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Invasion of the Telecommies

And Now the What the Fuck Dancers

Welcome To HTML Hell

Why Away Messages Suck

The Answer to Life In the Universe and Everything Else Microsoft's Brainwashing Children's Book: Mommy, Where Do Servers Come From?
Jeepster's Lair
Microsoft Wants You To Get The Facts
Windows v Linux security: The Real Facts Gentoo a.k.a. "Mandrake Expatriate Syndrome"
Gentoo is Rice Gentoo Zealot Translator
Preparing For Emergencies: What You Need to Know The Church of Emacs
Computer Stupidites
Programs That won't Work with XP SP2
HamnCheez A Few Visionary Words from Steven Wright
The Poddys Laugh Line Tech Comedy
Encircling Bloody-Nosed Linux Wannabes
Numanuma Binary Its Digitalicious
Snails are faster than ADSL RTFM Wiki
How to Be An Elite User Liz Michael
Undernet #linux Hall of Lame World Domination Plan - phase debtakeover
Gentoo on the NT kernel Bored At Work
R.O.T.O.R Humorix
We've Identified Where the Problem Lies Things Republicans Believe
Linux Takes a Holiday
Apt Paclkage Dependency Bug How To Install Gentoo
The World's Worst Website
Lust of Bust Super Mario Mishaps
Christopher Waken for President Harddrive in Freezer A New Use for AOL CDs
Tech Support Excuse Generator Episode iii, the backstroke of the west
Geek Squad Prank Calls
L33t Programming Language The Great Mcdonalds Sign Prank
Sodium Party
IRC clients should specify a Gentoo-specific username, home of the Mozilla porn rendering library!
Gay Christian Online
Microsoft Windows Vista You have two cows
Special BASH Commands Google Gets Own Birthday Wrong, and then tries to Cover Up Its Mistake!
Sloganizer Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
I am bored Bsod
Where Babies Come from in Germany Girls&Corpses
Swearsaurus Swear Words Too Many Sweets
Linux Genuine Advantage


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The Border List
Why We Love Windows Why We Love *nix
RTFM Bitch Can You Identify the Luser?
Pixel Beat
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Now Booting Windows: Uptime .00000000000000000001 Seconds...


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