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DoppelGanger Behaving Badly ;-)

viledarknight> loft306, how do i acess my windows netowek on linux?
DoppelGanger> rtfm
DoppelGanger> its called samba use google
DoppelGanger> hes not a damn dictionary
viledarknight> fuck you.
DoppelGanger> ha you wish flamer
DoppelGanger> i f*&)() some ugly girls in my time but i would never touch you ya fruity biach
--- sarumont sets ban on *!*LordAngel@*.nwrk.east.verizon.net
<-- sarumont has kicked DoppelGanger from #linuxforums (sarumont)
--- storm-away is now known as stormirder
--- stormirder is now known as stormrider
loft306> watch your mouth
loft306> haha
loft306> viledarknight u still here
loft306> doh
NB:translation: I Wear My badge of Honour Proudly he he

If Your Gonna Ban Someone at least get the name right and oh yeah make sure they can't figure out a way to rejoin the channel in less than 2 seconds :-p.
Ya might wanna also not put it on the front of your webpage it kinda shows your stupid. And the name is DoppelGanger not DoppleGanger. Someone has a reading comprehension problem but I won't tell if you don't ha ha.




18:29 < [mindfra]> so here is my question whats the diffrents from suse,mandrake,redhat?
18:30 < Twiggy> [mindfra]: Yast
18:30 < Twiggy> Mandrake and Redhat don't have it
18:30 < mortici_> Twiggy: i guess im not gonna be on mm3
18:30 < Twiggy> mortici_: No go eh?
18:30 < mortici_> theres a conflict between it and bootsplash patch
18:30 < Tulta> Yast2 - love it
18:30 < [mindfra]> and explain what is yast?
18:30 < Twiggy> [mindfra]: Configuration tool
18:31 < Twiggy> It lets you easily configure your system without much hassle at all
18:31 < DoppelGanger> [mindfra]: nothing they all suck the same he he
18:31 < [mindfra]> lol
NB:translation: eh he yeah you would have said it too

How To Spot a Liar

15:41 < [FileFly]> Whats the portage equivalent for mandrake?
15:42 < Chibix> You're making that up.
15:42 < [FileFly]> ... huh?
15:42 < Immolo> urpmi :P
15:43 < [FileFly]> portage is in Gentoo
15:43 < Chibix> Oh, I thought it was #emerge
15:43 < [FileFly]> It is...
15:43 < Chibix> Okay, now I know two. =p
15:43 < [FileFly]> But the emerge system is called portage :P
15:43 < Chibix> Yeah, urpmi
15:43 -!- [FileFly] [~chris@host81-156-86-78.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:43 -!- [FileFly] [~chris@host81-156-86-78.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #mandrake
15:44 < Chibix> (And it's apt-get in Debian, right?)
15:44 < RogueDopple> um
15:45 < [FileFly]> How is this urpmi used?
15:45 < RogueDopple> portage system does not = urpmi
15:45 < [FileFly]> I mean i wanna install the latest firefox =S
15:45 < [FileFly]> No, the "emerge" system in Gentoo is called Portage.
15:45 < Chibix> "urpmi firefox" doesn't work?
15:45 < [FileFly]> Simple, end of story :P
15:45 < [FileFly]> no package named firefox
15:46 < Chibix> You'll have to set up your online mirrors.
15:46 < [FileFly]> Chibix, How would i do that? :)
15:47 < RogueDopple> do not presume to tell me what the portage system is adn what urpmi is
15:47 < Chibix> First, enter su mode. Then you add sources with special commands, and the mirror names you want. Lemme get that site.
15:47 < RogueDopple> portage system contains port aka ebuilds to file for compilation
15:47 < RogueDopple> urpmi is a package manager
15:47 < RogueDopple> it fetches prebuilt binaries
15:47 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, I know all this :P
15:47 < RogueDopple> for you
15:47 < [FileFly]> Why are you telling me?
15:47 < RogueDopple> then installs them
15:47 < [FileFly]> I switched from Gentoo to Mandrake
15:48 < RogueDopple> ie they are not the same thing
15:48 < [FileFly]> lol, i know there not :P
15:48 < Chibix> (it's urpmi.addmedia name source with file.cz though...)
15:48 < [FileFly]> I ment like a basic equivalent :P
15:48 < RogueDopple> the basic equivalent is emerge to urpmi
15:48 < mikere> [FileFly]: do a search for easy urpmi - great document to get you started
15:49 < [FileFly]> I gotta be honest, Mandrake doesnt seem as fast as gentoo =\
15:49 < Chibix> http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php
15:49 < RogueDopple> i gotta be honest your full of it
15:49 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, Dude WTF is your problem?
15:50 < RogueDopple> don't criticize one distro because of your lack of control of it
15:50 < Chibix> Mdk should ship with a link to urpmi.org/easyurpmi on the kde desktop. ;p
15:50 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, No its quite simply not as fast because it is based on binaries instead of custom compiled kernel etc. for your hardware requirements
15:51 < RogueDopple> nice bs
15:51 < RogueDopple> then go back to using gentoo
15:51 < Chibix> Based on bytecode instead of source makes it slower?
15:51 < RogueDopple> of course you prob couldn't handle tht one
15:51 < Chibix> I'd think bytecode runs faster than compilation-to-bytecode
15:51 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, Dude... STFU :P
15:52 < Chibix> I'd think there's a lot of miscommunication here.
15:52 < RogueDopple> [FileFly]: make me you lying little flamer
15:52 < Chibix> File's obviously using Mdk against his will at the whim of some corporate executive.
15:52 -!- crash3m [beefsalad@crash3m.cloaked] has joined #mandrake
15:52 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, grow up.
15:52 < Chibix> And Rogue is obviously rude to noobs.
15:53 < RogueDopple> obviously
15:53 < mikere> [FileFly]: you can easily custom compile a kernel with any options you want on any distro
15:53 < Chibix> Rogue probably shouldn't be in a help channel with that attitude. =p
15:53 < RogueDopple> [FileFly]: learn to stop lying
15:53 < RogueDopple> your skills have not matured enough to run the distro
15:53 < RogueDopple> it is your fault not the distros
15:53 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, go get fucked.
15:53 < RogueDopple> ha ha
15:53 < RogueDopple> no thank you
15:53 < RogueDopple> i prefer to do that in private
15:53 < [FileFly]> Then STFU and let me go about my business.
15:54 < mikere> [FileFly]: no fould language in channel - read the channel rules.
15:54 < [FileFly]> Jees, fucking kids these days.
15:54 < RogueDopple> no i prefer you dig your hole some more
15:54 < RogueDopple> keep digging
15:54 < Gronkl> Question: I seem to have messed up my fonts after installing some truetypes that I downloaded. This mostly affects GTK based programs. Any advice on where to start to resurrect the original fonts?
15:54 -!- eed [~eed@adsl-067-035-082-119.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #mandrake
15:54 < crash3m> trappist breser cannonball Hawkwind wake up would ya?
15:54 * RogueDopple finds it funny tht when someone says the truth you automatically ssume you are older ha ha
15:55 < [FileFly]> RogueDopple, Dude.. I know more about Gentoo than you could ever live to know in your whole life.
15:55 < mikere> crash3m: good call :)
15:55 < [FileFly]> Now WTFU and let the big boys get on with there business.
15:55 < RogueDopple> [FileFly]: stop lying
15:55 < crash3m> stop feeding the trolls, please
15:55 < [FileFly]> There we go :)
15:55 < RogueDopple> you don't even know what portage is
15:56 < [FileFly]> Portage downloads files from locations stored in its casch
15:56 < [FileFly]> It then compiles them on your PC...
15:56 < mikere> crash3m: where's an op when you need one...
15:56 < [FileFly]> ... then it continues to do ./configure and make
15:56 < crash3m> mikere: I should have never resigned as founder, and op for that matter
15:56 -!- kojack27_FL [~shutup@69-168-189-188.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #mandrake
15:56 < Chibix> File, know when to stop.
15:56 < mikere> crash3m: agreed
15:56 < RogueDopple> thts lovely, you can repeat worthless data
15:57 < [FileFly]> Gotta love the ignore feature.
15:57 < Chibix> I'd say that's faster than Compiling, but then, I like things done quick and efficient.
15:57 < Chibix> So sue me.
15:58 < RogueDopple> oh i am not talking you Chibix, I am talking [FileFly]
16:13 < [FileFly]> Ive got a prob, whenever im on the updates list ive got the loading icon.
16:13 < crash3m> 600m is a dell?
16:13 < michaelnieves> yes
16:13 < [FileFly]> And i cant select my desired mirror.
16:14 < [FileFly]> =(
16:14 < crash3m> !t [FileFly] addmedia
16:14 < RogueDopple> smart gentoo user
16:14 < crash3m> go to the url CookieII just sent you [FileFly], use urpmi to add your sources
16:14 < crash3m> RogueDopple: stop
16:19 < [FileFly]> oh no :(
16:19 < RogueDopple> ha ah
16:19 < crash3m> Phazeman: I dont play with cooker
16:19 < [FileFly]> I selected the french mirror by accident :(
16:20 < [FileFly]> How do i change default mirrors?
16:20 < AdmiralNemo> okay, duh, never thought of that
16:21 * RogueDopple laughs again
16:21 < crash3m> [FileFly]: remove the old source, add a new one
16:21 < kojack27_FL> whats the big diff between offical
16:21 < [FileFly]> crash3m, Mandrake n00b here :P
16:21 < [FileFly]> Im a gentoo > Mandrake :P
16:21 < crash3m> [FileFly]: urpmi.removemedia main; urpmi.addmedia (rest you can get from the url CookieII sent you)
16:21 < Phazeman> !c
16:21 * CookieII blesses Phazeman with a +5 Clue-by-four of Enlightenment
16:22 -!- mode/#mandrake [+o Phazeman] by ChanServ
16:23 < AdmiralNemo> [FileFly]: why would you move that direction? I am trying to go the other way :P
16:23 < michaelnieves> sorry abotu that..mandrake froze when I swapped from cdrom to battery
16:24 < [FileFly]> AdmiralNemo, Gentoo is great but you need a lot of time and patience.
16:24 < [FileFly]> I have neither :P
16:24 < AdmiralNemo> heh
16:26 < [FileFly]> AdmiralNemo, What ya waiting for then? :P
16:26 < AdmiralNemo> a new machine
16:26 < [FileFly]> AdmiralNemo, If ya want Gentoo why not just move to gentoo? =P
16:26 < AdmiralNemo> :D
16:26 < [FileFly]> Ahh, fair enough ;)
16:26 <@Phazeman> [FileFly]: hmmm not that nice to say that in Mandrake support channel...
16:26 < AdmiralNemo> mine can barely handle pre-compiled binary installs
16:26 < [FileFly]> lol :P
16:26 < AdmiralNemo> I shudder to think of compiling everything
16:27 < [FileFly]> Hey, how do Athlon64s work with Mandrake ?
16:27 * bascule wonders how often the word gentoo gets mentioned each day
16:27 < [FileFly]> AdmiralNemo, Yea... It seems like a good idea but its very time consuming
16:27 < [FileFly]> And about 1/3 compiles gives ya probs.
16:27 < AdmiralNemo> yes, not to mention resource consuming
16:28 < [FileFly]> indeed.
16:28 <@Phazeman> [FileFly] and AdmiralNemo - please take this conversation to PMSG
16:28 < AdmiralNemo> its over
16:28 < [FileFly]> indeed it is :)
16:28 < AdmiralNemo> i have to get back to work :D
16:28 < [FileFly]> Is there an official Mandrake chan?
16:28 <@Phazeman> no
NB: translation: Read between the lines. This guy is the smartest user ever and those ops wow gotta love em. I especially love when the mdk users admit their distro sucks ha ah.

When the op above messages me

16:21 < Phazeman> please stop to annoy people in the channel and curse. Next time you will be kickbanned without a warning
16:21 < RogueDopple> hey smarty i haven't cursed once
16:21 < Phazeman> should i show you the logs ?????
16:21 < RogueDopple> i have thelogs
16:21 < Phazeman> and i'm not smarty
16:21 < Phazeman> i'm an op
16:21 < RogueDopple> wow
16:22 < RogueDopple> you should ask your fellow ops about me
16:22 < Phazeman> calm down please
16:22 < RogueDopple> congratulations on the promotion
16:22 < Phazeman> hmmmmmmmm
16:23 < RogueDopple> i just checked the logs i didn't curse not once
16:23 < Phazeman> but your attitude was very "nice"
16:23 < Phazeman> why did you do that ?
16:23 < RogueDopple> because he was lying
16:24 < Phazeman> so ?
16:24 < Phazeman> you always can go pmsg with him
16:24 < Phazeman> why doing it in the channel
16:24 < Phazeman> ?
16:24 < RogueDopple> because he proves my point by going on a tirade then showing it with his questions

How to get Banned in #mandrake

01:56 < RogueDopple> this is funny
01:57 < RogueDopple> and I never pass up an opportunity to flame idiots unfortunately i got work in the morning damn it
01:57 < the-erm> jshayden: So does it matter if you try running it in gnome, or kde?
01:57 * RogueDopple laughs andmandrake users calling ppl n00bs
01:57 < RogueDopple> at*
01:57 -!- RogueDopple [~Rogue@pool-143-183-156-127.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has quit ["going down"]
01:57 < jshayden> the-erm, i've never tried in gnome... i don't have it installed
01:58 < Woody> ?!
01:58 < HauntedUnix> Woody: what?
01:58 < Woody> (concerning RogueDopple comment)
*Got this private message from mandrake ops*
01:58 HauntedUnix> Final warning. Change your attitude, or don't bother coming into this channel again
01:59 DoppelGanger> ohhhhhhhhhhh from the bottom of my heart bite me, what makes you think i care, its called the truth
*2 mins later*
02:01 -!- mode/#mandrake [+b DoppleGanger!*@*] by CookieII
02:01 < jshayden> the worst part is, i have to move this document to a windows machine to print it, and it's not in a windows format
02:01 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
02:01 < the-erm> Well I guess I don't have anything to offer, however it might be of benefit to you to install gnome. *Maybe* and
this is just grasping for straws some gtk package isn't installed if it's not even starting.
02:01 -!- mode/#mandrake [+b DoppleGanger!*@*] by CookieII
02:01 < HauntedUnix> oh for the love of
02:01 < HauntedUnix> !c
02:01 * CookieII blesses HauntedUnix with a +5 Clue-by-four of Enlightenment
02:01 -!- mode/#mandrake [+o HauntedUnix] by ChanServ
02:01 < DoppelGanger> ha ha
02:02 < DoppelGanger> idiot
02:02 -!- mode/#mandrake [+b *!*LordAngel@*.nwrk.east.verizon.net] by HauntedUnix
02:02 -!- DoppelGanger was kicked from #mandrake by HauntedUnix [Please avoid derogatory terms about other users]
NB: translation: What the fuck is wrong with ops do they not know how to ban ppl mwa ha ah

How to get banned in #slackware or ##slackware

15:04 < DoppelGanger> I heart Kriss :-P
15:06 <+Kyle_S> DoppelGanger: thats nice. Did you just come here to tell us that?
15:06 < DoppelGanger> mwa ha ha maybe
15:06 <+W|GG-Laptop> here we go
15:06 <+W|GG-Laptop> troll time
15:07 <+W|GG-Laptop> where's my shell to nixor?
15:07 < DoppelGanger> why are you limiting my free speech
15:07 <+W|GG-Laptop> there's no such thing as free speech here
15:07 < seanj> aren't there a number of countries where free speech is not a basic right?
15:08 < Deimos-> I'll dig around some more later i guess
15:08 <+W|GG-Laptop> read the channel guidelines
15:08 < DoppelGanger> W|GG-Laptop: Kyle_S i love you all mwa ha ha
15:11 -!- Diffie [~diffie@2001:5c0:8fff:fffe:0:0:0:d61] has joined ##slackware
15:11 -!- mode/##slackware [+b *!*@2001:5c0*] by nixor
15:11 -!- Diffie was kicked from ##slackware by nixor [banned: zzang - perm ban - ctcp flood / ban evasion / ignorance]
15:12 <+W|GG-Laptop> haha
15:12 < DoppelGanger> i liked diffie
15:12 <+W|GG-Laptop> damn ipv6
15:12 < DoppelGanger> ignorance is bliss
15:12 -!- mode/##slackware [+b *!*@pool-68-162-62-72.nwrk.east.verizon.net] by nixor
15:12 -!- DoppelGanger was kicked from ##slackware by nixor [banned:bye
NB: translation: Was it something I said mwa ha ha