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  Have you crashed your Windows today?  

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21:34 <+N3mis|s> but it doesnt install
21:34 <@adam1> no
21:34 <+N3mis|s> it boots it up tho
21:34 <@adam1> you have to do the install by hand
21:34 <@adam1> here
21:34 <@adam1> give this a shot
21:34 <+N3mis|s> ok
21:34 <@adam1> !google VidaLinux
21:34 <@optimous> http://desktop.vidalinux.com/
21:34 <+N3mis|s> WZsp
21:34 <@adam1> Download taht
21:34 <@adam1> that*
21:34 <+N3mis|s> ive got that already ;P
21:34 <@adam1> it's a Linux distro based on Gentoo but with a Gui installer.
21:34 <+N3mis|s> letme get it
21:36 < RogueDopple> ewwwwwwwwwwwww
21:36 < RogueDopple> the infection is spreading
21:36 <@adam1> ??
21:37 <+sean0hh> wtf
21:37 <@UniMatrix> too bad there's no cure ;]
21:37 < RogueDopple> thts one way of saying install it the way the distro was meant to
21:37 <@adam1> hehe UniMatrix why would you want the infection of windows to come back?
21:37 <@adam1> bnrb
21:40 <+N3mis|s> ok restarting
21:41 <+N3mis|s> i want graphical mode right?
21:41 <@radr> sure
21:41 <@radr> for ease yes
21:41 <@radr> i like my non GUI install
21:41 <@radr> makes me feel smart n shit
21:41 <+N3mis|s> gHg t
21:41 <+N3mis|s> ok its running something called anaconda
21:42 <@radr> this should be easy for you from there
21:42 <@radr> [Memory] ram: 174M Used, 756M Total (77% Free, 39M Buffered, 428M Cached) :: swap: 9M Used, 518M Total (98% Free)
21:42 <+N3mis|s> shit it stopped
21:42 <@radr> host[ballbreaker.perl-divin.kicks-ass.org] os[Linux 2.6.12-rc2-nitro1 - RadR Linux 0.5a] cpu[AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+, 1540.266 MHz (3047.42 bogomips)] up[ 17 days, 23 hours, 05 minutes]
21:42 <+N3mis|s> wants me to reboot
21:42 <@radr> xserver[ X.org 6.8.2] video[nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev 161). at 1600x1200 (24 bits)] ethernet[Intel Corporation 82557/8/9 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev 8).] eth0[in: 1330.16 MB, out: 2932.05 MB] sound[Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 7).]
21:43 < RogueDopple> wht an umimpressive system
21:43 < RogueDopple> inimpressive*
21:43 < RogueDopple> fuck
21:43 < RogueDopple> un
21:44 <@radr> mine?
21:44 < RogueDopple> yes
21:44 <@radr> yes you are right
21:44 <+N3mis|s> manual partition with druid?
21:44 <@radr> but i got the rest of the cluster to back me up
21:44 <@radr> N3mis|s:: disk druid or cfdisk yes
21:44 <+N3mis|s> if i use druid it wont fuck my xp partition right
21:45 < RogueDopple> it gets better
21:45 <@radr> it shouldnt unless you chose to overwrite it
21:45 <@adam1> N3mis|s:: druid is a GUI version of Fdisk.
21:45 <+N3mis|s> ok
21:45 <@adam1> it'll look like Partition magic
21:45 <@radr> i prefer cfdisk to ddriud but both work well
21:45 <@adam1> same here I prefer Cfdisk v21:46 <+N3mis|s> iok
21:46 <+N3mis|s> i have a hda1
21:46 < RogueDopple> hmm druid huh, might as well install manrape
21:46 <+N3mis|s> which is the xp i think
21:46 <+N3mis|s> then the other side says free
21:46 -!- adam1 changed the topic of #run-yer-linux to: Welcome to .:|#Run-Yer-Linux|:. Don't message ops unless channel is set to +m (muted for voice) All support is delt in the channel.
21:46 <+N3mis|s> im clicking the one that says free
21:46 <@radr> RogueDopple:: anaconda is redhat installer. but very close to mandrake tools
21:46 < RogueDopple> radr: i know
21:47 <@radr> mandrake shit is based from anaconda
21:47 < RogueDopple> hence the manrape
21:47 <@radr> i heard that
21:47 <@radr> mdk/mandriva = poo to me
21:47 < RogueDopple> might as well run tht if hes gonna install gentoo tht wway
21:47 <@radr> ill stick to slack and gentoo based shit
21:48 <@radr> not necessarily true on that install routine. it takes the pain out of gentoo install but gives you the power of portage at yer finger tips
21:48 < RogueDopple> ha ah
21:48 <@radr> i installed this from vidalinux cd.. but not much is left that is vidalinux.
21:48 <@radr> hehe
21:48 <+N3mis|s> damnadam
21:48 <@radr> its not exactly gentoo anymore either
21:48 <+N3mis|s> wass that topic for me
21:48 <+N3mis|s> you focka
21:48 <+N3mis|s> gHg t
21:49 < RogueDopple> wow
21:49 < RogueDopple> has the face of linux users changed this much
21:49 < RogueDopple> what ever happen to enjoying the pain of installation
21:49 <@radr> i prefer the old world install methods still
21:49 < RogueDopple> figuring stuff out on your own
21:49 <+N3mis|s> i dont havetime for that right now
21:49 <@radr> i dont like all the handholding that most windows users are used to
21:49 <+N3mis|s> i got other shiot to do
21:49 < RogueDopple> ha ha
21:49 <+N3mis|s> :x
21:49 <+N3mis|s> Laughing Out Loud
21:50 < RogueDopple> radr: you are still a windows users
21:50 < RogueDopple> user
21:50 < RogueDopple> as long as you install your distro through the use of
21:50 <@radr> RogueDopple:: i got a couple winboxxen here.. they are my gaming machines.
21:50 < RogueDopple> fake installers
21:50 <@radr> 14 of 16 are linux
21:50 < RogueDopple> um thts pretty unimpressive
21:50 <@radr> heh
21:51 <@radr> yes and no. i dont try to run competitions here
21:51 <+N3mis|s> i never claimed to be a linux installer
21:51 <+N3mis|s> i always ask questions
21:51 <@radr> but i tell you what.. chicks dig it when i ask em if they wanna take a close look at my 'cluster'
21:52 < RogueDopple> oh dear god
21:53 <@radr> hehe
21:53 <@radr> even my wife runs linux.
21:56 * RogueDopple slaps the channel with a ctcp scan
21:56 <@UniMatrix> what's a fake installer?
21:57 <@radr> heh
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NB: translation: DAMN, thats alot of windows users in a so called gentoo linux channel, fucktards

21:43 <+St0ylish> I seem to have a problem with partitions
21:44 <+St0ylish> If I add one for /boot then I can't make one more for swap
21:45 * RogueDopple wonders why tht is
21:45 * RogueDopple pulls out the RTFM sign
21:46 <+St0ylish> oh that's helpful
21:48 <@Cold-Phoenix> just split the partiton?
21:48 <@Cold-Phoenix> make two
21:51 * RogueDopple wonders how one splits the parition if one has not read the manual
21:51 * RogueDopple says if i read tht literally i would use the split command :-)
21:57 <+St0ylish> and it works if I reverse the order I make them in...
21:57 <+St0ylish> maybe it's a bug
NB: translation: I have a problem its name is St0ylish

22:03 -!- Exploit^Away [~exploit@Rizon-3CA036A3.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #linux
22:04 <+Exploit^Away> hm
22:04 <+Exploit^Away> hehe
22:04 <+Exploit^> well
22:04 <+Exploit^> i got gentoo installed finally
22:04 <+Exploit^> but the gay way vidalinux ;x
22:05 <+Exploit^> all good.
22:06 <+Exploit^> wtf is this guys
22:06 <+Exploit^> root@localhost exploit # emerge ati-drivers
22:06 <+Exploit^> Calculating dependencies
22:06 <+Exploit^> !!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "ati-drivers" have been masked.
22:06 <+Exploit^> !!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
22:06 <+Exploit^> - media-video/ati-drivers-3.2.8-r1 (masked by: -* keyword)
22:06 <+Exploit^> - media-video/ati-drivers-3.7.6 (masked by: -* keyword)
22:06 <+Exploit^> - media-video/ati-drivers-3.7.6-r1 (masked by: -* keyword)
22:06 <+Exploit^> - media-video/ati-drivers-3.7.0 (masked by: package.mask, -* keyword)
22:07 <+Exploit^> # lu_zero@gentoo.org> (06 Jan 2004)
22:07 <+Exploit^> # Has memory leak issue
22:07 <+Exploit^> - media-video/ati-drivers-3.2.8-r2 (masked by: -* keyword)
22:07 <@Cold-Phoenix> lol
22:07 <+Exploit^> WHAT !
22:07 <+Exploit^> xd
22:07 <@Cold-Phoenix> echo "media-video/ati-drivers -*" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
22:08 <+Exploit^> now what
22:08 <@Cold-Phoenix> try again
22:09 <+Exploit^> echo "media-video/ati-drivers -*" >> /etc/portage/package.keyword
22:09 <+Exploit^> omg
22:09 <+Exploit^> .
22:09 <+RogueDopple> man this is an infection
22:09 <+Exploit^> root@localhost exploit # emerge ati-drivers Calculating dependencies \
22:09 <+Exploit^> emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "x11-base/xorg-x11-6.7.99".
22:09 <@Cold-Phoenix> o.O
22:09 <+RogueDopple> h aha
22:10 <+RogueDopple> seriously Cold-Phoenix why are you wasting your time
22:10 <@Cold-Phoenix> i don't know really
22:10 <+Exploit^> cold any clue?
22:11 <@ironexe> Stats for #linux have been updated, check them out at: http://kitfwi.com:1337/stats/linux.html
22:11 <@Cold-Phoenix> yes you need to go follow the ati driver guide
22:11 <@Cold-Phoenix> theres one on the forums
22:12 <@Cold-Phoenix> use the thing called 'search'
22:12 <+Exploit^> i am following them
22:12 <+Exploit^> there fucked up
22:12 <@Cold-Phoenix> well thats ati drivers for you
22:12 <+RogueDopple> 25+Exploit^ 1916"msg me idk how to pm on irssi" ha ha
22:13 <@Cold-Phoenix> lol
22:13 * RogueDopple chokes on the laughter
22:13 <+Exploit^> ?
22:13 <@Cold-Phoenix> /query person msg
22:13 * RogueDopple smiles at the stupidity
22:14 <+RogueDopple> rizon sure is a funny place
22:14 <+RogueDopple> so here goes
22:14 <+RogueDopple> Exploit^: rt gentoo manual
22:15 <+RogueDopple> emerge sync
22:15 <+RogueDopple> umask teh ati drivers package properly
22:15 <+RogueDopple> make sure kernel is compiled properly
22:15 <+RogueDopple> oh yes
22:15 <+RogueDopple> VIDALINUX is not gentoo
22:15 <+RogueDopple> much like all off shoot distros well almost all
22:15 <+RogueDopple> its crap
22:15 <+RogueDopple> garbage
22:15 <+Exploit^> i wasnt asking you to help me solve my problem
22:16 <+RogueDopple> don't forget to read the ati driver docs
22:16 <+RogueDopple> yeah good luck there jimbo
22:16 <+Exploit^> thx
22:16 <@Cold-Phoenix> i'd suggest more or less the same
22:16 <@Cold-Phoenix> gentoo really requires you to follow the install guide so you know how to admin your own comp
22:17 <+Exploit^> i know how to install gentoo
22:17 <+Exploit^> i just dont wanna wait 4 days..
22:17 <+RogueDopple> uhuh
22:17 <+RogueDopple> anyone can install gentoo
22:17 <+RogueDopple> now actually run the sytem without screwing it up
22:17 <+RogueDopple> thts something else
22:17 <+Exploit^> mine always ran fine
22:17 <+RogueDopple> and Exploit^ vida linux is still crap he he
22:18 <+Exploit^> runs fine for me
22:18 <+RogueDopple> it seems ever rizon channel i enter
22:18 <+RogueDopple> all the users use tht crap to install gentoo
22:18 <@Cold-Phoenix> ok now now guys/girls
22:18 <+RogueDopple> wht really makes my day are the hackers
22:18 * RogueDopple coughs script kiddies
22:18 <+RogueDopple> tht want to hack me for laughing at their hardened gentoo
22:18 <+RogueDopple> they crack me up
22:19 <@Cold-Phoenix> heh
22:19 <+Exploit^> they prob wanna hack you cause your a fucking asshole
22:19 <@N> enough
22:19 <@N> you guys want to bicker take it to pm
22:19 <+Exploit^> i fucking came here asking COLD PHOENIX for help not you.. learn to shut your mouth when not asked for help kthx
22:20 <@N> ...
22:20 <+RogueDopple> man such anger
NB: translation: mwa ha ha

21:17 < Trinitrogen> where can I get a copy of the kernel source? Im at kernel.org and when I click it, i just get the changelog
21:17 < thoreauputic> Trinitrogen: search for linux-source in synaptic
NB: translation: YOU ARE HOPELESS

01:29 < gskillet> hey guys, is "Add/Remove Programs" under system tools (gnome) a program that comes with Debian?
01:33 < gskillet> valdyn: i moved it to the desktop then did props, its an x-desktop application, i wonder if i can re-install it... i have installed debian several times recently, and Add/Remove always stops working 5 minutes after every install
01:35 < gskillet> i figured out how to re-install it, nvm my question
NB: translation: hmmm isn't that a windows feature

tuxxman x x< > 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support (x x
tuxxman x x< > 3cr990 seri
tuxxman my card isnt there
loft306 k3c905 x x< > 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support (x x
tuxxman mine is 905
tuxxman 3Com Corporation 3c905
loft306 highlight that one and hit ?
loft306 3c900 series
tuxxman enter keyword
tuxxman paste 3Com Corporation 3c905 in there>
tuxxman ?
loft306 what
tuxxman what do i do now
tuxxman its saying enter keyword
loft306 read my lips....choose x x< > 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support (x x
tuxxman alright
tuxxman u sure itll work?
loft306 with u im shuure of nothing
tuxxman lol
loft306 qqqqqqqqqqqq 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support qqqqqqqqqqqqqk
loft306 x CONFIG_VORTEX: x
loft306 x and the rest of '?'
loft306 if u hit '?' that is what would of gotten
loft306 if u scrolled down to x x< > 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support (x x
tuxxman oh ok
tuxxman i didnt hit shift when i hit the "/" key
tuxxman sorry
tuxxman thanks loft
loft306 ...
tuxxman i am a little slow i know
loft306 doh
NB: translation: Read my lips no more FUCKING QUESTIONS

*** apprentice [500@c-67-191-139-37.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #linuxforums
apprentice> please
apprentice> how do i open gnome control cener
apprentice> wahts the name of the program
apprentice> in terminal mode
libervisco> hy
apprentice> hi
apprentice> why do my configuration options change
apprentice> and dont stay
apprentice> when i reboo
apprentice> t
loft306> are u setting things with commands or are u settingthem in config files
apprentice> with commands
apprentice> why the hell would i change config files
apprentice> its to much trouble
loft306> so that they wont change on reboot
loft306> back to default that is in the configs
apprentice> well im getting mad if you use command they should change the configs
*5 mins later*
*** apprentice is now known as whyislinuxsostup
loft306> friggen wyatt
loft306> apprentice dont reboot it is linux
NB: translation: Because your using it and you can't fucking spell less hold a thought

dNdrer> why isn't possible to upgrade USB1 to USB 2 at a hardware level on a laptop??!!!!
dNdrer> like open it up, get rid of the USB1 and replace with USB 2???
dNdrer> why, WHY??
dNdrer> I really wanna do that
NB: translation: asshole

21:49 < no0O0ob> I've read this really cool thing you can do, keep different Kernels and boot your computer with the one it pleases you
21:52 < no0O0ob> linkinp4rk410 it's true that sounds really cool, to have different kernels lined up and the boot up with the one you want to
NB: Translation: Just stare and smile