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  Windows found - remove? (Y)es (S)ure (F)ine (O)K  

TruthSeeker wrote: I seem to have ended up with XFree86 instead of X11, I don't remember being given the choice. It seems various things I need require X11 though... So how do I change? Do I just remove the XF86 packages and install the X11 ones? It seems to be a rather major system change, so I wanted to check before screwing everything up...
NB: Translation: How fucking dumb can one person be?

48posters writes: Where is Debian?
48posters writes: I have Debian 3.1 Sarge DVD from Linux magazine. After I insatll all I get is a login. No OS no nothing. The screen asks for a 2nd cd, I have one DVD. I put in the DVD check the dektop environment, runs for a while, tells me to restart, then that login screen with a username$. Thank you for help, we are a MAC design shop.
*6 minuteslater*
48posters writes: OK, did not press spacebar,
NB: Translation: Mac users folks, take a good long look. They are as fucking dumb as linux users these days.

Tag_Scott writes: My main box is gonna be dual boot win2k and debian 3.1. I would like to have them share the users home folder so both OS's can use it. Ive tries using fat32 for a partition mounted as /home but it seems lack of permissions wont let debian boot regular users to the gui. Any suggestions so users in both OS's can use this partition as thier home?
NB: Translation: He is the smartest guy I have ever met

15:21 < _Soto_> I installed mplayer in my machine.Now i want to run it,what should i type,any clue?
15:21 < cheal> _Soto_: ask #mplayerhq
15:23 < _Soto_> I installed mplayer in my machine.Now i want to run it,what should i do?
15:23 < cheal> _Soto_: ask #mplayerhq
15:23 < DoppelGanger> _Soto_: stfu for one
NB: Translation: AOL Tech support eat your heart out

15:23 -!- JEAT [n=jeatkoon@adsl-065-006-181-036.sip.bct.bellsouth.net] has joined #debian
15:23 < JEAT> hi hi
15:24 < JEAT> is this the channel for PDA's?
15:24 < DoppelGanger> JEAT: yes
15:24 < MOTD_ADMIN> JEAT, yes sure
15:24 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ah
15:24 < JEAT> ok
15:24 < JEAT> im lookin at the palmOne tungstens
15:24 < DoppelGanger> did someone hit the stupid button
15:24 < JEAT> and the E2 has SMS and the T5 has SMS and MMS
15:24 < MOTD_ADMIN> JEAT, just look in your arse :)
15:25 < azeem> JEAT: sorry, this channel is not about PDAs
15:25 < JEAT> =-o
NB: Translation: ( Y ), eureka I found it

16:05 < _Soto_> which command should i use to move all archives from one directory to another,without nedding to type one by one?
16:05 < cheal> _Soto_: are you asking about tar files or what?
16:07 < _Soto_> cheal,i have to transfer all the codecs (more then 100 dll files) to usr/bin/win32 directory.how do i do that?
16:07 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
16:07 < DoppelGanger> poor cheal
16:07 < DoppelGanger> _Soto_: you RTFM
16:07 < cheal> ?
16:07 < cheal> _Soto_: where are the files currently%
16:08 < _Soto_> /root
16:08 < _Soto_> /root/essential
16:08 < cheal> _Soto_: there are no other files in that dir?
16:08 * DoppelGanger points out that if _Soto_ read how to compile mplayer or anything
16:09 < DoppelGanger> he would know the directory to put the goddamn freaking libs into
16:09 < _Soto_> is that important?
16:09 < cheal> _Soto_: just so that you don't copy files you don't need to. # cp /root/essential/* /usr/bin/win32
16:10 < DoppelGanger> cheal: those don't belong there
16:10 < _Soto_> that is it.* thanks a lot cheal
NB: Translation: Fucking Moron

12:32 < moparfan90> hello. if anyone can help me pplease. i cant load X i get a eroor and my computer crashes
12:32 < moparfan90> help meplease
12:32 < DoppelGanger> ha ah moparfan90 keep saying help
12:32 < moparfan90> why
12:33 < DoppelGanger> cause eventually someone will say we need more info, or reconfig X or rtm
12:33 < maakud> moparfan90: computer crashes when X starts is serious bug in xfree86! :) what you mean is X crashes. please being calm and giving proper error messages.
12:33 < bob2> DoppelGanger: please stop being useless
12:33 < moparfan90> i am usaing xorg
12:34 < therealdantheman> Hi everyone.
12:34 < moparfan90> it just says that there was a eroror while loadinbg X and then everything frezzes
NB: Translation: Help me please I think bob2 (debian op) wants to ban DoppelGanger. :-)

20:34 < dbtid> i just did a cvs get on src
20:35 < dbtid> here's what i got back:
20:35 < dbtid> U src/sys/ufs/ext2fs/ext2fs_readwrite.c
20:35 < dbtid> U src/sys/ufs/ext2fs/ext2fs_subr.c
20:35 < dbtid> Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.
20:35 < dbtid> cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
20:35 < dbtid> sparc64# echo $CVSROOT
20:35 < dbtid> anoncvs@anoncvs1.usa.openbsd.org:/cvs
20:35 < Han> try another mirror
20:35 < dbtid> will that solve it?
20:35 < dbtid> what's a MAC corruption?
20:35 < Han> What will you do if I'm wrong?
20:36 < dbtid> waste a lot of time
20:36 < Han> Not my problem
20:36 < dbtid> i realize that
20:36 < dbtid> it's just a shame you can't give a more intelligent answer.
20:37 < Han> Not really. It's a shame you don't appreciate the answer.
NB: Translation: I'll tell mom, that will show you Han, :)

15:55 < vir3> how do i assign an ip address to my ethernet card ?
15:55 < DoppelGanger> carefully
NB: Translation: fucking idiot

22:02 < b14ck> Is there a player that can play wmv's?
22:02 < Archite> is there a search engine on the internet?
22:02 < Archite> hehe
22:03 < b14ck> I meant a port/package.
NB: Translation: b14ck sure is vague

23:13 < electron_> Is there anyway I can crack the password on a .rar?
23:13 < electron_> why the fuck would someone put a password on it!
23:13 < electron_> it's an album
23:13 < liable> electron_: why the fuck are you asking here?
23:14 < electron_> because it's a linux command
23:14 < DoppelGanger> ah ah
23:14 < DoppelGanger> wtf
23:14 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ah
23:14 < sussudio> electron_: die
23:14 < electron_> don't be a fag
23:14 < electron_> cock
23:14 < DoppelGanger> electron_: don't be a fucking idiot
23:14 < electron_> WTF
23:14 < electron_> I asked a simple question
23:14 < electron_> you fuck
23:14 < DoppelGanger> sorry channel
23:14 < electron_> I KNOW
23:15 < electron_> of
23:15 < DoppelGanger> didn't mean to curse
23:15 < electron_> some program
23:15 < electron_> seen it in apt sources
23:15 < JoshH> electron_: sometimes the people here are kinda cranky for some reason.
23:15 < electron_> so don't give me that shit
23:15 < sussudio> DoppelGanger: by all means, curse away
23:15 < electron_> yeah, they need a good smack in the face
23:15 < liable> electron_: /j warez
23:16 < liable> this a debian support channel, not a fucking warez channel
23:16 < electron_> Yes..
23:16 < electron_> ANd I need support with debian
23:16 < DoppelGanger> translation electron_ you are a homo
23:16 < electron_> rar isn't warez you fuck
23:16 < sussudio> dondelelcaro: could you get rid of warezboy?
23:16 < electron_> DoppelGanger, you are terminated!
23:16 < electron_> I IZ VERY IMPRESSED
23:17 < DoppelGanger> you need english lessons
23:17 < quittt> electron_, calm down...
23:17 < DoppelGanger> ha ah
23:17 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ah
23:17 < quittt> electron_, or your will fuck yourself
23:17 < DoppelGanger> electron_: when did you become the best
23:17 < DoppelGanger> electron_: i am very scared right now
23:17 < Azar> electron_ no there is no way to crack pasword in a .rar, your question was answered
23:17 < quittt> electron_, stop arguing with nerds... be calm and try to read the manual
23:18 < electron_> stupid nerds
23:18 -!- electron_ [n=phreakit@203-217-49-9.dyn.iinet.net.au] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:18 < nkuttler> great, people in #debian calling each other nerds...
23:18 * nkuttler chuckles
23:18 < Garda> nkuttler: lol
23:18 < DoppelGanger> ha ah
NB: Translation: <@stormrider> So, one atom says to the other, "I think I lost an election." The other says "Are you sure." The first one responds "I'm positive."
Quoting hackers the movie: the only true way to show you are truly a fucking idiot since they were crackers not hackers in the fucking movie

Anonymous wrote: Gentoo is a Linux admin, like webmin....not a user name, like you previously said
We want a debian OS, and gentoo as admin for our server
here is the link
have a good one
NB: Translation: um, so you want the gentoo as a frontend to debian, OK no problem

13:20 < untitled> hei, pople, bash# shutdown -h now, computer doesn't shut down, but halts and there is a message Power down...
13:20 < DoppelGanger> so -h halts
13:20 < DoppelGanger> wow
13:20 < DoppelGanger> :)
13:21 < untitled> what should i do to make it shut down?
13:21 < untitled> all hardware stop?
13:21 < DoppelGanger> untitled: you could try rtm
13:22 < untitled> DoppelGanger whats that?
13:22 < DoppelGanger> r is for read, t is for the, m is for manual
NB: Translation: f is for fuck, y is for you

13:13 < euipd> can i use YaST in slack to configure my nvidia driver?
13:13 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
13:13 < euipd> im having bad troubles with nvidia
13:13 < DoppelGanger> sorry i meant
13:14 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ah
13:14 < euipd> it gives me a blank screen and does nothing once iload x
13:16 < Darkjoker> euipd, yast in slack??
13:20 < euipd> DarkJoker: yea because i dont understand when i load x its giving me a blank screen
13:20 < euipd> nvidia 3421740 0 (unused)
13:20 < euipd> module is loaded
13:20 < Darkjoker> euipd, slackware does not have yast, thats a suse thing
13:20 < euipd> ok
13:21 < Darkjoker> euipd, use xorgcfg to get a basic working configuration, then read the NVIDIA readme that is in the nvidia web page and modify the xorg.conf file accordingly
13:22 < euipd> DarkJoker: exactl what i did
13:22 < euipd> and it gave me a black screen.. where i was unable to do nothing.. not even press ctrl alt delete to restart so i did a hard reboot by pressing the button
13:23 < euipd> and loaded nv to get on here to ask anyone if they know how to fix it
13:23 < euipd> and i gave all permissions to /dev/nividia*
NB: Translation: $yast... Command not found, you are an idiot

15:52 < furbsd> what you mean login shell
15:52 < furbsd> i login to x window and start two aterms
15:52 < furbsd> so i already login right
NB: Translation: um let me get back to you on that furbsd, IDIOT

-!- bahar__ [n=bahar@] has joined #linuxbeginner
14:06 < bahar__> is there any remote access to linux (FC4) ?
14:07 -!- bahar__ [n=bahar@] has quit [Client Quit]
NB: Translation: Fucking IDIOT

09:36 < Lusule> still having a few problems with my fluxbox startup config
09:37 < chaddy> you putting startup programs in with an ampersand after them?
09:37 < Lusule> yes, the problem is with keyboards atm
09:37 < Lusule> i've read that to specify my keyboard type in fluxbox, i need to add Option XkbLayout to the Input Device Identifier keyboard section of xorg.conf
09:37 < chaddy> ?
09:38 < Lusule> but i can't work out what my keybaord type actually is
09:38 < Lusule> i tried 'uk' and that didn't work
09:38 < Lusule> i need my windows key back, half my shortcuts are tied to it ><
09:38 < chaddy> hang on I'll post the relevant line
09:39 < chaddy> Option "XkbLayout" "gb"
09:40 < Lusule> aha thanks!
09:40 < Lusule> brb
09:41 < chaddy> better?
09:41 < Lusule> yaaay brilliant thanks!
09:41 < chaddy> youo using irssi?
09:41 < chaddy> s/ouo/ou
09:41 < Lusule> yep
09:41 < chaddy> you might want to look into screen
09:42 < chaddy> it's like a window manager for terminal sessions
09:42 < chaddy> runs independent of X, so you don't need to appear to disappear every time you restart X
09:42 < Lusule> people keep talking about it, but as far as I've heard, its main use is if i'm likely to want to use IRC on multiple computers
09:42 < Lusule> oh that does sound useful
09:42 < chaddy> irssi + screen + ssh
09:42 < chaddy> lovely
09:43 < Lusule> what's the ssh part for?
09:43 < chaddy> communicating from one computer to another
09:47 < Lusule> right i've got a bunch of things to change, but first, gym!
10:21 < Kluster> ssh is you second best friend, right after google
11:44 < DoppelGanger> he he whts ssh for
NB: Translation: 11:45 < Lusule> hey, i wasn't born with the knowledge...