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"Today, I got... Linux.
Yep! I'm now dual booting with Mandrake 10 and Windows XP. So far I
like it alot. But when they say Linux isn't exactly user-friendly,
they're really not kidding. It took me, and I'm not exaggerating here,
two hours to figure out how to install and run a program. But I'm
digging it so far, and having both OSes on the same computer is great.
I can do my school work and stuff on Linux, and play games on Windows. It really is the best of both worlds."

* thevampirelestat hurls
thevampirelestat where do you find those weird sites?
thevampirelestat yay
thevampirelestat my system has been reaired
thevampirelestat ^_^
thevampirelestat aw wait a minute
thevampirelestat oh shit
thevampirelestat dudes? i cant boot from cd anymore
thevampirelestat wtf?! im SCREWED!
thevampirelestat oh wait
thevampirelestat lmao
thevampirelestat there was no cd in the drive
SR-71 haha
thevampirelestat ^_^;;
thevampirelestat i knew that...
mesut omg, shorten ur nick
* thevampirelestat is now known as theslash
theslash who unmounted my partitions
msg43 @theslash wtf what?
theslash who unmounted my partitions?!
NB: translation: <+SR-71> damn he's dumb, nah he's just a retard