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  The word "Windows" is a word out of an old dialect of the Apaches. It means: "White man staring through glass-screen onto an hourglass..."  

21:34 < cvncpu> is there a way to use the useradd command in one line?
21:34 < tuxxman> useradd user group
21:34 < cvncpu> so that will do it? with no prompts?
21:35 < tuxxman> i think so
21:35 < cvncpu> no password prompt?
21:35 < tuxxman> oh...
21:35 < tuxxman> uhhh
21:35 < tuxxman> /exec man useradd
21:35 < tuxxman> mabe
21:35 < cvncpu> I need to setup a php script that will create ssh accounts for people
21:35 < tuxxman> me no know
21:36 < l_n> cvncpu: man passwd && man useradd
21:36 < cvncpu> l_n: but can I use them in PHP scripts?
21:36 < l_n> dunno
NB: Translation: You ARE one FUCKING IDIOT

21:53 < chmtdist> anyone know how i can run a native unix program in mac os x?
21:53 < chmtdist> i've heard os x has NO CMD LINE and that's why i didn't buy it
21:53 < chmtdist> but... if i could run bash
NB: Translation: Looser

mjk2287 wrote:I am running Suse 9.3 pro 64-bit. I would like to know the best antivirus and spyware tools. I prefer a program with real-time scanning. I searched google, and found many opinions. I searched the forums and found that most people like clamav and f-prot. I would just like some more advice, and more opinions. Thanks.
*when asked if he is goint to scan windows he replied*
mjk2287:No i will not be scanning windows i just want to prevent stuff from getting to my new linux system. Thanks for the quick responses i will check that stuff out.
NB: Translation: /j #windows you idiot

Terracotta wrote:Hye, I've been looking on google on when yast is going to be ported to debian, but from what I've seen the project hasn't evolved since the first time I read about it (four months ago?? not sure though could be less or more). Is this project still worked on or has it been abandonned? Just a question, since that's the only thing I miss, coming from Suse.
*After getting the link for debian planet
Terracotta wrote: Thanks that was what I was looking for, as an ubuntu user, and a new linux user I hadn't heard about planet debian. Tx
NB: Translation: hmm man apt sucks yeah lets use rpms and yast so much better, dear god

Imscaredofgrass wrote: i was wondering how you can set the permissions to 777 for everything under / - including folders, files, and even mounted harddisk, without going through each individual folder?
*this is what some genius wrote to the user*
bigtomrodney wrote: Things in /proc /sys and /dev have their permissions changed systematically all the time, and there is no reason to change them anyway. If you really must do it, maybe consider something less severe like Code: chmod -R 666 /*
It is asking for trouble though.
NB Translation: Its like watching a car accident in slow motion. Taken from here

20:37 <+ALIASS> and what does this do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda becouse it's working my hard drive...` !
NB: Translation: cmihai> ... no comment.

Arrowx7 wrote:Is there a way to set a static IP in linux?
hr.asadi replied: OfCourse you can. the way depends on your distro. What is it?
NB: Translation: I hear laughter damn it, why are you laughing? :)

drakebasher wrote: What is the easiest way to execute a command on a remote computer? From my workstation, I want to command my server to dialup the internet via ppp. What is the most staightforward, transparent way to do that?
*His profile in the Forums: Posts: 1325 Trusted Penguin*
NB: Translation: User Forums sure can suck

redfoxstorm wrote: okay, I've gone off and confused myself. When I set my router to recieve calls on port 80, do I tell it the ip of the linux machine or the actuall virtual server which is
Oh yeah, i keep putting a html file in the /var/www/html folder and the test page keeps popping up? its called index.html
NB: Translation: my ip address is, do your worst :)

Dude500 wrote: Why is wine so slow? Is it becuase of my pc?
NB: Translation: whyyyy???????????

neocoolXIIK wrote: Well sorry I have't been around ..familly business. Well here's the deal. I got a 40 gb ide hdd..../yes,..cheap/....and I thought it would be nice to install windows for games. Now my hdd is a sata and I have a gut feeling about some bad stuff comming .....I think i should get a ide cable, connect the new hdd as a master to the second ide channel ....and just install some windows on it. Now i'm going to flush the mbr and format the hard drive before installing. What possible surprises do you think I might encounter and since i haven't been in ciculation with ms os's for some time now, what do you think would be the best win distro considering my 64bit athlon and nForce3 motherboard ?
NB: Translation: I didn't know windows had distros

wamukota wrote: For a person with Windows experience who would like to move over to Linux/BSD, would you suggest a Linux distro or BSD.
What counts are the ease of installing, being not to unfamiliar with the GUI, having internet access, some multimedia and a Office suite.
NB: Translation: :)

mpblue wrote: Hi Is it possible to change file permissions recursively (let's say to 600) without affecting permissions of the directories where the files are (so they stay 700)? How can it be done? Thanks.
bigtomrodney wrote: I've never worried about directories when doing this. Isn't the '7' to added execution rights over '6' which I believe is read write? Anyway to recursively set permissions throughout directories run
chmod -R 600 $filename
mpblue wrote:Yes, but still, how to do it?
NB: Translation: Dear God

23:31 -!- root__ [~root@c-24-99-206-125.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined ##slackware
23:31 < Sandman1> root__, don't run as root
23:31 < Sandman1> don't run irc as root
23:32 -!- root__ is now known as ricosuave17
NB: Translation: good plan he he

ksm89 wrote: Could someone please tell me how to install the latest java (j2re) runtime environment on my system. If not, does anyone know of any website that would tell me how to install it besides the java website? I have so much trouble trying to figure it out myself.
Thank you.
NB: Translation: java.com and NO, RTFM

bwmcclai wrote: I have a computer that just has Fedora Core installed on it. I want to install Windows XP on it (so I can install my drivers). It doesnt matter if I lose Linux or not. I just need XP
When I put the XP cd in the drive and reboot. I click 'any key' to boot from disk... nothing happens. How do I install Windows XP????
Do I have to reinstall Linux and partition it and leave a drive open or what?
Help me pleaaase
NB: Translation: www.penileenlargement.com

07:34 -!- ircaap [ircaap@c3eea038e.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #openbsd
07:35 < ircaap> hello
07:44 < ircaap> i have options i need to set for my network interface like nwid$ etc, where do i specify this for using it on boot?
07:45 < griffin> man hostname.if
07:46 < ircaap> so i place ifconfig........... before "dhcp" in hostname...?
08:04 < ircaap> everyone sleeping?
08:09 < daowee> not sleeping, ignoring
08:10 < ircaap> o_O
08:11 < ircaap> can you tell me where i can specify ifconfig options for use du$ bootup?
08:12 < daowee> < griffin> man hostname.if
08:12 < ircaap> been there ..
08:14 < ircaap> if i place ifconfig ipw0 etc etc in my hostname.ipw0, results i$
08:15 < daowee> read the fucking manual
08:17 < ircaap> kiss my fuckin ass
08:17 -!- mode/#openbsd [+o salan] by ChanServ
08:17 -!- ircaap was kicked from #openbsd by salan [go away]
NB: Translation: anger issues

18:09 < Kitty-Kun> hey
18:09 < Kitty-Kun> what video drivers should I use?
18:09 < ixion> wtf
18:09 < ixion> the correct ones
18:09 < meff> lol
18:10 < DoppelGanger> ah ah
18:10 < stew> Kitty-Kun: what card?
18:10 < TwistedEmotions> Kitty-Kun: your going to need to give us more info..
18:10 < ixion> lmao
18:10 < DoppelGanger> TwistedEmotions: how about and answer like "um the card in my computer doh"
18:10 < DoppelGanger> an*
18:11 < Kitty-Kun> ati
18:11 < Kitty-Kun> ati drivers hate me
18:11 < DoppelGanger> ha ah
18:11 < ixion> lol
18:11 < TwistedEmotions> DoppelGanger: haha
18:11 < DoppelGanger> we have a winner
18:11 < Kitty-Kun> actually what i wanna know more is whether i should use kdm or gdm
18:11 < DoppelGanger> hes got an ati card everyone
18:11 < Kitty-Kun> b/c those hate me too
18:11 < TwistedEmotions> Kitty-Kun: it's not only ati drivers that hate you.
NB: Translation: This idiot went on for an hour he wasn't even running debian, needless to say it wasn't pretty

21:09 < Spamicles> how do i see my local ip and network ip?
21:09 < Spamicles> its not ipconfig right?
21:09 < dougl> ifconfig
21:09 < dougl> as root
21:10 < Spamicles> is different than, correct?
NB: Translation: Dumb as dog shit

21:18 -!- BourneAgain1 [~Hello@ppp-69-237-48-89.dsl.frs2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #debian
21:19 < BourneAgain1> What is the command line utility for disk partitioning in Debian?
21:19 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
NB: Translation: um what was it again, retard

21:24 < DoctorDan> ill get sid once its stable
21:24 < CLucas916|lappy> i just went from sarge to sid
21:24 < Astro> According to debian, it will never be stable
21:24 < DoctorDan> oh
21:24 < DieFledermaus> genius
21:24 < DieFledermaus> doctor of what DoctorDan
21:25 < DoctorDan> DieFledermaus: doctor of nothing and everything
21:26 < DieFledermaus> DoctorDan: aptly put
*But wait there is more*
21:28 < DoctorDan> do you have to "install" .htaccess?
21:28 < DoctorDan> how do u get it to work
21:28 < Muser> Its a Apache thing
21:28 < DoctorDan> oh cool
21:28 < CLucas916|lappy> DoctorDan, its a http server file
21:28 < Muser> directory config file
21:29 < CLucas916|lappy> lol DoctorDan is a curious one
21:29 < DoctorDan> so .htaccess will automatically be there if u have apache
21:29 < DoctorDan> well i do web design too.. ive used .htacess before
NB: Translation: fucking genius

21:51 < Astro> true say
21:51 < Necator> This ubuntu have wine in it some where?
21:51 < CLucas916|lappy> Necator, u need to install it yourself
21:51 < Necator> Where I do that at?
21:51 < CLucas916|lappy> apt-get isntall wine
21:52 < Necator> Apt get is where?
21:52 < Necator> terminal thing?
21:53 < Necator> So debian people made apt get?
21:53 < DieFledermaus> no ubuntu did
21:53 < DieFledermaus> he he
21:54 < DieFledermaus> ridiculous
21:54 < CLucas916|lappy> DieFledermaus, ;D
21:53 < CLucas916|lappy> Necator, ubuntu is based on debian
21:54 < Necator> by based on you mean it uses debian?
21:54 < CLucas916|lappy> Necator, no, its based on it
21:54 < Necator> So its not actually running it?
21:54 < CLucas916|lappy> no
21:54 < DieFledermaus> ha ha
21:56 < Necator> so i type apt-get wine
21:56 < Necator> ?
21:56 < CLucas916|lappy> apt-get install wine
21:57 < Necator> I forgot my su password XD
21:57 < DieFledermaus> sudo
21:57 < CLucas916|lappy> Necator, ubuntu doesnt use root
21:57 < Necator> Well this one is asking for it.
21:58 < CLucas916|lappy> Necator, sudo apt-get isntall wine
NB: Translation: apt-get install bomb && bomb detonate

06:01 < mha> how do I locate an application directory ? eg where is firefox installed ?
09:09 <+DoppelGanger> wtf
09:09 <+DoppelGanger> well you can use find
09:09 <+DoppelGanger> whereis
09:09 <+DoppelGanger> or locate
09:09 <+DoppelGanger> doh
NB: Translation: The blatantly obvious

09:50 < Astro> what types of desktop's are there?
09:51 < sdousley|afk> Astro: u mean window managers?
09:51 < Astro> yea
09:51 < sdousley|afk> lots
09:51 < sdousley|afk> KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, IceWM, Blackbox, E
09:51 < Astro> is X window different from KDE
09:51 < Astro> ?
NB: Translation: and now the monkey will attempt to build a space shuttle

d0p wrote: 1. what's the keyboard shortcut to paste?
2. can i copy a file to the clipboard w/o highlighting and copying?
3. how do i make it so middle clicking in firefox doesn't go on a wildcard search if i miss the link?
4. is there a way to change the default behavior of mouse interaction within a text file to select, drag, place cursor, etc at x,y?
EDIT: in the command line (runlevel 3) besides question #3.
NB: Translation: truly a fucking n00b you are

14:37 -!- manzana [~winesap@dial-in-66-218-59-184.dslextreme.com] has joined linuxforums
14:53 < manzana> Do you have to install FC4 over nfs?
14:53 < manzana> the PPC version, that is
NB: Translation: hmm tough question there slick

21:37 < heartsmagic> how can i learn my PING reply
21:37 < heartsmagic> i mean here for IRC
NB: Translation:~$man youareafuckingidiot

07:51 < xt3rminalx> hey
07:51 < xt3rminalx> how can I find my root password?
07:51 < mhall> I think I might have to install SSH on a Solaris box and dtrace it.
07:51 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
07:51 < DoppelGanger> wtf
07:51 < xt3rminalx> I cant su anymore
07:51 < eye69> xt3rminalx: You can't.
07:51 < xt3rminalx> damn
07:51 < xt3rminalx> well
07:51 < mhall> xt3rminalx: your best bet if it's your box would be knoppix
07:51 < xt3rminalx> I wasnt prompted to set it
07:51 < DoppelGanger> xt3rminalx: get out now idiot
07:51 < eye69> xt3rminalx: #ubuntu
07:52 < xt3rminalx> wtf
07:52 < xt3rminalx> you fucking jerk
07:52 < xt3rminalx> I wasnt prompted to set it
07:52 < xt3rminalx> only my username
07:52 < s_ward> xt3rminalx, boot some live cd (knoppix), mount your HDD and run john (the ripper) on your /etc/shadow
07:52 < dabaR> xt3rminalx: ubuntu does not use a root account, but sudo, sudo uses your password, prepend sudo to a command you want to have run as root. wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo will tell you more.
07:52 < s_ward> xt3rminalx, it could take a while, if you chose a decent password
07:52 < xt3rminalx> hm
07:52 < dabaR> xt3rminalx: chill, #ubuntu is where you could get your answer answered easier, really.
07:52 < xt3rminalx> okay
07:52 < xt3rminalx> thanks
07:53 < mhall> why does fucking ubuntu encrypt their shit with a bogus SSL cert?
07:53 < s_ward> oh, ubuntu... ther is no root password, yeah, ask on ubuntu
07:53 < mhall> that's so ridiculously moronic i cannot comprehend it
NB:Translation: How to spot a fucking genius?

07:40 < Nihilanth> I'm still questioning CFLAGS, as I'm about to do a stage1 gentoo install with reiser4.
07:40 < Nihilanth> would it be wise to use -O9 while compiling gcc, binutils, glibc, etc..
NB:Translation: RICER

11:14 < coolblue> how do i know if my pc is 32bit or 64 bit?
11:14 * dylunio chuckles
11:14 <+DoppelGanger> coolblue: did you buy a 64 bit pc
11:14 <+DoppelGanger> coolblue: do you have an amd cpu
11:14 <+DoppelGanger> coolblue: were you high when you bought
11:14 <+DoppelGanger> it
11:15 <+DoppelGanger> coolblue: do you hate intel
NB: Translation: mwa ha ah idiot