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20:06 < mzuverink> I am considering making the switch from Mandrake 10 to Slackware 9.1
20:08 < mzuverink> Mandrake is super easy(wizards and such)and I have found that because of such wizards I am as stupid as I was in Windows
NB:translation: I Think I am gonna cry :_)

21:38 < DoppelGanger> kdetv
21:38 < stormrider> myth tv is supposed to be good.
21:39 < slackhappy> tried all of those....it installed wiched easy on my fedora install, but i have now swticched to slack and kde
21:39 < slackhappy> no so stright forward.
21:39 < slackhappy> im sure ill get it tho
21:39 < stormrider> hooray for you switching from fedora to slack.
21:39 < DoppelGanger> noob quote good
21:39 < slackhappy> yes....it is sooo much faster than fedora
21:39 < stormrider> It is.
21:39 < stormrider> and more stable.
NB: translation: /me sheds a tear

A Link I Came Across. I'm so proud :-). The Stealth Desktop

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06:19 < WaterOx> I am sorry but that has to be the most retarded faq on chat etiquette..... Essentially it says dont bother asking because if we know the answer you should be able too
06:19 -!- WaterOx [~chatzilla@fl-lp-u2-c4c-109.pbc.adelphia.net] has quit [Client Quit]
Here is the topic of the channel: Topic for #cl: Welcome to College Linux. Please no questions about
wine, p2p, or any other unrelated materials. Please read
http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html and see
http://www.multimania.com/sector2/linux/answer.jpg before asking any questions.
After asking a question please stick about for a while, it may take a while for
anyone to reply. Thank You
NB: translation: ha ha looks like the topic is working. :-p

14:13 < moshe> could someone explain to me why, despite the fact that Mandrake configured all my hardware automatically and Slackware didn't, why I'm enjoying running Slackware more?
14:13 < SporcusPorcus> moshe: lots and lots of weed for free
14:13 < moshe> nah
14:13 < HedgeMage> moshe: because Slackware is an addiction :)
14:13 < moshe> don't do weed
14:13 < SporcusPorcus> :-(
14:13 < moshe> according to the tv ads, weed gets girls pregnant.
14:13 < SporcusPorcus> he eh
14:13 < HedgeMage> moshe: roflmao
14:13 < SporcusPorcus> if its on tv it must be true he eh
14:14 <+phrag> moschi^afk: because you can apply your slackware learnt skills to any other linux distro, unlike most others
14:14 < StevenR> moshe: the feeling of satisfaction, knowing you did it. and the knowledge you run a stable, well maintained and supported distro
14:14 < HedgeMage> moshe: that can't be true, I've never used weed, but I have been pregnant :)
14:14 < moshe> well, my wife's been pregnant.
14:14 < moshe> we're still investigating if weed was involved.
14:14 < HedgeMage> moshe: maybe it had something to do with all the wild and kinky sex I was having???
14:14 < moshe> but right now it's not lookgin to be the case
14:14 < Dominian> moshe: weed involved in pregnancy. never
14:14 < Dominian> hehe
14:15 < moshe> when I saw the latest anti-weed ads on tv, I really thought they were admitting that all the stuff they taught me in high school about weed being so dangerous to your health was BS
14:16 < moshe> anti-pot
14:16 <+phrag> moshe: heh, where do you live ?
NB: translation: Use Slackware It will get you pregnant. Males need not apply he eh :-)

is partitioning your HD that risky?
partitioning a hard drive is like cutting a pizza into slices
With a baseball bat
<+^Silver> Next time you're having a bad day, imagine this:
<+^Silver> -You're a Siamese twin
<+^Silver> -Your brother, attached at your shoulder, is gay
<+^Silver> -You're noget.
<+^Silver> -He has a date coming over tonight.
<+^Silver> -You only have one ass.
<[NCA]Spank> I was pretty dumb about computers.
<[NCA]Spank> Then I learned you could get porn on them.
<[NCA]Spank> 3 years later I'm a system administrator
NB: translation: Linux fullfilling sexual fantasies worldwide