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09:41 < garo> Does openbsd have the same kernel as freebsd, just like all the linux distros have the same kernel ?
NB: Translation: www.fuckinggoogleit.com asshole

10:02 < voidz0r> ok,
10:03 < voidz0r> now i made an extra partition 'd'
10:03 < voidz0r> and it asks where to mount it, and defaults to /home
10:03 < voidz0r> as i entered in disklabel
10:03 < voidz0r> but pressing enter or typing '/home' just makes it ask again
10:03 < voidz0r> so strange
10:03 < cuga> type 'done' like it says

jamel wrote: just one small question :
I'm using linux all the time (as a root) and no one can use my computer
other than me that's why I found typing my user name (root) and the
password too boring can you give me the way (if there is )for using linux
without typing them
Thank you
NB: Translation: www.microsoft.com

S. M. Ibrahim wrote: Hi, i just install Suse 9.3 pro . It's my first try to suse. I am getting some problems. First is some programs getting hang (not responding) some time. I want to kill that application. How can it's possible?
NB: Translation:$murder YOU && kill && rape you all

09:39 -!- newidiot [n=newidiot@] has joined #openbsd
09:39 < newidiot> i am still noob in bsd
09:39 < newidiot> can i know what command i need to compile .tgz file?
09:40 < DoppelGanger> wtf
09:40 < NicM> hmm
09:40 * DoppelGanger gets caught in a moment of kindness
09:41 < newidiot> .....
09:41 < newidiot> sorry i ask noob question
09:41 < newidiot> use installpkg?
09:41 < DoppelGanger> newidiot: have you ever heard of google
09:41 < newidiot> ya
09:41 < newidiot> .....
09:41 < newidiot> so cruel....cannot just tell me
09:41 < _mx> the .tgz files are usually packages that are installed via pkg_add(1)
09:41 < glen2> If you control Google, you control the world!
09:41 < NicM> what does "compile .tgz file" mean?
09:41 < _mx> read the docs, please
09:41 < DoppelGanger> installpkg = slackware
09:41 < newidiot> install the file.tgz?
09:42 < newidiot> because i dun want to fetch the file from internet
09:42 < NicM> you should read the faq
09:42 < newidiot> can direct me to the faq?
09:42 < lantis> glen2: lol
09:42 < NicM> no
09:42 < DoppelGanger> he he
09:42 < newidiot> ............
09:42 < DoppelGanger> take a left onto wilson avenue
09:42 < DoppelGanger> right at the stoplight
09:43 < DoppelGanger> and you are there
09:43 < newidiot> then later i must knock the door...correct?
09:43 < newidiot> LOL
09:44 * DoppelGanger scratches head
09:44 < newidiot> nvm
09:44 < newidiot> i just switch from slackware.....so i not sure most of the things
09:45 < DoppelGanger> newidiot: for the love of god www.openbsd.org, check the topic also man
09:45 < _mx> so you do not want to get anything from the internet... i suggest you start your favorite text editor now and hack away on the software you need
09:45 < NicM> .tgz are used for a lot of things, your quesiton is crap
09:45 < newidiot> i stupid ..must forgive me
NB: Translation: Me Tarzan, you Jane, me kill you

THE TOPIC ON THE FORUM: uh-oh, I think something bad happened to my slack box...
George Harrison wrote: Now this could be just my fault or I might have been cracked, I haven't any idea at this point. Lemme start off at the beginning though: Things were going great for me, I found my home with Slackware 10.1 and I put on slapt-get and things were going quite well. Then I sort of figured out how to use pkgtool, I went to linuxpackages.net and I downloaded firefox 1.0.6 for i686 and I went in as root and did makepkg firefox.tgz and installpkg firefox.tgz and it looked like it was going well it then asked me if I wanted it exclusively have this package under "root.root" or something, I was doing this resonably late last night so I said yes and it was finished afterwards I went to bed (forgot to turn computer off). I wake up this morning and click on the terminal on the kicker to try to launch Firefox from it but it just says "cannot open /home/commandercool/kicker/terminal it has been malformatted" (example, and no my user is not commander cool, I just thought it would be funny to put that in there). It seems as though all the kicker icons were malformatted and I everything from the start menu refused to launch. I kill X, exit out and try to log in as user "cannot cd into /home/commandercool" umm.. ok now I'm getting worried, so let's try root
"login: root"
AHH!! In a panicked rush I format and threw Debian on my box, I don't know what happened. Was this my fault for putting everything as root for the pkgtool question? If so why was I not able to log in as root? I was not running a server at all, I dunno what happened here.
NB: Translation: MWA HA AH you are a FUCKING idiot

I found this before I had read the previous forums post
FORUM TOPIC: Post your /etc/apt/sources.list file
George Harrison wrote: I'm bored and I thought that it would be fun if all the Debian users were to post their apt sources file. I haven't used Debian in a while so I have a base system now with kernel.org testing sources with stable updates, it's only a couple of lines. Post away.
NB: Translation: I have no fucking clue what i am doing please help

4:48 < tuxxman> i_eat_noobs, do you use gentoo?
14:48 < i_eat_noobs> yeah
14:48 < i_eat_noobs> Linux orthanc 2.6.12-gentoo-r6 #1 SMP Mon Jul 25 13:57:50 Local time zone must be set--see zic i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
14:48 < i_eat_noobs> hrm
14:48 < tuxxman> can i see your mirrors?
14:48 < i_eat_noobs> need to set timezone
NB: Translation: Mr FUCKING obvious ladies and gents

23:24 < xbmodder> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-370611.html < any ideas how to fix it
23:24 < xbmodder> ?
23:24 < daedalus_> !tell xbmodder about not debian
23:25 < xbmodder> daedalus_, my fucking distro banned me
23:25 < xbmodder> not funny
23:25 < xbmodder> Please man
23:25 < xbmodder> I beg you
23:25 -!- mode/#debian [+o bob2] by ChanServ
23:25 -!- mode/#debian [+b %unaffiliated/xb*!*@*] by bob2
23:25 -!- mode/#debian [-o bob2] by bob2
23:25 < bob2> wow
23:25 < YaleR> xbmodder, your distro banned you? ahahaha
NB: Translation: ha ha :-p

23:02 < {mantis}> is there a way to have it modprobe ndiswrapper automatically every time i reboot? i remember someone mentioning fstab, would fstab modprobe ndiswrapper do it?
23:02 < netdaemon862> edit your rc.local file in /etc
NB: Translation: Wrong and Wrong, the blind leading the blind

duster wrote: what folder does firefox default downloads go. I downloaded a few files and it say download complete but when i search for them i cant find it anywhere on my system. im using fed 3
NB: Translation: he has got to be a dumb blonde

mactabilis wrote: I'm useing emacs to wright a script,I label the script as say mac1.sh, when i go to type, it said it was read only. What am i missing,Apart from my brain.
NB: Translation: learn how to spell you fucking retard

18:19 < killap4oc> hey can anyone help me! I have suse linux 9.3 pro an getting a problem with my audigy 2zs being recognized!18:19 < killap4oc> actually it is recognized by not initializing
18:19 < killap4oc> but**
18:20 < dave_boo> killap4oc, calm down
18:20 < dave_boo> i've had that prob before
18:20 < killap4oc> have ya
18:20 < dave_boo> what you need to do is start alsamixer
18:20 < dave_boo> and make sure that nothing is muted
18:20 < killap4oc> well here is my error message
18:20 < killap4oc> An error occured during the installation of SBAUDIGY2ZS (SB0350) The kernel module snd-emu10k1 for sound support could not be loaded. This can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invailed IO or IRQ Parameters!!
18:20 < dave_boo> don't ask me why, but for some reason, suse freaks out
18:21 < dave_boo> oh, ok
18:21 < dave_boo> did you just add the card
18:21 < dave_boo> ?
18:21 < killap4oc> no
18:21 < killap4oc> just installed linux
18:21 < dave_boo> or is this a fresh install?
18:21 < dave_boo> k
18:21 < variant> killap4oc: try modprobe emu10k1 as root
18:21 < variant> i am drunk though so please taltke that into aonsideration
18:21 < dave_boo> fsking variant
18:22 < dave_boo> this was my baby
18:22 < killap4oc> lol
18:22 < sdousley> variant: lol
18:22 < killap4oc> under command line?
18:22 < variant> killap4oc: yes
18:22 < variant> or shouldi say yesh
18:22 < variant> d
18:22 < variant> god natt
8:23 < sdousley> rofl
18:23 < sdousley> he's WASTED!
18:23 < killap4oc> how do I get root access linux newb here

18:23 < killap4oc> besides running lindows
18:24 < sdousley> killap4oc: su -
18:24 < dave_boo> killap4oc, type in su
18:24 < sdousley> (WITH the -)
18:24 < sdousley> then root password
18:24 < dave_boo> then the password
8:26 < killap4oc> an I just do this by going to the suse lizard then
18:26 < killap4oc> run command?
18:26 < l_n> 'lizard'??
18:26 < killap4oc> the suse linux lizard
18:27 < dave_boo> killap4oc, it's a monitor looking thing
18:27 < dave_boo> on the taskbar
18:27 < killap4oc> oh k
18:27 < killap4oc> terminal not command
18:27 < dave_boo> it opens what looks like a DOS prompt
18:27 < killap4oc> su: user modprobe does not exist
18:27 < killap4oc> that is what it gave back
18:29 < dave_boo> killap4oc, type this w/out quotes "modprobe emu10k1"
18:30 < killap4oc> ../sbin/modprobe: /sbin/modprobe: cannot execute binary file
18:30 < killap4oc> thats what I got
18:31 < Nihilant> killap4oc: what distro are you using?
18:31 < killap4oc> suse
18:31 < killap4oc> 9.3
18:31 < killap4oc> ftp
NB: Translation: Is that like start run in windows :)

Okay123 wrote: Now then i have entered my login (my loginname is called 'mig') and my password, it says, after it have loaded the clock and that:
"The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software.
The exact distrubutition terms for each are described in the individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright
Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANYY to the extend by appliable law.
mig@D40AB641:~$ "
and behind the $ in the end, i can write. Then i write it just says normal things like:
"-bash: x: command not found"
"is a directory" and that kind of thing.
Now what should i do? If i just press Enter without writing anything, a new mig@D40AB641:~$ just pops up. Please help me.
NB: Translation: Commit suicide

yongtin wrote:I use kickstart to install my systems. I need to write a script to idenitify the monitor make and model, and copy the specific XF86Config corresponding to the monitor and video card.
I can get information of the video card easily. But I have no idea how to find the monitor name / type.
Can anyone tell me how?
NB: Translation: Look at the fucking monitor right infront of you asswipe

a thing wrote: Would it be safe for FreeBSD and GNU/Linux to share /home and /usr/local?
bigtomrodney: I would imagine sharing /home as long as there are seperate users would be okay, as long as you used a filesystem that both could read (ext3 maybe?). As for sharing /usr/local....I'm not sure. If all of an application was completely contained it may work, but I think it would be more likely to break something else.
a thing: The filesystems are ext3.
a thing: Why wouldn't the same user be OK?
NB: Translation: Can you say fucking idiots

07:00 < Magnum_opus> Hey, how do I change the uid presented in the ./whois when I connect to the IRC?
07:02 < Magnum_opus> (i=1000@...
07:02 < Magnum_opus> any idea?
07:06 < Magnum_opus> I have changed the user name, but yet thats not enough
NB: Translation: have you tried changing your pants

Der Engel des Todes wrote: This is probably the dumbest and the noobiest question ever asked,but try to ansewer it anyway
How do you close a window in fluxbox?
NB: Translation: I am just speechless, here is the link

TridenT_Boy3555 wrote: How do I install Firefox? I got the tar.gz but I am so clueless on what to do now.
It's majorly different than winzip lol....
NB: Translation: Thats it, you can say something even more stupid

DataSpy wrote: Hello, I downloaded edonkey, which is a eDonkeyLinux1.1.tar.gz archive. I don't see any .sh file or install files, and there is an executable in the folder. Anyway, I read the FAQ and I tried to use installpkg "packagename.tgz" and that didn't work, I'm running Fedora Core 4. Any help would be greatly appretiated, thanx in advance.
NB: Translation: Go back to mexico or where the fuck you are from and reread the fucking manuals

17:09 -!- Nihilanth [i=HydraIRC@] has joined #linuxforums
17:10 < Nihilanth> how do you connect to multiple servers in irssi?
17:13 -!- Nihilanth [i=HydraIRC@] has quit [Client Quit]
From Search Engine: HydraIRC has been designed for use on Windows XP but also runs on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 & Windows 2003. (Windows 95 and Windows NT are not supported).
NB: Translation: RTFM, then fucking use irssi

6:15 -!- George_Harrison [n=matt@adsl-209-78-17-76.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has joined #linuxforums
16:16 < George_Harrison> what's up
16:16 < tuxxman> nuttin here
16:16 < George_Harrison> cool
16:16 < tuxxman> sure
16:16 < George_Harrison> I am emerging stuff
16:16 < tuxxman> col
16:16 < tuxxman> cool
16:16 < George_Harrison> I thought I'd never go back to gentoo but..
16:17 < l_n> George_Harrison: you play with BSD much?
16:17 < George_Harrison> that 2005.1 iso just kept whispering "Download me. come on.. you know you want to"
16:17 < George_Harrison> lots
16:17 < George_Harrison> OpenBSD and FreeBSD
16:17 < l_n> ...and you went back to gentoo?
16:17 < George_Harrison> I still have OBSD and FBSD
16:17 < George_Harrison> on my test box
16:17 < George_Harrison> FBSD is running my webserver actually
16:18 < George_Harrison> this is on my main box
16:18 < George_Harrison> Gentoo replaced Ubuntu
16:18 < George_Harrison> Ubuntu is great but everything just works.. it got boring. heh
16:18 < tuxxman> ha
16:18 < George_Harrison> I tweak stuff just to know I'm alive anymore
16:18 < George_Harrison> hahaa
16:20 < George_Harrison> hey how do I test if firehol is running or not?
16:21 < George_Harrison> meh, I should just use shorewall
16:21 < tuxxman> firehol?
16:21 < tuxxman> whaaaaaat???
16:21 < tuxxman> firewalls?
16:21 < George_Harrison> firehol is a most excelent firewall
16:21 < George_Harrison> indeed
16:21 < George_Harrison> ::sighs::
16:21 < George_Harrison> Linux is not invulnerable
16:21 < George_Harrison> nor is any OS
16:21 < tuxxman> duh
16:21 < George_Harrison> ok then
16:21 < tuxxman> nothing will ever be un-crackable
16:22 < George_Harrison> I know this
16:22 < George_Harrison> then what was the "whaaaaaaaaaaaat???" for?
16:22 < tuxxman> i didnt know what those programs were
16:23 < George_Harrison> oh
16:23 < George_Harrison> ok
16:23 < George_Harrison> just making sure now
16:23 < tuxxman> hehe
16:23 < George_Harrison> there's quite a nice guide to integrating shorewall with gentoo, I should read it
16:24 < George_Harrison> Windows is my BitTorrent station, I want my Linux side as safe as possible
16:25 < George_Harrison> well I'm going to go boot into X.
16:25 -!- George_Harrison [n=matt@adsl-209-78-17-76.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net] has quit ["leaving"]
NB: Translation: George_Harrison is my hero. You gotta love someone who gets it wrong so easily

nimwa2 wrote: well i installed firefox and it worked n all but where does the exe go?? i cant find the icon anywhere only the folder... where do they hide?? oh and how can i find my local ip?
NB: Translation: Nimrod, nincumpoop, nitwit, numbskull

TitaniumTaz wrote: I have D/Ld some desktop wallpaper to my d/l dir and need to move it to the /usr/share/wallpaper dir as root. How do I do that? Do you need to open a terminal or log back in as root or something else?. Appreciate the help. TitaniumTaz
NB: Translation: Titanium asshole

uninvisible wrote: I hope one of you uber-users can help me out with this one....
So.... i wanted to change the name of my home folder (as in /home/jim) to jim & kim (to be /home/jim & kim). I didn't think it would be a problem but after that no applications or programs would work - all errors.
I decided to log out to end the session and start over, but when i tried to log back in KDE wouldn't start and i got this:
Could not start kstartupconfig. Check your installation
I logged in using KWFV (i think thats what its called) as the session type and created a new user. I could then log into KDE as this new user but couldn't figure anything out.
Is this royally messed up or what? How can i get my profile back, and log into KDE? If anyone can point me into the right direction as to what i can do, i would be eternally grateful. I'd even buy someone a car if i could afford it!
NB: Translation: mv idiot FUCKING IDIOT, yeah why don't i just mv /home/username that makes sense. Here's the link

15:18 < penguin> If I run a command int the background like $command &
15:18 < penguin> What happens if I turn the computer off
15:18 < abrotman> like as in .. the power light goes off /
15:18 < tarzeau> penguin: it's like you remove the power cable
15:18 < abrotman> ?
15:18 < penguin> off off
15:18 < jnc> penguin: well, if your computer is off, then there is no power
15:18 < jnc> penguin: and it is dead
15:18 < abrotman> damn
15:18 < penguin> But does the program save state and start running when you turne it back on
NB: Translation: Ladies and gentlemen take out your cameras we have a winner

15:23 < lToro> From the OpenSSH 4.2 announcement: "Older OpenSSH (<3.5) versions have a bug that will cause them to refuse to connect to any server that does not offer compression when the client has compression requested."
15:24 < lToro> Hmm, I'm successfully sshing OpenBSD 3.3 to 3.7 with OpenSSH 4.2
15:24 < sphex> compression ain't requested by default I think
15:24 < sphex> try with -C
15:25 < lToro> Aha, it's not on by default.
15:25 < lToro> I got confused. :)
15:25 < lToro> I thought it was a problem...
15:26 < lToro> And don't ask why I got a 3.3 machine...
15:26 < sphex> ok..
15:26 < sphex> will just tell you UPGRADE DAMMIT :p
15:27 < lToro> Everything else is running 3.7
15:27 < lToro> Promise. :)
15:27 < lToro> Anyway, it still works with -C
15:28 < lToro> Never mind.
15:28 < lToro> Why complain when something actually *works* for once! :-P
15:28 < sphex> so does it work?
15:28 < lToro> Yes.
15:29 < lToro> Ahh, got it... <3.5 refers to the version of OpenSSH, not OpenBSD.
15:29 < sphex> with <3.5?
15:29 < sphex> ah..
15:29 < lToro> 3.3 runs OpenSSH 3.7
15:29 < lToro> Confusing as hell.
15:29 < _mx> OBSD 3.3, eh ... didn't want to make the ELF change on that one ;P
15:30 < sphex> ouch..
15:30 < lToro> It just runs ssh... Nothing else. And it is soon history.
15:32 * DoppelGanger gives lToro a prize
NB: Translation: Now where did I put that dunce hat

cheetahman wrote: darkstar:
How would I log in to it
NB: Translation: You can't make such things up folks. Here is the link.