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  Favorite Windoze game: "Guess what this icon does?"  

15:45 < Saab> i configured lilo to load linux from /dev/hdb
15:45 < Saab> its written to the master boot record in /dev/hda
15:47 < Krendoshazin> it's got nothing to do with lilo, if it boots, it's fine
15:47 < Saab> isn't lilo supposed to load the desktop?
15:48 < Krendoshazin> no, lilo boots the kernel
15:48 < Saab> i thought you could configure that in the lilo config file
16:03 < Saab> mm
16:03 < Saab> i'm viewing /etc/X11/xorg.conf but i don't know what i'm doing
16:04 < Babbing> does nvidia supply an xconfigurator?
16:04 < Krendoshazin> no
16:05 < Krendoshazin> you install it and then set nvidia as your driver
16:05 < Krendoshazin> xorgsetup can do that for you
16:05 < Saab> yeah but still it didnt work
16:06 < Saab> so i'm viewing the config file
16:07 < Krendoshazin> have you tried commenting out the ranges and seeing if the monitor's default values kick in
16:08 < Saab> nope
16:08 < Krendoshazin> most monitors these days should be able to tell the requester what it's ranges are
NB: translation: Why won't my bootloader configure and start X

19:49 < doomed> is nmap the only program to map microsoft networks?
19:50 < doomed> is there another program besides nmap to map networks?
19:50 < doomed> I heard there was a network logical volume something
19:50 < laker_jedi> you could play around with ARP if you want, but that could get tricky
19:50 < doomed> laker_jedi to map networks?
19:51 < laker_jedi> doomed: theoretically.
19:51 < doomed> laker_jedi 'cause listen to this... when I had windows
19:51 < doomed> I install linux on another partition
19:51 < doomed> and I was able to check the entire NTFS files
19:52 < doomed> bypassing the password and all
19:52 < laker_jedi> I think we're talking about different things
19:52 < laker_jedi> whatever.
19:52 < doomed> laker_jedi how to mount microsoft partitions over a network?
19:52 < laker_jedi> doomed: smbmount?!!!#!@#!!
19:53 < laker_jedi> hehe
19:53 < laker_jedi> Samba is what you are looking for
19:53 < laker_jedi> doomed: you there?
19:53 < doomed> laker_jedi so after checking the network with nmap I go an check mount it?
19:53 < loft306> rofl
19:54 < doomed> is that true?
19:54 < laker_jedi> doomed: why would you check it with nmap? They're your shares, so you should know whether or not they exist.
19:55 < doomed> laker_jedi NOT MINES... other places...
19:55 < doomed> you know exploration
19:55 < laker_jedi> doomed: sorry, but we are not allowed to foster illegal behavior.
19:55 < laker_jedi> I will be reporting you to the powers that be.
19:55 < laker_jedi> Have a nice day.
19:55 < doomed> what??
19:55 < laker_jedi> loft306: I'm reporting him to you
19:55 < laker_jedi> :D
19:56 < doomed> mm.. well one time here they explained to me
19:56 < starrats> I fully agree, with you laker_jedi
19:56 < doomed> hey I am not talking about illegal stuff
19:56 < doomed> I am curious
19:57 < doomed> 'cause when it did that to my computer
19:57 < doomed> I wondered
19:57 < doomed> if this happened with my NTFS... how ahbout others?
19:58 < laker_jedi> doomed: that's illegal.
19:58 < doomed> where how?
19:58 < doomed> I've never heard that seen that
19:58 < laker_jedi> doomed: last time I checked, there are one or two laws against "exploring" other people's boxen
19:59 < doomed> mmm. k then
19:59 < starrats> very illegal
19:59 < doomed> how come I did on my computer?
19:59 < laker_jedi> doomed: you said about two minutes ago you want to do this to other people's computers.
20:00 < doomed> yeah my friends'
20:00 < doomed> they allow me
20:00 < doomed> mmm.. I guess this is not the place to learn worldly knowledge
20:00 < doomed> lofty ideals
20:00 < starrats> that's still illegal
NB: translation: doomed, what a fitting name, he certainly belongs on script kiddie irc servers

20:18 -!- fus3 [~root@218-162-226-36.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #linuxforums
20:18 < cvncpu> fus3: don't use irc as root
20:19 < fus3> I am in r00t
20:19 < valan> you can be r00t all you want
20:19 < fus3> r00t != root
20:19 < valan> just dont be root
20:19 < sdousley> fus3: just so u know, comin onto IRC as root is a BAD idea!
20:20 < fus3> I'm in r00t
20:20 < fus3> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 "0"
20:21 < sdousley> fus3: ur root m n o
20:21 < sdousley> --> fus3 (~root@218-162-226-36.dynamic.hinet.net) has joined #linuxforums
20:21 < fus3> r00t in my screen
20:21 < laker_jedi> fus3: watch out for doomed as he is a script kiddie.
20:21 < fus3> ^_^
20:21 < sdousley> fus3: weird!
20:22 < Krendoshazin> you're not safe anywhere as root, don't ever assume that
20:22 -!- fus3 [~root@218-162-226-36.dynamic.hinet.net] has left #linuxforums []
20:22 -!- fus3 [~root@218-162-226-36.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #linuxforums
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20:25 -!- fus3 [~toor@218-162-226-36.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #linuxforums
NB: translation: Inventive root backwards, wish I thought of that

Ok, so I've decided to return to Windows. The problem is, my boot disc doesn't work. I can run setup.exe off the disc with Wine, but it doesnt work well and crashed. When I try to boot from the disc, I get the basic "Press any key to boot from disc...' I do what it tells me and I see "Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration..." for about a second, and then the screen goes black, and I've waited for hours (literally) and it hasn't done anything. I bought a SkipDoctor and resurfaced the disc, but still no dice.
Is there any way that my Linux distro (Fedora Core 3) could be preventing Windows from doing anything to my computer?
I'm prepared to pay 170 dollars for a new copy of Windows, but I'd hate to dish out all that cash and find out that it only does the same thing as my boot disc. My boot disc, by the way, is the original one that came with the software packages that were packaged in with my computer. When I still had windows, I used it to reformat many times, and it worked fine.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
NB: translation: For the love of GOD how stupid can you be

00:03 < linkinp4rk410> Anybody here?
00:03 < KyKo> Me!
00:03 < linkinp4rk410> HURRAH!
00:03 < linkinp4rk410> I'm hoping someone can help me with this real fast
00:03 < linkinp4rk410> How does one get out of X?
00:04 < Krendoshazin> ctrl alt backspace should do it
00:05 < linkinp4rk410> I'll try that!
00:05 < linkinp4rk410> But I'm trying to do it in a Guest OS in VMware
00:05 < KyKo> Or boot into recovery mode.
00:05 < KyKo> I believe.
00:06 < linkinp4rk410> For FreeBSD
00:06 < linkinp4rk410> I've created a vicious cycle
00:06 < linkinp4rk410> My regular user needs to be able to su
00:06 < theDeadlyBulb> :-)
00:06 < linkinp4rk410> Therefore needs to be in the wheel group
00:06 < linkinp4rk410> But I edited a file to start kdm
00:07 < linkinp4rk410> at startup
00:07 < linkinp4rk410> And now can't change that file or add myself to that group becuz I can't get out of X
00:07 < linkinp4rk410> Did that make any sense to anybody?
00:07 < theDeadlyBulb> try starting a term
00:07 < theDeadlyBulb> or switching to a vc
00:08 < theDeadlyBulb> and logging in as root
00:08 < linkinp4rk410> What do you mean?
00:08 < theDeadlyBulb> ehem
00:08 * theDeadlyBulb clears throat and says what i just said
00:08 < theDeadlyBulb> try starting a term
00:08 < linkinp4rk410> g2g thanks
00:08 < loft306> no not theDeadlyBulb
00:08 < theDeadlyBulb> bye
NB: translation: ah freebsd users, what can I say

*TITLE*why do some commands run, while others i have to specify directory?
sorry if the title doesent make much sence, limited space you know....
why do some commands run just by typing them in, like sudo, ls, pwd, groups, btdownloadgui.py, etc...
and others I have to be specific about the directory, like if i try ifconfig i get:
[root@LEACH ~]$ ifconfig
bash: ifconfig: command not found
but /sbin/ifconfig works:
[root@LEACH draldrich]# ifconfig
bash: ifconfig: command not found
[root@LEACH draldrich]# /sbin/ifconfig
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:0A:E6:97:34:61
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::20a:e6ff:fe97:3461/64 Scope:Link
......bla bla bla bla
so why do I have to specify the directory for some commands, but not others?
is there a way to make it so I dont have to specify the directory?
is this a redhat/fedora "thing"?
...just trying to understand.....
NB: translation: hmmm, he's either thick or very stupid

I decided to make use of a machine that has been hidden in the closet for awhile.
As of right now, its a dual boot win98se/redhat 6
about 45gb of hd space
233mhz pent 2
i want to make a dns server, ftp, and all that good stuff. everything i need to put stuff on the web. Will Samba do all that for me? I never worked with it much before, and when I did, I was really confused. Any suggestions, thanks a lot!
NB: translation: T minus 10 seconds before this server gets owned

23:06 < DoppelGanger> ick
23:06 < un1xhak3r> i am looking at the install instructions
23:06 < meta-ridley> ohh its that piece of garbage theo was talking about
23:06 < mwilson> Somehow I doubt Linux has a sexual preference one way or the other.
23:06 < un1xhak3r> the sample uses head and cylinder info
23:07 < meta-ridley> ;D
23:07 < mwilson> un1xhak3r: Except that it doesn't, of course. Don't let anything like facts get in your way.
23:07 * DoppelGanger never passes up watching a script kiddie get flamed and bbq
23:07 < un1xhak3r> i know what im doing
23:07 < meta-ridley> you know what you doing!
23:07 < un1xhak3r> im not a script kiddie
23:07 < mwilson> Sure you do.
23:07 < DoppelGanger> uhuh
23:08 < mwilson> Kiddies always think they do.
23:08 < un1xhak3r> yeah so anyway
23:08 < un1xhak3r> you can install using MB info uggg
23:08 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: how is mirc
23:08 < un1xhak3r> kewl
23:08 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: does it beep when i say your name
23:08 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: hello
23:08 < un1xhak3r> except for when ur getting flamed
23:08 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: he eh
23:09 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: beep
23:09 < DoppelGanger> :-)
23:09 < mwilson> un1xhak3r: Is Moron the only language you speak?
23:09 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: beep beep beep
23:09 < un1xhak3r> you guys have no lives
23:10 < mwilson> I sure seem to have one.
23:10 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: yet we can all read
23:11 < DoppelGanger> un1xhak3r: this should help
23:11 < DoppelGanger> http://bink.nu/Home.bink
23:12 < un1xhak3r> go fuck urself... i dont care if i get permaban ur a moron
23:12 < DoppelGanger> :-)
23:13 < mwilson> DoppelGanger: How *dare* you suggest that he should read! :)
23:13 < DoppelGanger> mwilson: i tht page had pictures also
23:13 < DoppelGanger> he he
23:13 < un1xhak3r> bucn of jerk off nerds
23:13 < un1xhak3r> bunch*
23:14 -!- un1xhak3r [un1xhak3r@CPE0008c6e932b7-CM0012c90d1cc2.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has quit []
23:14 < DoppelGanger> :_)
NB: translation: :-p

14:44 < F1rwall> Is this a white-hat channel
14:44 < DoppelGanger> F1rwall: is it
14:44 < mmiikkee12> no, this is #debian...
14:45 < F1rwall> Well .. any hackers here?
14:45 * fhffhqvb hacks F1rwall's face
14:45 * shivraj wonders if this is what u guys do every saturday night
14:46 < F1rwall> I'm tring to make an exploit and my vim and joe isn't executing
14:47 < Pryon> F1rwall: a l337 haxx0r doesn't bother with editors. cat > a.out or nothing!
14:48 < F1rwall> I'm not a l337
14:48 * nvz is a l337
14:48 < F1rwall> I just wanna grow my skills
14:48 * Eulex is l3373r
14:48 < F1rwall> lol
14:49 < Pryon> F1rwall: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html
14:49 < F1rwall> Well .. how am i supposed to exploit sites
14:50 < nvz> F1rwall: thats not really part of the topic of discussion here
14:50 < Pryon> F1rwall: what you want to be is a cracker. Please don't use hacker for that activity
14:50 < F1rwall> What is wrong with cracker
14:50 < nvz> be a real cracker, and join one of the forbidden channels
14:51 < pngwn> F1rwall, go away
14:51 < F1rwall> i will
14:51 < F1rwall> later
14:51 < foobus> F1rwall, windows has the best cracking tools. Why're you here?
14:51 * DoppelGanger thinks F1rwall is trying to crack me on
14:51 < F1rwall> lol ..
14:51 < F1rwall> nope
14:52 < Pryon> F1rwall: why don't you cultivate *useful* skills?
14:52 < F1rwall> like what?
14:52 < Pryon> learning how to operate your editor.
14:52 < ahammond> F1rwall: join the perl phalanx project
14:52 < mathieu> or social skills
14:52 < ahammond> F1rwall: easy way to get into stuff
14:52 < F1rwall> ok
14:53 < Pryon> F1rwall: go to sourceforge.net and look at the help-wanted list
14:54 -!- F1rwall [~Whoppix27@CPE0012c9183e3f-CM0012c91d8ad4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
NB: translation: Mwa ha ha ha