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  Windows: The actually sell this shit  

12:04 -!- Pockets [n=John@ool-4579999d.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #linuxbeginner
12:05 < Pockets> Can anyone tell me why all of the sudden I have to go into my Network Configuration and maually activate my ethernet connection.
12:06 <+DoppelGanger> um because windows can be tempermental
12:07 <+DoppelGanger> :-)
12:07 * DoppelGanger clears throat
12:08 < Pockets> do you mean windows as in MS Windows?
12:09 <+DoppelGanger> um
12:09 <+DoppelGanger> HA HA YES
12:10 < Pockets> Im not on windows, Im on Fedora 8
12:10 <+DoppelGanger> so how long have you used windows
12:10 <+DoppelGanger> ehem !lecture
12:10 < Pockets> probably 15 years
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> are you fucking stupid or what, do you actually believe any of us use a fucking gui,
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> and while on the subject asshole when are you gonna learn anything.
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> first what fucking distro, second what fucking gui are you using,
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> what are you 6. we don't give a shit about your piece of shit we deal with linux gnu
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> systems here, not gui shit. no newbie friendly distros in fact unless you have slackware, 12:11 <+DoppelGanger> debian pure, gentoo, or openbsd just fuck off already.
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> Thank You
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> and now for the fix
12:11 < Pockets> Wow thanks asshole
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> ehem make sure module for ethernet nic is loaded
12:11 <+DoppelGanger> if it is then you will be able to connect
12:12 <+DoppelGanger> thank you for using our automated service
12:12 < Pockets> fuck you
12:12 <+DoppelGanger> ehem RTFM
12:12 -!- Pockets [n=John@ool-4579999d.dyn.optonline.net] has left #linuxbeginner ["Konversation terminated!"]
12:12 <+DoppelGanger> mwa ha ha
12:12 <+DoppelGanger> n00b quote
NB translation: Start -> Control Panel -> networking he he

I don't understand why people leave SSH running all the time anyway. People attack the heck out of SSH.
I only run SSH when I need it. Most of my server run Webmin and when I need SSH I turn it on.
Or I use something like fail2ban.
The key here to take the focus off your machines. When hackers and scripted apps know your machine is running SSH your machine will be the focus of attack.
Once I turned off SSH on my servers outside scans and focused brute force attacks went down by over 50%
NB: Translation: Um Bottom of Page: http://blogs.computerworld.com/linux_security_idiots