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00:08 < wotten> i found out if i wasn't a programmer....i wouldn't be able to setup linux
00:09 < ddisturbe> thats incorrect
00:09 < vern> wotten: perhaps you got vague answers to vague questions
00:09 < ddisturbe> wotten anyone can setup linux
00:09 < ddisturbe> if someone cant install redhat then they dont deserve a computer sorry
00:10 < java2> wotten: its culture, if you dont know Unix you dont know Linux, if you dont know DOS you dont know Windows98 and if you dont know VMS you dont know WinXP, darwin, macox, etc...
00:11 < ddisturbe> its a lifestyle honestly
00:11 < ddisturbe> i dunno about anyone else but linux is part of my life
00:12 < pr3vi0uz> java2 thats not true lol i havent install unix yet but i can use linux fine it depends
00:13 < java2> pr3vi0uz: liNUX (the Unix of Linus) yes you know Unix
00:13 < wotten> i'm back
00:13 < ddisturbe> pr3vi0uz its almost the exact thing
00:13 < ddisturbe> install freebsd
00:13 < ddisturbe> you will know your way around
00:13 < pr3vi0uz> hehe i tried no luck
00:14 < ddisturbe> man :-/
00:14 < ddisturbe> thats sad
00:14 < wotten> i will be willing to bet that the average joe could not set up linux
00:14 < ddisturbe> wotten you had trouble installing mdk?
00:14 < wotten> yes i did
00:14 < pr3vi0uz> ddisturbe how long u been useing linux for?
00:19 < wotten> i can tell yo that from a engineers standpoint that mandrake and or any other linux system has a long way to go to compete with windows...
00:19 < vern> wotten: probably. i'm betting you acted then like you are now. you don't answer questions and ignore whats said.
00:19 < ddisturbe> lol
00:19 < ddisturbe> wotten i think its the other way around
00:20 < wotten> not that i like windows...but that the average individual can not set linux the wat it is today
00:22 < wotten> I want to get away from windows.....but the present situation....doesn't allow me to migrate to linux
00:24 < ddisturbe> wotten try slack ;)
00:24 < ddisturbe> slackware is your friend
00:24 * DoppelGanger laughs
00:24 < pr3vi0uz> no it isnt :(
00:24 < ddisturbe> why not?
00:24 < wotten> java....most people don't answer questions in this room
00:24 < pr3vi0uz> i cant install that either lol
00:24 < ddisturbe> lol
00:24 < ddisturbe> just read
00:24 < ddisturbe> look at there online guid
00:25 < ddisturbe> it will help alot
00:25 < pr3vi0uz> i have install mandrake,redhat,suse
00:25 < pr3vi0uz> thats it
00:25 < ddisturbe> same with gentoo
00:25 < ddisturbe> just read the guide
00:25 < ddisturbe> and go one step at a time
00:25 < danc3> wotten: why do you need to be a programmer to use Mandrake?
00:25 < vern> wotten: you've proven you don't answer...so how could you get help?
00:25 < wotten> try slack...why....is that a better outlet?...most people are not going to do that
00:25 < ddisturbe> vern ive asked this dude a million questions he doesnt even see them i think
00:25 < java2> wotten: in the first time you will have problems with the different operating system arch, in the second time with your win/hardware, but if you persist in your 3t time you will be free hehe ;-)
00:26 < pr3vi0uz> its just with the other ones u have to know all your computer specs
00:26 < danc3> wotten: what's your problem with Mandrake?
00:26 < ddisturbe> true
00:26 < vern> ddisturbe: hm, maybe your right
00:29 * DoppelGanger betting DoppelGanger sarcastic comments don'tlook so bad right about now heeh
00:29 < ddisturbe> DoppelGanger join in
00:29 < DoppelGanger> ddisturbe: unable to I fear my bluntness and freedom of speech is not allowed in #mandrake
00:30 < ddisturbe> lol
00:30 < ddisturbe> i think i broke a few laws already
00:30 < wotten> right...you guys aren't trying to help me out...you are giving me helll
00:30 < ddisturbe> wotten you just need to adjust the stick in your ass and chill the fuck out
00:31 < vern> wotten: going to answer me?
00:31 < DoppelGanger> ddisturbe: call me when you have been banned at least 10 times
00:31 < Si|entkey> wotten: what is the question?
00:31 < ddisturbe> lol
NB:translation: Why they proceeded to ban wotten I will never fathom I mean he really belongs there

10:50 < kesV> CrippsFX: weren't you trying to install directly from isos ? I haven't tried to do that, but afaik you should just select the right installation mode/image and tell it where the isos are. You don't have to mount them by hand.
10:51 < CrippsFX> kesV : well ... I have no floppy drive ... so unless I have a cd-r to burn them to (which I dont) I'd have to mount it and start the installation that way.
10:51 < moonie> CrippsFX, you have windows on that machine?
10:51 < _ranger_> CrippsFX, what are you running at present?
10:51 < moonie> CrippsFX, I have been told you can start the install from within windows
10:52 < CrippsFX> moonie : i do ... but I'm running in gentoo right now.
10:52 < moonie> ah
10:52 * DoppelGanger embarrased
10:52 < CrippsFX> moonie : am I pondering what you were pondering? (daemon tools ...)
10:52 < _ranger_> CrippsFX, you can boot the Mandrake installation from grub/lilo
10:53 * DoppelGanger would like to state CrippsFX is not i reapeat not a gentoo user hes just some stage3 hack with a genkernel thank you
10:53 < CrippsFX> _ranger_ : well ... I can point lilo to the iso ... but I have nothing to put the boot media on.
10:53 < foo> good morning HauntedUnix and moonie
10:53 * DoppelGanger probably used teh anaconda installer
10:54 < CrippsFX> DoppelGanger : close ... but I used a stage 2 bootstrap thank you ;)
10:54 < nsa> moonie: nothing to do with wine there :(
10:54 < DoppelGanger> yet you cannont mount an iso
10:54 < chrisz> hi all. can anybody help me with a drakconnect issue in 10.0 official?
10:54 < foo> I thought you could mount an iso
10:54 < moonie> foo, its a gentoo thing evidently
10:54 < CrippsFX> well... if I were good at coding .... I'd do something about that .... but I'm not so I'll just sit around and complain till I find a cd-r :P
10:55 < CrippsFX> DoppelGanger : BTW, if you goole for "Daemon Tools" you would see that there is a windows utility to mount isos .... I would figure *nix would have a better one.
NB:translation: You only bootstrap from stage 1, stage 2 already is bootstrapped so all he did was emerge system, If your gonna say you a gentoo, debian, or slackware user please for the love of god know how to mount a gooddamn cd see man mount for help.

19:29 < neighborlee> nogood: sigh no nvidia still ;(..I did: init 3 > sax2 -m o=nvidia..it started sax2 and then I went back with init 5 but no logo and no ability to choose anything higher than 1024x768 so no doubt it didn't work right or Idid something wrong
19:29 * DoppelGanger yep takes pictures
19:32 < DoppelGanger> you know your in hell when you can't
19:32 < DoppelGanger> A. install nvidia drivers B. can't install nvidia drivers or C. all of the above
19:33 < neighborlee> DoppelGanger, join crowd..mine isn't working either
19:33 * DoppelGanger laughs mine is
19:33 < neighborlee> DoppelGanger, although I tried the automated approach so..manual it may have to be lol
19:33 < DoppelGanger> automated?
19:33 < DoppelGanger> theres an automate
19:33 < neighborlee> yes
19:33 < DoppelGanger> no one told me this
19:33 < neighborlee> sax2 -m o=nvidia
19:33 < DoppelGanger> where
19:33 < neighborlee> nogood told me
19:33 < neighborlee> but it didn't wokr
19:33 < neighborlee> work
19:34 < DoppelGanger> assuming you edited /etc/X11/XF86Config4 or -4
19:34 < neighborlee> no that part wasn't suppose to be necessary
19:34 < neighborlee> the whole idea was more automated
19:35 < DoppelGanger> k i c
19:35 < neighborlee> maybe nogood will show himself in a sec so I can find out what went wrong
19:35 < neighborlee> o_o
19:35 < ohgood> it's all in the README
19:36 < neighborlee> not what I meant actuallly
19:36 < neighborlee> nogood: I was referring to what instructions you provided to me
19:37 < ohgood> neighborlee: well, had you done: su; init 3;sh NVIDIAwhateverversion.run;sax2 -m 0=nvidia; it should have worked fine
19:37 < ohgood> but
19:37 < neighborlee> ohgood: I didn't know I had to download anything
19:38 < ohgood> aha
19:38 < neighborlee> ohgood: I thought that was done by the yast module already...sigh
19:38 < ohgood> that was in the part about 'some folks'
19:38 < neighborlee> ?
19:38 < ohgood> nevermind,
19:38 < neighborlee> this is not turning out easy...I thought suse was all about easy
19:38 < ohgood> get the driver from nvidia.com, get kernel sources, get gcc, and get it on
19:38 < neighborlee> i'm not impressed
19:39 < ohgood> ok, so use something else ?
19:39 < BadMagic> ohgood: I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow
19:39 < neighborlee> I didn't say that..I just said I wasn't impressed
19:39 < BadMagic> neighborlee: nvidia with SuSE IS easy!
19:39 < neighborlee> BadMagic, bullpucky
19:39 < ohgood> well, we can speculate / waste time all freakin day, or just fix it
19:39 < neighborlee> BadMagic, ;-)
19:39 < BadMagic> you can do it all with YOU
19:39 < BadMagic> depending on SuSE version
19:39 < neighborlee> BadMagic, I already tried that..didnt 'work
19:39 < neighborlee> BadMagic, personal 9.1
19:40 < ohgood> BadMagic: i'll be driving 10 hours tommorrow, so have fun ;)
19:40 < BadMagic> it won't work if you don't do it right (pay attention)
19:40 < BadMagic> ok, what is probably happening is that YOU will do kernel updates and kernel source updates
19:40 < neighborlee> BadMagic, I installed and went through the YOU updater and installed nvidia ..what more is needed ;-)
19:40 < BadMagic> you have to make sure you have everything up 2 date FIRST before nvidia
19:40 < ohgood> *cough* release notes
19:40 < neighborlee> BadMagic, would you please point me to where the readme is for this
19:41 < BadMagic> if you select nvidia and kernel what happens is that nvidia is compiled for current kernel that is no longer current
19:41 < BadMagic> try this
19:41 < BadMagic> uninstall the nvidia patch
19:41 < DoppelGanger> offers ohgood robotussin
19:41 < BadMagic> make sure you have kernel source installed
19:42 < BadMagic> make sure ALL updates are completed (so when you start YOU nothing shows up checked)
19:42 < neighborlee> BadMagic, is there a readme
19:42 < ohgood> also: ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/supplementary/X/XFree86/nvidia-installer-HOWTO
19:42 < neighborlee> ohgood: thx thats what I wanted..i'll check
19:42 < BadMagic> do a fresh boot (to make sure) and run YOU again
19:42 < BadMagic> if nothning is checked finally check the nvidia update
19:42 < ohgood> btw, nvidia changed how things look a little, seems cleaner in their driver section
19:42 < neighborlee> ohgood: so its also in the release notes..can I also bring this up in suse ?
19:43 < BadMagic> once nvidia update is done, do nothing more that change "nv" to "nvidia" in XF86Config and see if you get the nvidia splash screen when you restart X
19:43 < ohgood> neighborlee: ya know, i don't know the exact location of release notes, but susewatcher has a option for reading em
20:33 < neighborlee> k good news..reinstaling nvidia after kernel source did trick of course..so thats fine...but I'm unable to get higher than 1024x7698 resolution..what have I forgotten ? ;-)
20:33 < DoppelGanger> my valium
20:33 < ohgood> neighborlee: dunno, but thats a prettyfuckinggoodresolution
NB:translation: How To Not Read the docs and struggle with bullshit problems, Chapter 1