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Iptables Firewall Distributed Under the Terms of GNU General Public License

Instructions to be done when logged in as r00t


Gentoo Users: Place the firewall script in /etc/conf.d/ and chmod 700 firewall

Gentoo Firewall Launcher: Start Script for Firewall for Gentoo Users

Place the Gentoo firewall launcher into /etc/init.d/ and then chmod 700

The firewall can be stopped, started or restarted with: /etc/init.d/firewalld start/stop/restart

To Add Firewall to startup: rc-update add firewalld default


Slackware Users: Chmod 755 rc.firewall and place rc.firewall in /etc/rc.d/


Debian Users: chmod 755 firewall and place in /etc/init.d/

Then: ln -s /etc/init.d/firewall /etc/rcS.d/S41firewall

Please Remember if you are using a modular (stock) kernel you must edit the firewall script and uncomment the modprobe commands


OpenBSD PF Firewall Script Distributed Under the Terms of GNU General Public License

OpenBSD Users: Place pf.conf script in /etc/

Then pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf to load it

Please Do not forget to activate the pf firewall in /etc/rc.conf

This Firewall is designed to be used as an OpenBSD Invisible Firewall or Router.

OpenBSD PF Firewall for Workstation

USAGE: Rename pf.conf.workstation to pf.conf and place in /etc/

Please Remember that the scripts must be edited to match your nics, network, and to enable Router Capabilities