:07 < sether> Nihilanth: i don't know, i've never had that happen.
22:07 < not_you> boot
22:07 < daneleyweetle> this is too funny
22:07 < not_you> winblows grub boot
22:08 < Nihilanth> huh?
22:08 < agentdunken> but yeah thats the disrto im using
22:09 < sether> agentdunken: you might want to consider upgrading firefox through yum, if yum supports it.
22:09 < agentdunken> whats yum?
22:09 * daneleyweetle dies
22:09 < sether> why'd you die daneleyweetle?
22:09 < sether> why'd you die daneleyweetle?
22:09 < agentdunken> YAY
22:09 < agentdunken> I GOT IT
22:10 < agentdunken> I INSTALLED IT
22:10 < sether> great.
22:10 < agentdunken> lol i was installing thew wrong one
22:10 < agentdunken> i was installing the -bin insted of the firefox_installer
22:11 < agentdunken> ok now why wont it open
22:11 < agentdunken> the firefox thing keeps on jumping but then it stops
22:11 < agentdunken> and when i go to konsole and type in firefox 1.0 comes uyp
22:12 < sether> agentdunken: /path/to/installed/firefox-1.0.3/binary
22:12 < agentdunken> whats that?
22:13 < sether> i don't know where you installed it. so use the full path to where you installed ff-1.0.3 to start it
22:13 < agentdunken> in my home
22:14 < sether> ok.
22:16 < agentdunken> how do i unstall things
22:16 < sether> what do you want to uninstall?
22:16 < sether> ff-1.0 ?
NB: Translation: And Now the monkey will will invent the wheel

22:17 < agentdunken> yea
22:17 < sether> you can probably do that through yum. try "yum remove firefox"
22:17 < agentdunken> ok
22:17 < sether> i don't know yum though, so that prolly won't work.
22:18 < sether> "man yum" to find the right command.
22:19 < agentdunken> its dead now lol
22:20 < agentdunken> ok how do i install 1.0.3 from my home dir since i installed it there
NB: Translation: And now the monkey will fail at inventing the wheel

Nihilanth> Is there a non-gui bittorrent client?
loft306> yup
Nihilanth> What is it?
SagerGrantski> where ya get this
loft306> let me look
Nihilanth> Ok, thanks.
loft306> but alot of them con be run in eitheur gui or cli
Nihilanth> Can the standard BT be ran in ..
stormrider> Nihilanth: Yes
Nihilanth> Er, not gui.
Nihilanth> Ok, then nevermind.
stormrider> btdownloadcurses.py
kojak> what distro loft306
Nihilanth> Yea yea..
SagerGrantski> loft306, is this depclean very safe to run?
SagerGrantski> or does it ask a lotta q's
Nihilanth> Is curses what its called?
* stormrider says look up Nihilanth
loft306> SagerGrantski: well.... it can be hairy to run
Nihilanth> Erm, What?
SagerGrantski> ahh ok
Nihilanth> Look it up?
loft306> but emerge -a --depclean
Nihilanth> Is curses what its called?
stormrider> Look up for the answer to that
NB: translation: I can't read, 'nuff said

15:40 < Zzzippo> going crazy trying to figure out how to install wireless drivers in mandrake 9.1
15:41 < Zzzippo> linksys wpc11 2.5
15:45 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: have you ever made sense
15:46 < Zzzippo> ?thats the first thing ive ever said in this room
15:46 <+DoppelGanger> so i take that as a no
15:46 <+DoppelGanger> since this is a channel not a room
15:47 < Zzzippo> well whatever
15:48 < Zzzippo> I'm trying to install the drivers which I downloaded from the Linksys site. I untared them and burnt them to cd
15:48 < Zzzippo> placed CD in laptop but the readme file does not make sense
15:49 < Zzzippo> says to run 'make config' which i cannot find anywhere
15:50 < Zzzippo> 1st time install of linux...thought i could get help here
15:51 < Zzzippo> need to build Prism 2.x pcmcia services but havent a clue where to start
To build linux-wlan-ng you will need: - Configured kernel source code for the kernel you are running. Ideally, this will be the resulting tree after building your own kernel. Configured means that you have at least run 'make config', 'make menuconfig', or 'make xconfig'. If you are trying to build linux-wlan-ng for a previously existing kernel binary (one you did not build yourself), look for help on the mailing lists because it can be tricky. I always run against kernels I've built myself, so I'm not much help in this area.
15:51 <+DoppelGanger> notice the part kernel source code
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> thth being siad
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> said
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: did you miss this art
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> part
Build Instructions:
NOTE: You may not need to build at all. Check the linux-wlan ftp site for binary packages built by AVS. At the time of this writing the following targets were supported: RedHat 7.1 RedHat 7.2 Mandrake 8.1
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> which means its in the kernel already
15:52 <+DoppelGanger> you just need to modprobe the orinoco driver for it adn prism driver
15:53 < Zzzippo> yes thats basicly what my readme says in my files (downloaded from linksys)
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> use your mandrake network set up thing
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> yes no kidding
15:53 < Zzzippo> ok but how do i do that
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> http://linux.oldcrank.com/tips/wpc11/
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> do what configure networking in mandrake
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> and lod the module
15:53 <+DoppelGanger> to load moduledo modprobe module name
15:54 <+DoppelGanger> use google to find the module name though i did tell you one of the module names
15:54 < Zzzippo> i go to networking it still does not see the wpc11 card
15:54 <+DoppelGanger> um
15:54 <+DoppelGanger> you have to modprobe as root
15:54 < Zzzippo> dude this the first time ive installed linux your speaking absolute greek to me
15:55 < Zzzippo> i dont know how to use comand line at all...just run the little aps with icons
15:56 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: try ##mandriva
15:56 <+DoppelGanger> thts the new name of your distro
15:56 < Zzzippo> im there aalready
15:57 <+DoppelGanger> then check the topic on how to run your system
15:57 < Zzzippo> they said goto the beginners chat
15:57 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: they lied to you
15:57 <+DoppelGanger> specific changes made to the linux kernel by mandrake
15:57 <+DoppelGanger> is not our domain
15:57 <+DoppelGanger> changes made by mandrake are the sole responsability of the mandrake community
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> http://linux.oldcrank.com/tips/wpc11/
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> this page tells you how to set up everything
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> just follow it
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> its as simple as open a term
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> type su
15:58 < Zzzippo> well why cant i simply pop this driver disk in and whack an install util and be done with it?
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> enter root password
15:58 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: this isn't windows
15:59 <+DoppelGanger> after you enter your root password: do modprobe orinoco_cs orinoco hermes
15:59 < Zzzippo> it should be as easy to configure as windows
15:59 <+DoppelGanger> Zzzippo: congratulations
15:59 < Zzzippo> shouldnt need masters dgreen in programing just to get things to work
16:01 <+DoppelGanger> no but common sense would be nice
16:02 < Zzzippo> that just brings me back to the root prompt
16:03 < Zzzippo> is all software...like blender going to be as hard to install as hardware drivers?
16:05 < Zzzippo> those instructions are great but still assuming I know more about what I am doing than what I do
16:06 Ignoring ALL from Zzzippo
16:07 -!- Irssi: Unignored Zzzippo
16:07 < Zzzippo> card "Instant Wireless Network PC Card"
16:07 < Zzzippo> manfid 0x0274, 0x1612 #substitute your addresses from step 1 here
16:07 < Zzzippo> bind "orinoco_cs"
16:08 <+DoppelGanger> for the 100th time after you modprobe run your mandrake network configuration gui program
16:08 < Zzzippo> I dont know what my favorite editor is or where to find it
16:08 <+DoppelGanger> mand drake control cneter or whatever its called
16:08 <+DoppelGanger> goddamn
16:08 < Zzzippo> i did that mod probe thing...nothing happened
16:09 * DoppelGanger decides to just ignore
16:09 < Zzzippo> nevermind ill wait for someone whos willing to put things in laymans terms
16:10 < Zzzippo> thanks for trying but your only confusing me
16:12 < Zzzippo> if you were willing to sit down and walk me through it step by step would be nice.....but i dont understand what modprob is...i loged as root in konsol typed in modprobe orinoco_cs orinoco hermes and nothing happened
16:14 < Zzzippo> The "Red Hat Gui" install is more Like what I am looking for
16:14 < Zzzippo> its in those instructions you linked to
2 Hours Later
18:04 < Zzzippo> Linux looks nice and very wonderful yet still not useable for non CS gurus......cant get wireless nic card to work i give up.
18:05 < Zzzippo> very easy to install my wired network card works.... but i have no wires
18:06 <+DoppelGanger> ha ha
18:06 * DoppelGanger adds tht again to his just updated quotes
18:06 < Zzzippo> why dosnt it see the wireless card same as the wired card
18:07 <+DoppelGanger> cry
18:07 < Zzzippo> dopple i appreciate you seeming to help....but we both know you werent helping
18:07 < Zzzippo> you were just being an ass
18:08 <+DoppelGanger> mwa ha ha
18:08 <+DoppelGanger> it gets better
18:08 < Zzzippo> if someone can explain how to install linsys wpc11 drivers into mandrake pm me
Ah yes a moment of terror
18:09 * DoppelGanger shows Zzzippo how its done, tab completion i say
18:09 < Zzzippo> dude i draw stuff and need to switch to free license stuff
18:09 < Zzzippo> so i need to get this working
18:10 < Zzzippo> i am not a coder or hacker or scripter
18:10 < Zzzippo> i just want a free os that is better than windows
18:10 <+DoppelGanger> dude if you modprobed the drivers adn ran the damn gui mandrake network config as root it would work
18:10 <+DoppelGanger> but since you like windows behaviour i suggest you go read the mandrake docs or install ubuntu
18:11 <+DoppelGanger> either way i am done helping
Lets just say he continued talking until i Permanently /ig him
NB: Translation: /ig Zzzippo

10:40 < petrisi> hey, how do I go to multi-user mode from single-user mode?
10:41 < uV> kill unwanted users
NB: translation: Yep smart boy